4. Emotional ob

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4. Emotional ob

4. Emotional objectives.

     Develop a positive attitude towards healthy eating

    ?ò.Teaching Difficulties:

    ??Focus: Students will go shopping with the target language ?ó.Teaching Process:

    ??1. Lead in:

    ?Å Greeting students and show the photo of He Jiafu supermarket. T: On Sunday, I went to He Jiafu supermarket with two of my friends. ?Æ Introduce the shopping sense.

    T: Watch the video carefully and answer my questions.

    Q1: Does Mr. Li like this supermarket?

    Q2: What does Miss. Cheng want to buy?

    ??2. Presentation

     T: Ok, now look at the screen, do you know these fruit?

     Please read after me.

     T: Now, let's continue to watch the video. And find out what happened to them. Still, here are two questions for you.

    Q1: Does Mr. Li get enough fruit?

    Q2: Can Mr. Li get some more candy?

    T: In this part we will learn some new words, look at the screen and read after me. Tofu, butter, potato chips, candy.

     Ok, so much for the video. Now please open your book and turn to page 30. Listen to the tape and rend after it. After you finish reading, can you give me a hand to fulfill the shopping list?

     The teacher writes down the shopping list on the blackboard and ask student to fulfill it.

    T: In this lessen we learned a key sentence "Let's get some..." and "Can I have some more...?" Which used when you suggest somebody else to get something with you together. Here's a dialogue for you to practice.

     Arrange pair work:

    ?ô. Practice

    ?? A: Let's get some...

     B: Good idea! Can I get some...?

     A: Of course. / That's enough.

    Teacher arranges group work "shopping for food" to student. ?ô. Home work

    ?õ. Blackboard design.

?ö. Teaching reflection

     In class should give students more time to read and practice the new words and key sentences to make sure they have fully understand them.

Unit 1 After School

    Ð?Ñ??? Ðì?âÁ?

    Period 1

    Lesson 1

    Main points:

    Review some verb phrases and learn the new ones: take a nap, eat a snack, do my homework, watch a VCD,

    Learn to use: ---What do you usually do after school?

     --- I usually eat a snack.

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