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Unit 9 . Exhibition booth building

    4 class hours per unit.

    I. Learn to speak 1-2 class hours 1. Listen to dialogue one time for general main idea. 2. Listen and follow dialogue one time for pronunciation and vocabulary

    3. Listen to dialogue with teacher's explanation (in English) ; Before listening, keep these questions in your mind.

    Why Joyce come back to find Bill again?

    How would Joyces booth like?

     (wht you did last year for us impressed our customers so much; three peninsula booth with logo of dolphin in each booth, light blue background and dark green characters. )

    ; Explanation

    Sino-American; 中美,中日(sino-US,sino-japan,中欧关系(Sino-Euro


    ino或其变体,据认为是来自「秦」的音译。Sino Chinese 都表示「中国的」的意思。SINO是希腊语中表示中国的称谓,


    希腊语表示中国的形容词, Sinaean,这是一个非常褒义的词,词根除表中国外,尚有神居住的地方之意.

    甲午战争(Sino-Japanese war 中英联合声明(Sino-British Joint Declaration

     中美共同防务条约(Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty

     sinopec(中国石化 sinotrans(中国外运 sinotruk(中国重汽

     sinochem(中国中化 sinoces(中国国际消费电子博览会 sinosure(中国出口信用保险

    Joint venture, state-owned, foreign investment, Affair

    Cooperate, cooperation,

    Life preserver, latest design

    Capture visitors attention/ catch ones eyes; remind ... of the beautiful sea and beach The logo, background, wording

Embody te characteristics

    Looks just like a penninsula, attractive, with .... ( How does bill repeat Joyces requirement?) Recyclable materials, or standard units, resource recycling ( recycled paper/wood/metal)

    A site inspection

    ; Useful phrases :

    Is that you?

    Do you mean to have a trade show this year again?

    What products do you want to display?

    How would you like us to decorate your booth this time?

    How would you like it to be done? How would you like it be?

     I would suggest a peninsula booth.

     I dont think an inline-booth is good for your products.

     Any special requirements for the decoration?


     I will see to it.

    ; Questions for thinking:

    How to ask for peoples requirement/instruciton?

    How would you like it be?

     How to give people your idea, especiall to a customer, or to a friend?

     I would suggest...

     If I were you, I would .....

    How to reapeat a guests requimrent in a comfortable way?

4. Dialogue practice with desk mate

    5. Vocabulary practice: word guessing game in class and in group (supply material) II. Listen and understand 1 class hour 1. Listen twice

    2. Complete the exercise

    3. Listen for teacher's explanation

    What is Snow?

    Why people should choose Snow?

     (15 years old Sino-Italian joint venture ; modern design ceoncepts, excellent workmanship, prompt response, perfect service and reasonalbe price)

    4. Extra materials: video material about C&E in English (upon learner's level) III. Read and Understand 1-2 class hour

    1. Listen to text one time

    2. Teacher's explanation: Information, grammar and language point 3. Evaluation: listen to text one time and ask one question; practice with desk mate;

     Do the exercise with other in class.

    4. Extra materials: (upon learner's level) IV. Learn to write 1 class hour 1. Practice

    2. Teacher's Explanation

    V. Review: vocabulary from C&E profession 20 minutes

Appendix 1 reading and understanding

    Instant Appeal to Visitors

I. Booth design and constructioni service

    ; Supplied by the C&E Center with its professional staff

    ; Supplied by Outside decorators

    上海專業展覽\展示\展臺搭建承包商 展覽製作 | 展臺搭建 | Exhibition Booth | Booth design | design

    construct | 展場佈置 | Booth Construction | 展會佈置 | 展覽場地佈置 | 上海展覽製作

; All-in-one booth design and construction service/ package service

    ; Other company

     Events Management and Production is a full service production house specializing in event decoration and live entertainment for all types of "Special Events" including:

    ; Promotions & Below The Line Marketing

    ; Fundraisers and Charity Drives

    ; Annual Events, Company Dinners & Family Fun Days

    ; Weddings and Private Functions

    ; Teambuilding and Incentive Programs

     We are focused on assisting corporations and private clients in exceeding their event’s

    objectives. Our team's "theatrical” experience uniquely positions Events Management and Production to address your project from a unique and visually powerful perspective. Our team understands the importance of your project to your organization and we will work closely with

    your organization to ensure that your communication goals and vision are conveyed to your audience in the most effective method.

     Events Management and Production delivers the full range of management and production services in the following key areas: concept, co-ordination, design and production.

     From Total Project Management & Production to individual service offerings, Events will fulfill your organization's needs.

    Swire Travel's Destinations & Events Management Division

     Events Management | incentive package | Meeting | Exhibition | Incentive | meeting Management | M.I.C.E. | Convention | tailor-make

     Swire Travel's Destinations & Events Management Division is acknowledged by the trade as one of the best in Hong Kong ! This experienced team has organized events ranging from 10 to 10,000 people! They can handle everything from the initial site inspections to planning, negotiations, reservations and on-site management for conferences, client meetings, corporate retreats, school functions, sporting events, exhibitions, and religious organizations. In essence, Swire Travel plays an important role of being your dedicated partner to tailor-make your requests for fulfilling the M.I.C.E. (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) events. In addition, we also can cater to your requests for conducting pre and post convention tour, study tour, technical visit, and institutional visit of your trade.

    Incentive Travel Programs demand creativity. Our Incentive Travel Planners ensure that all elements of each program exemplify excitement by dazzling your guests with extraordinary comforts, surprises, memories, pleasures, and VIP treatment.

    The Planning Process

    We begin by:

    ; Quickly establishing your meeting or incentive package objectives.

    ; Inspecting and recommending the most favorable site for your meeting. ; Negotiating special rates on everything that your meeting or incentive package requires. ; Providing a complete budget plan that satisfies your program and financial needs. ; Working with you in creating and developing an appropriate theme and promotional


    During your meeting:

    ; We provide on-site management to keep your activities running smoothly and on budget. Following your meeting

    ; We meet with you to evaluate and discuss your program and offer suggestions for your

    next meeting.

    ; We manage the review, approval and payment of all suppliers and vendors and provide

    you with a complete outline of all approved expenditures.

    Special services:

    We also can supply a host of details that help ensure the success of your event, including: ; Air ticketing, hotel accommodation, meeting rooms, convention halls, ground

    transportation and tours.

    ; Registration assistance, name badges, computerized reservation lists and

    arrival/departure itineraries.

    ; Promotional activities, announcements and publicity.

    ; Speakers, entertainment & theme parties

    ; Technical & audio/visual assistance.

    ; Spouse & guest programs.

    ; A licensed soft-ware program available to efficiently facilitate on-line conference


    Please tell us about your next meeting by filling out our brief form. We will call you within 24 hours to review your meeting specifications before contacting any hotels on your behalf. Ask us about providing the right services for your next event...

II Attention be paid to in booth design and construcion

    1 Construciton period: as short as possilbe

    from 1 to 3 days, in internaitnal usual practice.

    2. Products

     Products will decide everything. Opnions from exhibitors focus on this part.

     Different products decide different design of the booth.

     Different color, different setting, different shape of booth.

     What is your first impression of these four? 3. Different ways to display exhibits

     Table top exhibit, area exhibit, booth exhibit ; Decided by the products

    ; Decided by the exhibition and fair

Government fair

Business exhibition ( all in uniform style)

Trade show

4. Different designing in the shape of the booth

In-line booth, perimeter booth, island booth, peninsula booth, corner booth.

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