An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

By Rachel Dunn,2014-12-10 09:58
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An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

    A a abstraction hierarchy acicular powder

     abstraction norm acid catalyzed condensation abatement abstract number acidic rock Abbe illumination abundance acidimeter

    Abbe number abyssal rock acidite

    ABC (automatic brightness control) abyssolith acoustic admittance ABCC (automatic brightness contrast acoustical frequency ACC? (automatic chrominance

    control) control) acoustical insulant Abel heat test acoustical wave ACC? (automatic combustion

    aberration control) acoustic seal aberration bur circle accelerant ACP (additive colour printing) aberration-free accelerated motion acquisition abeyance accelerating agent acrylic acid ablative light source accelerating lens acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene abluent accelerator actinograph Abneys law accelerograph actinography abnormally flat accelerometer actinolite

    abnormal value acceptable part actinology

    abohm acceptable quality level action cycle abrasion platform acceptance inspection action line abrasion resistance accepting behavior activated sintering abrasive acceptor charge activation

    abreaction access activation energy abridged spectrophotometer accessibility active correction ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) accessory active fault abscess access value active force abscissa accident active medium absolute chronology accidental inclusion active remote sensing system absolute convergence accident Domino theory activity coefficient absolute coordinate accommodation Activol

    absolute damping accommodation coefficient actual size absolute error accommodator actuator

    absolute gauge accordion fold acuity

    absolute judgment accretion acutance

    absolute measurement accumulative effect acute angle absolute movement accumulator adaptive automation absolute number accuracy adaptive integration method absolute temperature accuracy adjustment adaptive linear element absolute value acetaldehyde adaptive system absolute zero acetate addend

    absorbefacient acetic acid addition

    absorptance acetone additive colour priting (ACP) absorptiometer acetylene additive factor absorption dosage achromat additive process absorption spectroscopy achromaticity additive theory of numbers absorption spectrum achromatism adherography absorptivity achromatization adhesion

    adhesive aftercure algebraic item adhesive force afterdamp algebraic law adjacent hole blasting afterflow algebraic sum adjoint matrix after gas algebraic transformation adjustable parameter afterheat algorithm

    adjustable spanner aftershock aliasing

    adjusting method aftertreatment alidade

    adjustor ager alkaline electrolyte adjuvant agglomerate allochroic administrative standard agglutinant allowance

    admission agglutination alloy

    admixture aggregation alloyed powder adsorbate aggregation number alloy iron adsorbent agitator alluvial deposit adsorption capacity agricultural bionics alluvial fan adsorption-desorption theory agricultural blasting alleviation adsorption energy aid alluvium

    adsorption equilibrium constant aiming almond structure adsorption isotherm air blast alpha particle adsorption lifetime airborne electromagnetic survey alpha ray

    adsorptive equilibrium airborne particle alternate angle adumbration air-bubble curtain alternate matrix Adurol air compressor alternate series advanced prediction aircraft steel alternating current adverse effect air cushion alternating-direction implicit method

    aeolian accumulation air door alternating motion aeolian deposit airdox alternating stress aeolian sand air-driven motor alternation aeration air exhaust aluminum detonator aeration agitation air feed aluminum foil aeration-cooling air gun ambiguity

    aerial view air leak amidol

    aeriscope air-operated blasting device ammeter

    aerocamera air return way ammonia gelatin(e) dynamite aerodynamics air shooting ammonium nitrate aerosol packaging air traffic control ammonium nitrate dynamite aerospace engineering air valve ammonium nitrate fuel/oil (ANFO)

    aerosurvey Airys theory of isostasy ammonium nitrate explosive aerosurveying alabastrine process ammonium nitrate prill affinity electrophoresis Albada finder amorphous film affinity partitioning albedo amorphous structure AFFP (automatic first-frame albite ampere

    positioning) aleuritic texture Amperes law

    A-flute algebraic approxinmation amphiphilic structure afocal algebraic curve amplifier

    algebraic equation amplification AFT? (audio-frequency transformer)

    algebraic function amplitude AFT? (automatic fine tuning)

    amplitude-frequency characteristic anhydrite apparent particle density amplitude-frequency distortion aniline point apparent resistivity amplitude value anilox roll application force ampoule anion applied force amputation plane anisotropic soil applied moment anaberration anisotropy approximate contour anaerobic anneal approximate factor anaglyph annealed powder approximate method analogous generalization annual flood peak series approximate number analogous process annual runoff approximate solution analogue anode approximate value analogue amplifier anode current approximating function analogue cochlea antecedent approximation analogue data-processing system antecedent precipitation index approximation theory analogue-digital converter antenna apron

    analogue recording anticline aquapulse analogy anticlinorium aquascan camera analytical ultracentrifugation antiderivative aqueoglacial deposit analytic function anti-extrusion device aquiclude analytic geometry anti-extrusion ring aquifer

    analytic method antifriction aquifer medium analytic theory of numbers antifriction material arbitrary constant analyzing filter antimagnetic material arbitrary value analyzing prism antimicrobial activity arc

    anamorphoscope antineutron Archean Era anamorphose antioxidant Archimedes constant anamorphoser antiozonant Archimedes principle anastigmat antiparticle arc-hyperbolic function ancillary packaging material antiperiodic area array andalusite antiperiodic function area blasting andesite antiproton areal array Andre-Venner accumulator anti-static electric detonator areal precipitation anemometer antistep argon instability ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel/oil) antisymmetric matrix argon shower ANFO explosive antitrigonometric cosine argon treatment ANFO loader antitrigonometric cotangent argument

    angle antitrigonometric function aridity index angle(d) cut antitrigonometric sine ariscope

    angle of deflection antitrigonometric tangent aristo paper angle of polarization aperture aristostigment angle of reflection aperture correction factor arithmetical solution angle of refraction aperture priority arm

    angle shot mortar test apex armature

    angular acceleration apex angle arousal

    angular momentum apparent angle arranger

    angular powder apparent density arrow

    angular velocity apparent dip arsenopyrite

    artesian basin atomization auxiliary plane method artesian flow atomization pressure auxiliary shaft artesian monoclonal stratum atomized powder auxiliary surface artesian well attention cueing auxiliary view articulation attention narrowing availability articulation index attention skill average conjugation energy artificial coxae attention span average curvature artificial ear attention switching average value artificial heart valve attenuation average velocity artificial implant attenuation characteristic Aviomap

    artificial intelligence attenuation coefficient Avogadros law artificial joint attenuator Avogadros number artificial meninges attitude occurrence avoidance artificial neural network system attractive depletion avometer artificial pacemaker audio-frequency current axial clearance artificial retina component chip audio-frequency transformer (AFT) axial force artificial transmutation audio-oscillator axial gasket artificial vessel audition axial interference esbestos auditory processing axially symmetric ASE (automatic stabilization augen chroismite axial tensile stress equipment) Auger electron spectroscopy axiom

    aseptic packaging Auger rock drill axis

    ash content Augmented reality axis of stress Askania sea gravimeter autocorrelation axonometric axis aspect ratio autoformer axonometric drawing assembly drawing autogenous grinding axonometric projection associative facilitation automatic brightness contrast control associative inhibition (ABCC)

    associative law automatic brightness control (ABC) associative memory automatic chrominance control (ACC) astigmatic lens automatic fine tuning (AFT) astigmatoscope automatic first-frame positioning astrophysics (AFFP)

    asymmetry automatic identification system asymptote automatic identification technology asymptotic line automaticity

    asynchronous starting automatic migration

    atmosphere standard automatic press

    atmospheric pressure automatic processing

    atoll automatic seal

    atom automatic stabilization equipment atom bomb (ASE)

    atomic beam automatic static correction atomic nucleus auxiliary

    atomic physics auxiliary equipment

    atomic spectrum auxiliary line

    atomic weight auxiliary plane

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