En English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

By Harold Washington,2014-12-10 09:58
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En English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

    E e Einstein coefficient electrolytic corrosion

     Einstein equation electrolytic extraction earlier failure ejection electrolytic polishing earth current ejector electrolytic powder earth material elastic deformation electromagnetic damping effect earth-probing radar elasticity electromagnetic effect earthquake wave elasticity modulus electromagnetic field earths core elastic linear contact seal electromagnetic induction earthy texture elastic medium electromagnetic oscillation easier shot elastic wave electromagnetic radiation ebullator elastic wave exploration electromagnetic relay ECB (exposure compensation button) elastomer electromagnetic spectrum eccentricity electrical analogue electromagnetic wave

    electrical blasting ECD (exposure control diode) electromagnetism

    electrical logging echo electromechanical device echolocation electrical method electromotive force echo ranging electrical prospecting electromotive force of mutual echo trouble electrical shock induction

    ecological display electrical signal electron

    ecological selection electrical survey electron beam

    ECS (exposure compensation scale) electric apparatus electron beam tube

    electric arc electron density gradient ECT? (edge crush test)

    electric blasting cap electroneutrality ECT? (exposure compensation tab)

    eddy current electric capacity electronic circuit eddy-milled powder electric charge electronic data interchange edge electric current electronic dog edge crush test (ECT) electric detonator electronic flashgun edge seal electric double-layer force electronic frogeye EEA (ethylene-ethyl acrylic acid) electric energy electron microscopy EEG (electroencephalogram) electric excitation electron-multiplier phototube effective abstractions electric field electron volt

    effective number electric field energy electro-optical countermeasure effective particle density electric field force electroosmosis effective value electric filter electrophobia

    effect of standardization electric firing electrophoresis efferent neuron electric meter electro-physical property efficiency of borehole electric particle electroplating effluence of gas electric potential electrosilvering effluent stream electric power electrostatic accelerator efflux electric quantity electrostatic double-layer interaction E-flute electrochemical photocell electrostatic equilibrium ego-motion electrode electrostatic field EHF (extremely high frequency) electrodeposition electrostatic force EI (exposure index) electrode separation electrostatic force constant EID (exposure intentional double) electroencephalogram (EEG) electrostatic induction Einstein A coefficient electroforming electrostatic interaction Einstein B coefficient electrolytic capacitor electrostatic potential

electrostatic repulsion entropy erosion

    element envelope erosional truncation elementary particle enveloping line erratic

    elementary tissue environmental criterion error function elementary work environmental geology error of calculation element property enzymatic activity error-tolerant system elevated-temperature seal enzyme immobilization error vector elevation enzyme reaction eruption

    elevation correction Eocene Epoch escape work elevation tints EPE (expanded polyethlene) escribed circle elimination by aspects ephemeral stream estolide

    ellipse epimorph ethoxylated alcohol ellipsograph episcotister ethylene-ethyl acrylic acid (EEA)

    ellipsometry epitaxy ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) elliptic coordinate system epithermal neutron ethylene-vinyl alcohol elliptic equation epoch Euler constant elliptic function EPS (expanded polystyrene) Euler differential equation elongation equality Euler integral elongation line equalizing ring Euler number eluvium equalizing switch Euler polynomial emergency procedure equalizing valve Eulers formula emergent angle equal-sign EV (exposure value) emergent feature equation EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) emission of gas equation of compatibility evacuation

    emission spectrum equation of higher degree evaporant

    emulsifying ability equation of state evaporation emulsion equatorial axis evaporative cooling emulsion explosive equatorial bulge evaporator

    emulsion polymerization equicentre evaporate rock end angle equidistant surface evapotranspiration end effect equilateral triangle even approximation end organ equilibrium condition even fracture endosmosis equilibrium equation even function end point equilibrium flow even number end vector equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) even settlement energetic particle equilibrium size event memory energizer equipment complement evoked brain potential energy budget equipotential line method evolution

    energy flux equipotential surface evolutionary computation energy level equivalent exaltation

    energy minimization equivalent current examination of standards engineering construction standard equivalent force system excavation

    engineering drawing equivalent resistance excelsior

    engineering geology equivalent transverse shear force exchange measurement engineering graphics erg exchanger

    enthalpy ergonomics excircle

    entrail chroismite ERH (equilibrium relative humidity) excitation source

    excitation time extended charge excited state extensional deformation exciting behaviour extensional stiffness exciting energy extension line exciton extension principle excluded volume effect exterior packaging executive control external anchor ring exosphere external charge blasting exothermic external circuit expanded polyethylene (EPE) external force expanded polystyrene (EPS) external leak expander externally tangent expansion external resistance explicit function external seal explicit representation external voltage exploded view extractant

    exploder extractor

    exploitation blasting extraneous electricity exploration extraneous reaction exploration geochemistry extraneous stimulus explosible limit concentration extrapolation explosion door extra-wide angle lens explosion-proof extreme high vacuum explosive extremely high frequency (EHF)

    explosive cladding extreme point explosive compacting extreme value explosive compaction extrude

    explosive consolidation extruder

    explosive jointing extrusion

    explosive substance extrusion blow moulding exponential function extrusion bonding exponential integral function extrusion coating exposing wedge extrusive rock exposure eye movement exposure compensation button (ECB) eyepiece

    exposure compensation scale (ECS) eye structure exposure compensation tab (ECT) exposure control

    exposure control diode (ECD)

    exposure index (EI)

    exposure intentional double (EID) exposure latitude

    exposure lock

    exposure meter

    exposure mode button

    exposure value (EV)


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