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Patient and Public Involvement Forum ...

     Patient and Public Involvement Forum

     Papworth Hospital


    Meeting in Public

    Patient and Public Involvement Forum for Papworth Hospital

    Cardiac Unit Seminar Room, Papworth Hospital

    7 December 2005, 7:00 9:00pm

    Papworth Hospital PPI Forum Members present: Ruth Clapham (Chair),

    Elizabeth Gambier, Michael Thilo, Kenneth Warren, Tony Ward

    Forum Support Organisation staff: Zoltan Asztalos and Una Sanderson

    Apologies: Philip Cork

    1. Welcome and apologies Actions

    Ruth Clapham opened the meeting, welcomed members and noted FSO to write a letter to apologies. Philip Cork enquiring

    about his commitment to

    the forum. 2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

    3. Matters arising FSO to pursue Brenda

     Bush for the figures on Forum members would like to have figures on the localities/regions patients‟ localities. that patients come from. Brenda Bush promised to find the figures and send them to FSO. It was agreed that the best information Michael Thilo to would be the number of patients grouped by their first four digits of prepare a “challenge postcode. statement” to protect the

     interest of patients and Luci Blackwell sent a draft document “A Communications, the public in relation to Consultation and Involvement Strategy for New Papworth Hospital” the hospital‟s future. to the forum for comments. As a response, forum members agreed to write a letter to Mrs Blackwell expressing their dissatisfaction FSO to draft a letter to about the way the hospital handled staff and patient and public Luci Blackwell. opinion on the proposed relocation.


Elizabeth Gambier announced her decision to resign from the

    Forum. The Chair thanked Elizabeth for her contribution to Forum


4. New Chair

Forum members agreed that Ruth Clapham will continue chairing

    the forum till the end of the current financial year (end of March


    5. Nominations to outside bodies Tony Ward and Ken

     Warren to contact the The forum proposes to appoint the following representatives to regional offices of British outside bodies: Heart Foundation.

    A. British Cardiac Patients Association Ruth Clapham to

    Tony Ward (Cambridge group) and Ken Warren (Bedford contact Pulmonary

    group) Thromboendarterectory

     Patient Journey Interest

    B. British Heart Foundation Group.

    Tony Ward (Cambridge group) and Ken Warren (Bedford

    group) Ruth Clapham to

     contact Jul Stent,

    C. Pulmonary-Hypertension Support Group Ruth Clapham Cancer Care Nurse to

     enquire about cancer

    D. Pulmonary Thromboendarterectory Patient Journey Interest care at Papworth

    Group Ruth Clapham Hospital.

    E. Cancer patient associations, such as Elizabeth Gambier to

    let Tony know the next ? Mesothelioma Patient Support Group

    meeting date of Patients ? Cancer Patient User Group

    Experience Panel. ? Cancer Patient Information Group

     ? Cancer Research UK

    FSO to inform Brenda potentially Mike Thilo

    Bush that the forum

    nominated Tony as a F. Papworth Hospital Patients Experience Panel Tony Ward

    representative to the

    Patients Experience G. Huntingdonshire PCT Board meetings Ruth Clapham


    6. Updating the Work Programme Forum Members to

     suggest organisations Forum members think that it is best to concentrate their efforts on where presentations the hospital relocation issue. should be made about

     PPI forum activities.

    A. Follow up work to the report

     FSO to confirm date of

    B. New project/visit hospital visits,

     dependant on funding of

     yearly PPI forum

     meeting on 20 January.


    A. Forum members will visit one old (Chest Medical Unit) and one FSO To draft a letter to new building (Cardiac Day Ward) of the Hospital to assess the Claire Tripp outlining the needs for renovation and/or the justification for relocation. objectives and

     requirements of the

    The visit can take place either in the morning of 20 or 31 January inspection visit.

    2006. Forum members prefer 20 January but if yearly PPI forum meeting will be funded only 31 January will be available.

    Objective: to check the old buildings as reasons for the re-location of the Hospital to the Cambridge Biomedical campus.

Requirement for the visits:

    1. Short presentation addressing

    - the state and shortcomings of the old building(s) and

    - the values and potential fate of the new buildings if the

    hospital relocates

    2. Visit to the wards.

Both wards will be visited on the same day. Six forum members

    and FSO staff plan to inspect the wards. Forum members would

    like to take pictures of the facilities and buildings if that is allowed.

B. Forum members suggested the following additional topics to be

    addressed in the Work Plan::

Cleanliness at the hospital

Infection control (invite the Infection Control Nurse)

Car parking issues


Support CPPIH in recruitment

Publicise PPI forum works Una Sanderson is prepared to give

    presentations about PPI forum activities.

    7. Future speakers to be invited 1. It was proposed that forum members will invite Jane Belman

    only after the Planning Application is submitted.

    2. Forum members are waiting for the response from Steven

    Bridge who is invited to a forum meeting.

    3. Forum members would like to invite Councillors Mandy Smith

    and Richard Barrett to the next public meeting.

    4. It was discussed that a representative from the Strategic

    Health Authority could give a good overview of health issues in

    our region.


    8. Members’ reports on activities and meetings

Ruth Clapham attended the following meetings

    - Hinchinbrook Hospital Children‟s Services weekly meetings.

    - Meeting with Brenda Bush, Ruth Levine and Zoltan Asztalos

    at the Papworth Hospital PALS office to discuss current


    - Huntingdonshire PCT meeting where a new member joined

    the PCT Board.

    - Meeting with Zoltan Asztalos at the FSO office to discuss

    progress and Agenda for the next PPI Forum meeting.

    - PCT reconfiguration meeting in March.

Mike Thilo contacted the local Hunts Post, which resulted in an

    article in the newspaper highlighting the resistance of staff and

    patients to the relocation of Papworth Hospital.

    Ken Warren attended a „Monitoring and Reviewing Visits‟ course in Bedford. The course was very good and it turned out to be a useful

    networking event.

Tony Ward attended a meeting and a Christmas Social event of

    the Cambridge group of the British Cardiac Patients Association.

    9. FSO Update FSO to confirm funding

     of the yearly PPIF thmeeting. ? The yearly PPI forum meeting is proposed to be held on 20

     January 2006. The theme is Community Engagement. The

    FSO to confirm date of meeting depends on a successful funding application.

    New Year dinner. ? Plans for PCT rearrangement were noted, which will affect

    FSO and PPIF structure, too.

    ? FSO distributed copies of CPPIH guidelines for „Monitoring

    and Reviewing Visits‟.

    ? Addenbrooke‟s Hospital PPI forum plans to have a

    conference on Privacy and Dignity sometime in March 2006.

    Forum members will be invited.

    ? There will be a New Year dinner for PPI forums around 12

    January 2006 at the Royal Cambridge Hotel. All are


    ? FSO distributed newsletters.

    10. Confirm details for the next meeting

    There will be a working meeting on 4 January 2006, 7-9pm, at the Cardiac Unit Seminar Room in Papworth Hospital.


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