The lion king

By Kathryn Adams,2014-09-20 22:37
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The lion king

    The pains and risks of growing

    Your father who loved you best died for you, your uncle you trusted most cheated you and took away your throne, and you were forced to leave you mother and friends. Can you imagine what a miserable life it is?

     I’m not exaggerating. That was exactly what happened to young Simba in the movie the lion king. Simba was a happy little lion, son of the king of the grassland where the sun touched. Compared to other lions, he was naughtier and more fearless. He played tricks on the parrot Zazu, deliberately disobeyed his father, and hung out with his best friend--Nala to the dangerous shadowy place. For him, there was nothing to worry about because he had a brave father who loved him very much and could do everything. All seemed so good and so right and seemed that could last forever. He thought, naturally, he would be a king just as his father did.

    Desire, however, was the root of all evil and thus could destroy everything that is good and beautiful.

    Driven by his covetousness to be the king, Scar, uncle of Simba, put Simba in the danger of panic herds and deliberately informed Mufasa of that. To save him, Simbas father risked life to

    get him out of the frightened bull. He survived, but his father failed to hold rock wall and fell down without the help of his uncle, dead.

    Again cheated by his uncle, the frightened and immature young Simba who was intended to be killed by hyenas left home with underserved guilt and fault for his fathers death.

    But for Timon and Pumbaa, who later became his friends, Simba would have been eaten by buzzards. Since then, they three lived together, happy. Gradually, the former young Simba grew to be a strong and brave lion.

    The peace was not broken until one day when Nala went out and preyed. And they met. She informed Simba of Scar being the king, of the bad condition facing the grassland and asked him to go back to be the true king. However, he refused to go and accept what it was, living in the shadow of past.

    Under the instruction of crazy yet wise old monkey, Simba regained himself and made his mind to go back and challenge his uncle, determined to take back the throne that belonged to him. Eventually, He kicked his uncle from the throne and became the lion king, knowing that he was not a murder but the pride of his father.

    Throughout our whole life, there are moments that we may be cheated by our best friends, misunderstood by the people we care most, there are times that we may be lose all our money, houses and, even worse, our families. It seems that the sky is falling, life turning its back to us.

    Not all hope is lost. Always bear in mind: growing involves pains and risks, stepping from the known to the unknown. Life is just like a mirror, smile to it, be it good or bad, it will smile back. If turn your back to the sun, you shall live in the shadow. Past can hurt, just leave it behind you, dont always dwell on it and never complain, because thats the price for growing, thats part

    of life.

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