fascinating scenery of nature

By Tom Reyes,2014-03-27 09:18
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fascinating scenery of nature

    Fascinating Scenery of Nature

    -------The Appreciation of the poem ”I wandered lonely as a cloud”

    When reading this poem, my eyes slowly began a painting volume which was full of natural beauty. I can feel waves of breeze with the faint fragrance of golden daffodils blowing my ears. My whole body and blood, together with the dance rhythms of the daffodils, were full of cheers and happiness. Sadness and loneliness were dispelled, gloomy and depressed were blowing in the wind. Mood clearly, vision opened.

     I wandered as a cloud, however, a joyful cloud. I was too delighted to leave where the ten thousand golden daffodils like the stars which shine and twinkle on the milky way. I stoped, marvelling the brilliant waves. I’ve been completely intoxicated in the amazing

    scenery. I was totally got drunk in the beautiful view of the poem.

    The poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud” conveys William Wordsworth’s love of nature. The readers can easily be moved by his pure and poetic language which brings us into the beautiful world where there are golden daffodils, trees and breeze. We follow the poet at every turn of his feelings as if we are just in the scene which the poem describes. We can not help but praise charming nature.

     The lines are rhythmical, the whole poem sounds like a fresh ballad. Between the lines are filled with William Wordsworth’s emotion. In the poem, natural things are

    endowed with human being’s characters by William Wordsworth’s subtle use of

    personification. According to this, we can be aware of William Wordsworth’s deep love of

    the nature through his vivid description and figurative language.

     To share the feeling of the fascinating scenery, to sing a hymn for nature and life. I guess these are the real intention made Wordsworth write this splendid poem.

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