The pursuit of happyness

By Jerome Andrews,2014-09-20 22:37
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The pursuit of happyness

    What makes a great man?

    Since we were young , we were kept telling by people around us, be they our parents, our teachers or very successful businessman in society, that if we try hard enough, we will be men of great achievement. Therefore, even though we have gone though failure after failure, we would choose to continue to move forward instead of giving up, without rethinking about these matters. So its very sad because we shall

    fail anyway.

    I am not trying to belittle the significance of hard work. Nobody can deny that it is one of the most important factors in achieving great. But hard work alone is far from enough. That accounts for why Chris in the movie can not feed his family even though he works very hard to sell bone-density scanners. His wifes leaving is also a

    very good revealing of that. So what else are required besides that?

    Sometimes, what is important is not what we do but how we do. The reason why we fail to get something is not always that we are not diligent enough. Bear in mind that not every effort will be repaid. So next time when you fail after a long painstaking struggle, stop for a little moment, think about it one more time and ask yourself some questions. Did I do it right? Is it the right choice I have made? Do I really want this? When your answer is no, you should know that its time to make

    some change.

    The suffering from poverty makes Chris see what he is good at and what he really wants to do in his inner heart, which leads to his transformation from a salesman to a broker. Right choice will surely have good results. So after 6 months

    internship without salary, he finally becomes a permanent member in the company. Interest is where our strength and passion come from. Only when we are interested can we make it to the top in some fields.

    However, doubtlessly there are many people who are also very good at and interested in being a broker among those who have the internship. But why could Chris be the one? When paying more attention to what he did, you will find out that he excels in expressing and showing himself and also reacting very quickly. He makes good impression on Jay Twistle, the Dean Witter manager, with his eloquence and ability to finish Rubiks cube during a short cab ride, which helps him earn an

    opportunity of a internship. Despite arriving at the company unkempt due to an emergence, he is offered the internship partly because of his quick wit and also partly the connection I think with Jay Twistle. The large connection he has with people also paves the way for forming his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm. That is exactly what happens to Chris Gardener. Right method to do things, hard work, interest, and large connection he has are guarantees for success. It is not what we all have but what others dont have that makes us who we are. Thats what makes

    a great man. Be versatile, and with these fundamental qualities, you shall be a man of the moment.

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