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    1. I gave my brother a bicycle as a

    ______ to an end.

     A. method B. way

    C. manner D. means

    2. The palace was rebuilt and looked

    beautiful. Some people asked for a

    _______ of the inside.

     A. tour B. travel C. journey D. trip 3. The ________ from home to the

    office takes about 15 minutes.

     A. travel B. voyage

    C. journey D. distance 4. A common traffic ________ reads

    “dangerous corner”.

    A. symbol B. mark C. signal D. sign 5. I don’t doubt ________ it is true.

    A. whether B. if C. that D. what 6. My friend asked me _______ with me.

    A. what is the trouble

    B. what wrong was

    C. what was the matter

    D. what trouble is

    7. By industry I don’t mean ___ usually thought of when that word is associated with companies and factories.

    A. what is B. that we

    C. as you D. all is

    8. I don’t know _____ he said was right.

     A. what that B. if what

     C. whether that D. whether

    9. The connection between the two

    ideas is very ________.

    A. far B. faraway

    C. distant D. remote

    10. Our factory is more productive now.

    This year’s production is six times

    _____ it was ten years ago.

    A. what B. than C. that D. as 11. Mr. Mill is recognized as punctual

    for almost everything. How can it be

    ______ he was late for the meeting


    A. why B. because C. what D. that

    12. Why the explosion occurred was

    _______ the Laboratory attendant

    had been careless.

    A. for B. because C. since D. that 13. A pen is to a writer ________ a gun

    is to a soldier.

    A. what B. that C. how D. where 14. We ________ the favor of a reply at

    your early convenience.

    A. request B. require

    C. demand D. ask

    15. The fact _____ the young man has

    been to college is no sign _____ he

    is cultured.

    A. which, which B. that, that

    C. that, which D. which, that 16. Man’s dream is realizable within the

    near future _____ common people can

    take a trip to moon.

     A. if B. when C. for D. that

    17. It is an interesting fact _____ men

    try to do the same thing as nature

    does, they usually have to do them in

    a different way.

     A. that when B. when that

     C. that D. when

    18. We decided against installing new

    air-conditioners for the reason _____

    it would be too costly.

     A. why B. because

    C. which D. that

    19. I can’t _____ my computer to work!

    A. make B. have C. get D. let 20. The question is _____ to go or stay.

    A. whether B. if C. how D. where 21. Our living conditions are quite

    different from _____ they were 14

    years ago.

    A. what B. that C. which D. / 22. Go and get your coat. It’s _____ you

    left it.

    A. there B. where

    C. there where D. there that 23. He is quite good-looking but he is a

    bit too short _____ me.

     A. to B. for C. with D. on 24. It’d be better to make some sort of

    decision than _____ at all.

     A. nothing B. no one

    C. none D. not one

    25. _____ time passed by, things seemed

    to get worse.

    A. As B. When C. With D. Since 26. We _____ you are tired after the day

    you have had.

    A. don’t wonder B. wonder

    C. didn’t wonder D. wondered

    27. The path _____ steeply into the

    valley below.

     A. rose B. decreased

     C. descended D. raised

    28. With the development of technology,

    cars have generally _____ in size in

    the last ten years.

     A. increased B. decreased

     C. enlarged D. reduced 29. She’s deaf _____ her left ear.

     A. on B. with C. in D. by 30. Doctors kept him _____ on a

    life-support machine.

     A. lively B. live C. alive D. living 31. The trend at the moment is _____ a

    more natural and less made-up look.

     A. towards B. for C. to D. on

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