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    PART 1 of 2

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

    August 24, 2006

Zeolites are minerals formed when molten lava contacts water from lakes or ocean. A

    specific member of the zeolite family of minerals called “clinoptilolite” has a unique honeycomb like structure which has the ability to trap and bind toxins, heavy metals,

    viral particles, and other impurities so these substances can be removed from the body.

    The pharmaceutical industry earns one trillion dollars each year from the sale of

    chemotherapy drugs. If anyone thinks that this industry will soon be bringing forth a

    new therapy that will cure cancer they may wish to revaluate this thinking. These people

    are brilliant at controlling the media and encouraging the public that “the cure is just around the corner.” If they were to cure cancer it would be the biggest mistake they have

    ever made and they are not accustomed to making mistakes. One of the key factors in successful therapy of cancer is removal of toxic metals

    (mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum, iron, uranium etc.) from the body.

    Dr. Josef Issel of Germany had great success treating cancer with fever, organic raw food,

    enzymes and immune stimulating methods. In his office a biologic dentist removed

    metal amalgams (mercury) and mercury dental deposits from these patients. His

    methods were so successful he earned a three year stay in a German prison in the site

    reserved for convicted murderers.

    In Dr. Thomas Rau’s Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland most patients seen are terminally ill from malignancies that have failed chemotherapy and radiation. Fifty percent of

    patients with stage 4 (advanced) cancer recover. Their therapeutic program consists of:

    ? Opening up missing tooth sites to remove hidden mercury deposits

    ? Removal of all root canal teeth

    ? Careful removal of all mercury fillings

    ? Detoxify the patient from mercury and other harmful substances Obviously toxic metals play a major role in causing cancer and their removal can greatly

    assist recovery. The substance zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense) acts primarily by

    removing toxic metals from the body.

Zeolites are minerals formed when molten lava contacts water from lakes or ocean. A

    specific member of the zeolite family of minerals called “clinoptilolite” has a unique honeycomb like structure which has the ability to trap and bind toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, and other impurities so these substances can be removed from the body.

    The clinoptilolite type of zeolite can be activated by a process which removes naturally

    occurring toxins. The end product results in a 100 % natural completely non-toxic liquid

    that is safe for human consumption (FDA rating G.R.A.S. Generally Recognized As Safe).

    In a liquid form carried by the blood stream zeolites are believed to pass to all parts of

    the body.

    The clinoptilolite form of zeolite has been used for more than 800 years in traditional

    medicine to improve general health in India, China, Russia and nearly every part of Asia.

    In the United States this has been used in water filtration, air purification, animal feed

    and fertilizers to keep crops healthy.

    Zeolites are negatively charged which is not common among minerals. This negative

    charge facilitates the migration of positively charged toxic minerals into the zeolite cages

    and onto the surfaces of zeolite where these substances can be transported for

    elimination in stools and urine. There is a preferential order of zeolite attraction to

    minerals .of heavier weight before proceeding to lighter minerals. This is manifested by

    trapping of mercury, uranium, arsenic, and cadmium before lighter minerals are

    captured (magnesium, calcium, lead). Zeolites can be considered molecular sieves and

    filtering agents who are able to trap positively charged atoms, ions, and compounds for

    removal from the body.

    What Can Zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense) Accomplish?

    ? Remove Toxic Heavy Metals (uranium, aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic,

    cadmium etc). This improves enzyme function.

    ? Trap and remove viral particles from the body

    ? Improve immune function so colds and influenza are less likely to occur

    ? Improve pH levels so infectious organisms have a less favorable site to survive

    ? Trap protons in the digestive tract making acid reflux less troublesome

    ? Improve nutrient absorption

    ? Removal of toxins and chemicals improves immune function

    ? Trapping allergens in blood and digestive tract decreases symptoms from inhaled

    and swallowed antigens

    ? Absorptive action in the intestines may stop diarrhea

    ? Can be of great value in life threatening and chronic disease states. Is Zeolite A Chelating Substance?

    Zeolite has a great affinity for heavier metals such as mercury, uranium, arsenic,

    cadmium, aluminum and a lesser affinity for metals of lower weight (lead, calcium,

    magnesium). In two published studies involving goats, sheep, and cows half the animals

    received zeolite along with food and vitamins and the others received the same therapy

    but no zeolite. The animals receiving the zeolite had better nutritional status and better

mineral content in their bodies than the animals not taking zeolite. The zeolite animals

    lost toxic metals and had better levels of calcium and magnesium than the animals not

    taking zeolite. Zeolite is an important chelating agent which appears to bind more

    metals than standard EDTA used in chelation. What Can NCD Do In Allergic Diseases (Migraine Headaches, Asthma)?

    Patients with migraine headaches frequently are aware that certain foods will trigger

    headache attacks (red wine, preserved meats treated with nitrites and nitrates such as

    sausages, hot dogs, salami, caffeine, chocolate, some dairy products{aromatic cheeses}

    etc.). NCD can remove some of these triggers for migraine attacks by physically

    absorbing the offending substances in the intestines. Asthmatic patients are exposed to pollen, dust, molds, and air polluted by chemicals and

    smog all of which may initiate bronchospasm (wheezing). Often the offending

    substances are heavily charged making them susceptible to removal by NCD before they

    cause asthma attacks. Many persons with allergic disorders have noticed a decrease in

    symptoms after starting NCD therapy.

    Use Of NCD In Hyperacidity And Acid Reflux States The ability of zeolite to bind gastric acid can be dramatically effective in some

    individuals suffering from painful reflux of gastric acid onto the esophagus . Other

    persons with indigestion related to gastric acid may also obtain relief.

    Possible Benefits From NCD In Arteriosclerosis There are several important concepts regarding the initiation of arteriosclerosis. One of

    these is that arteriosclerosis results from the infiltration of the endothelial lining of the

    arteries with toxic heavy metals. The inner lining of the artery is the site where the

    important vasodilator substance nitric acid is created. The endothelium also produces

    prostacyclin which decreases clotting of blood and causes dilating of arteries. A third

    important endothelial substance is heparin, a potent substance that prevents clots from

    forming. Excessive deposition of heavy metals in the endothelium diminishes the

    endothelium’s ability to produce valuable nitric oxide, prostacyclin and heparin.

    Removal of these toxic metals restores the endothelium’s ability to produce these vital

    substances which stops and may even reverse arteriosclerosis. Inflammatory reactions in the body (often related to infections such as gingivitis,

    pneumonia, viral infections etc.) can be a stimulus for arteriosclerotic plaques to

    suddenly develop. Bacteria and viruses have been transported from these inflammatory

    sites to the endothelial lining of arteries. .Careful studies of persons suffering strokes

    and heart attacks has revealed that up to 25 or 30 % of these persons have a history of

    an infectious disease in the several days preceding the vascular event. Experts in the

    field of gum disease have warned that there is mountain of evidence that there is an

    unusually high rate of gingivitis in persons developing heart attacks and strokes.

Therapy that heals gingivitis (Oral Guard) could protect many patients from having

    heart attacks and strokes.

    Signs of inflammation such as elevated levels of CRP and sedimentation rates are a

    valuable clue that artery narrowing and related vascular occlusion is a strong

    possibility. The body reacts to infectious processes by walling off the area of infection.

    The blood in these sites becomes sludgy with poor blood flow. Plaque formation

    becomes accelerated in these sites of impaired oxygen delivery. Resolving these

    abnormal indicators of infection with agents like cucurmin is helping many patients

    escape vascular accidents.

    Dr. Linus Pauley pointed out that Vitamin C and lysine could correct the collagen

    deficiency seen in arteriosclerosis with healing of narrowed arteries. This information

    was nearly completely ignored by conventional medicine. Coronary by-pass surgery, and

    the placing of stents and angioplastic opening of narrowed arteries are big business for

    the medical community. The fact that surgical procedures are being performed for

    what is a degenerative inflammatory disorder of arteries has not slowed the wave of

    surgery. Curative therapy for arteriosclerosis needs to reverse the abnormal events in

    the lining of the arteries and eliminate the infections that initiate vascular occlusions.

    Homocysteine elevation, increased clotting factors (fibrinogen, platelets, lipoprotein (a)

    excess) and meals prepared with synthetic transfats all contribute to arteriosclerosis as

    does cholesterol elevation in a minor way. Heavy metals inhibit both enzyme function and protein performance. Zinc finger

    proteins[1] are stabilized by the presence of a zinc atom in the middle of the protein.

    When this zinc atom is missing the protein will not work. These zinc finger proteins are

    necessary for cellular division. This is especially important for the immune system which requires extra cells when faced with a viral or bacterial infection. Supplemental

    zinc during infections normally helps the body create more immune cells. The zinc may

    also be displaced by heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic. Again the protein fails

    to function because of displaced zinc. Removing heavy metals from the body permits

    correct placement of zinc to occur with improved immune function and restored

    enzyme function resulting.

    Adenosine triphosphate ATP is the prime energy source for the body. ATP needs a

    magnesium ion to be stabilized. Active ATP is called Magnesium ATP. Persons with

    mercury poisoning have the magnesium displaced by the excessive mercury levels. In

    this state of absent magnesium the body has less energy production and fatigue and

    weakness are common symptoms. When the mercury is removed energy output returns to normal. Many persons taking NCD have noticed that they have more energy within a

    few weeks of starting this therapy.

    Because the affinity of zeolite for removal of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium,

    mercury and uranium is greater than for lighter metals like calcium it tends to only

    remove calcium when there are no or few heavier metals to absorb to. This results in

slow removal of the calcium found in arteriosclerotic plaques. The vitamin K2 would

    probably be more rapid in removing calcium from plaques and heel spurs than zeolite.

    NCD helps the body improve artery function by eliminating toxic metals from the body,

    improving immune system function, improving pH levels, increasing oxygen levels in

    tissues and by improving enzyme function.

    What Is Happening When Toxic Metals Leave The Body? When zeolite from NCD captures toxic metals the zeolite combined with metals is

    excreted in urine and also becomes part of fecal waste. Approximately 60 % of zeolite

    leaves the body in urine and 40 % in fecal waste. One hundred percent[2] of zeolite is

    eliminated from the body within a 4 to 7 hour time frame. Because of this rapid

    elimination taking very large doses of NCD accomplishes nothing not achieved with

    conventional dosage.

    When meat is cooked, particularly if burned, nitrosamines form. The nitrosamines have

    been implicated in causing colon cancer. An important action of zeolite is to trap and

    remove dangerous nitrosamines from the intestines. As the mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, uranium etc. leave the body the blood levels of

    these substances decline. When this occurs there is now more mercury, cadmium, lead

    etc in the bones and other tissues than in the blood. This produces an osmotic effect

    which leads to slow steady migration of metals out of bones and tissues into the blood

    and then out of the body.

    Lead has very important health ramifications. There is no amount of lead that is safe for the human body. Elevations of lead levels in humans are strongly correlated with the

    development of hypertension. When the lead is removed from the body the blood

    pressure returns to normal. Lead excess is also an important cause for cataract

    formation. Children with elevated levels of lead have a high incidence of poor academic performance, increased use of drugs and more anti-social behavior. Lead is stored in bones. Modern man has 1000 times more lead in his bones than men

    living 400 years ago. Effective oral chelation therapy removes lead but may take 10 to 15

    years to complete it’s removal from bone. An oral chelating therapy such as Essential

    Daily Defense removes lead by virtue of the presence of garlic powder. An interesting and perhaps significant observation seen in persons taking zeolite is that

    some persons lose weight.[3] One theory proposed to explain this is that these toxic

    metals are so dangerous to the body they get surrounded by fat tissue to decrease their

    toxic effects. When NCD has led to loss of toxic metals the fat tissue may be metabolized

    away as these stored metals also get eliminated from the body.

    How Does NCD Affect pH Values In The Body? Normal body pH is slightly alkaline at 7.4. When the body pH falls to consistently low

    values 5 chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, serious infections and

    arteriosclerosis may appear. Oxygen levels correlate with pH levels so acidic pH levels

    are associated with low oxygen levels in tissues. Hydrogen ions are small so they do not

    get trapped in zeolite. However, their acidic effect is balanced by the presence of alkaline

    zeolite leading to a neutral more healthy pH where disease has a harder time flourishing.

    Positively charged protons in the vicinity of zeolite become attracted into the cage and

    their disappearance raises local pH values to a safer level. When a cage with protons is

    transported to an area where there are few protons (not acidic).the protons will migrate

    back out of the cage. Thus the pH effects are localized[4] not systemic.



    PART 2 of 2 What Effect Does Zeolite Have On Autoimmune Diseases?

    Auto-immune illnesses can be associated with an underactive immune system or an

    overactive immune system. Examples of an underactive immune function would include

    cancer and HIV disease. In both these conditions the underactive immune system fails

    to detect and kill cancer cells or fight off infections as would normally occur. One of the

    conditions with an overactive immune system would be rheumatoid arthritis In this

    disease the immune system attacks the membranes in the joints in an uncontrolled

    manner .resulting in progressive destruction of joints. NCD has a modulating effect on

    immune diseases which stimulates the immune system to perform more effectively in an

    underactive disorder and slows down the activity of the immune system in diseases

    where the immune system is operating excessively. Are There Any Dangers In Using NCD along With Another Detoxifying


    The use of NCD with other detoxifying substances, supplements and minerals is actually

    desirable.[1] Anything that improves the immune defense system such as selenium,

    Burbur, N-Acetyl Cysteine etc. appears to complement the effects of NCD.

    What Health Problems Are Not Benefited By NCD? Xenoestrogens from exposure to pesticides, herbicides, plastics and petrochemicals are

    too large or fail to exhibit a chemical charge making them fail to be attracted by zeolite.

    This results in no excretion upon exposure to NCD. However, there may be indirect

benefits from use of NCD in persons exposed to xenoestrogens because NCD does have

    beneficial effects on glucuronidation which is an important liver detoxification pathway.

    This could improve liver performance in these patients.

    Are There Effects On Aflatoxins? Some fungi in foods like nuts and beans produce dangerous toxins called aflatoxins.

    There has also been a dramatic increase in aflatoxins found in foods entering the United

    States from foreign countries. These entering foods are routinely given massive doses of

    radiation without any subsequent labeling of the foods certifying radiation. This

    radiation kills the beneficial bacteria that normally prevent aflatoxins from becoming

    predominant. Chronic exposure to aflatoxins can lead to liver damage and hepatoma

    (liver cancer). Zeolites have been able to reduce aflatoxin infection in farm animals and

    would probably benefit humans in the same way.

    What Does Zeolite Do To Prosthetic Structures Like Heart Valves, Breast

    Implants, Dental Amalgams, Hip Joint Replacement Parts And Vascular


    It is important to realize that the effects of zeolite are passive. There is no active erosion

    of amalgams, hip replacements, breast implants or any other structures placed in the

    body. by health care practitioners. Can Side Effects Be Seen During Zeolite Therapy?

    Some persons report feeling sicker with increased pain during the early stages of zeolite

    therapy. When the body is mobilizing large amounts of toxic metals the excretion of the

    particles carries increased amounts of water out of the body along with the metal

    (osmotic effect). This fluid loss can be prevented by increasing the quantity of water

    ingested particularly in the early stages of therapy. Another reaction that occurs in about

    one percent of persons is a detoxification reaction (Herxheimer Reaction). These

    patients may develop muscle aching, headache, skin rash and malaise. This reaction is

    caused by liberation of toxic substances making it possible for them to react with body

    tissues causing a transient painful inflammatory response. For example, zeolite has

    greater attraction to cadmium than to lead so placing zeolite in the body might permit

    lead to become freed from a sequestered site when cadmium migrates to zeolite. This

    formerly sequestered lead is now capable of causing an inflammatory reaction.

    Herxheimer reactions can easily by terminated by decreasing the dosage or temporarily

    stopping NCD.

    Zeolite’s Use In Malignancies Zeolite has had 30 years of research performed by Dr. Harvey Kaufman. This

    culminated in a patent for the product. The Waiora company is funding ongoing

    research to learn more about the effects of NCD in humans and animals.

Because cancer is known to develop after exposure to toxic materials or procedures

    (asbestosis, radiation, mercury, fluoride, transfats, uranium, chlorine, viruses etc.) use

    of a therapy (zeolite) that steadily removes toxic metals, impurities, viral particles and

    toxins from the body is indicated in patients with malignancies.

    Many parts of the world including the United States have seen rising numbers of

    patients with cancer. Uranium contamination has been found in 42 states where

    depleted uranium bombs and shells have been manufactured, stored or tested. The

    fastest growing leukemia cluster in the U.S. is found adjacent to the Fallon, Nevada.

    bombing and gunnery ranges. There is strong evidence that persons living within 20 or

    30 miles of nuclear reactors have an increased level of malignancies. To make matters

    even worse the United States has sold depleted uranium bombs and shells to at least 29

    nations around the world.

    In the first 2 months of 2006 there were 172,000 cases of lung cancer[2] in the U.S. The

    whole year of 2005 only saw 175,000 cases of lung cancer. How can this be explained?

    This does not fit with inhalation of second hand smoke or cigarette smoking. High levels

    of uranium were found in the air at the Aldermaston research Center in northern

    England ten days after the second war in Iraq began with heavy bombing and shelling in

    Iraq. This suggests that all of Europe was contaminated with radiation at the onset of

    Gulf War II. There have now been 4 nuclear wars since World War II (Iraq twice,

    Afghanistan, Bosnia). The amount of radiation released since 1991 is greater than the

    equivalent radiation of 82,000 Nagasaki type nuclear devices. No news media in

    Europe or the U.S. discusses this as this is one of many forbidden topics.

    My guess is significant amounts of uranium are being detected in U.S. air but this

    information is being concealed from the American public. DU shells and bombs vaporize into particles 1/10 micron in size. These particles contain

    uranium which can penetrate all clothing and all known gas masks. Uranium particles

    trash the DNA of cells leading to mutations and malignancies between 3 and 5 years

    after initial exposure to uranium. These minute particles can be transported on

    prevailing winds around the world. The rapidly rising rate of U.S. lung cancers could be

    due to depleted uranium fallout in the United States. Are There Any Therapies For Uranium Induced Malignancies That May

    Have Merit?

    In Bosnia physicians have reported seeing patients with up to three simultaneous

    malignancies. This has never been previously reported in medicine. There is an

    epidemic of cancer in children in Iraq. Significant quantities of uranium have been found in persons living in Bahrain, India, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Aldermaston

    research facility reported levels of uranium sufficient to trigger immediate

    environmental agency notification 10 days after the start of Gulf War II. This means that

    all Europe was certainly contaminated with airborne uranium at that time. There is

    good reason to believe that eastern Europe was probably heavily contaminated during

    the warfare in Yugoslavia. As these nuclear wars expand more persons are steadily being

exposed to deadly uranium in air. U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq in the second Gulf

    War have been found to be heavily contaminated with uranium even when not in

    combat roles. Currently persons living in northern Israel and all of Lebanon are

    probably being exposed to significant doses of uranium.

    For the unfortunate victims of DU weapons, who have cancer, there are several

    therapies that may have merit. The homeopathic preparation uranium nitricum might

    be helpful. Fresh vegetable greens help detoxify the body from radiation injury.

    Chlorophyll and increased hydration is also helpful. Possibly some or most inhaled

    uranium particles become trapped in mucous covering the alveolar cells in the lung.

    Mucolyxir and N-acetyl cysteine, by liquefying secretions, may facilitate removal of

    uranium deposits from the lung mucous. NCD by virtue of it’s affinity for heavy metals should be a good therapy to steadily

    remove uranium particles from the body. This removal of uranium could assist recovery

    from uranium induced cancers. Also patients taking NCD on a regular basis may be

    decreasing their chances of developing uranium induced lung and other malignancies

    by steadily eliminating uranium from the body so their body uranium levels remain

    low. Wherever uranium containing bombs and shells are manufactured, tested or stored

    there are persons being exposed to uranium. Because of the total control the New World

    order has over the media U.S. citizens are not going to be warned about toxic levels of

    uranium in the air and accidental contamination problems with uranium may never get

    reported. This is all part of the massive Satanic program to lower world population.

    Sunburn is a mild form of radiation burn. This can be rapidly healed by a nano-particle

    sized (.25 nm to 6 nm particle size) formulation of colloidal silver. This same

    formulation of colloidal silver can dissolve skin cancers[3] in 3 days. Mr. Scott Clayton is

    personally aware of 3 patients with lung cancer who recovered when treated with the

    same preparation of colloidal silver taken by mouth.

    A group of 30 Central American women with 3 different histological types of breast

    cancer were all treated with a single intravenous infusion of nano-sized hydrosol silver

    (Argentyn 23). Repeat biopsies of all 30 women at 19 days following the infusion

    disclosed no evidence of breast cancer[4] in any of the biopsies. Four of the women

    experienced Herxheimer reactions with fever and transient liver enlargement. Previous

    study at the University of Wisconsin had suggested that proper dosage of this nano-

    sized silver preparation has the ability to saturate all tumor cell atoms with silver

    particles which blocks the glucose consumption tumor cells[5] need to stay alive.

    What Doses Of NCD Should Be Used? Persons who have serious health problems such as malignancies, advanced

    arteriosclerosis, neurologic diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,

    Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease), severe reflux esophagitis etc. should start with 12 drops of NCD in water four times daily. This high dosage should be continued

    until improvement is noticed at which time the dosage can be decreased. Persons taking

    NCD for preventative reasons to improve their general health should start on 9 drops

three times daily for the first month. This should remove a significant amount of their

    toxic burden. The dose can then be reduced to the maintenance level of three drops

    three times daily.

    Testimonials From Zeolite Users

    Case 1. A male with a mesothelioma (pleural lining lung malignancy), often related to

    asbestosis exposure and smoking, had a large tumor mass protruding through the

    posterior chest wall and another in the upper abdomen the size of a marble when he

    started to take NCD. After a month of therapy both masses were gone. He remains well.

    Case 2. A male with severe itching from non-healing skin lesions on the legs of many

    years duration started NCD therapy. Within a week he notice nearly complete healing of

    the skin lesions and disappearance of metal allergy when wearing watches.

    Case 3. A veteran who had 30 years of mental cloudiness since exposure to Agent

    Orange in Viet Nam began zeolite. The next morning he experienced mental clarity for

    the first time in 30 years. Four days later he became aware of a horrible taste in his

    mouth. This was associated with disappearance of a mouth tumor of 4 years duration.

    37 years earlier he had a brown recluse spider bite between his toes. Subsequent to the

    spider bite a non-healing ulcer could be seen at the site of the spider bite. After four days

    of zeolite the foot started to itch and the ulcer was gone. Case 4. A male with a painful goose egg sized buttock mass was scheduled for surgery.

    In one week of zeolite therapy the mass became so small he cancelled the surgery.

    Case 5. A female with a painful right fibrocystic breast mass started taking zeolite.

    Three weeks later she was aware of decreased beast pain. Her physician was unable to

    identify the previously biopsied right breast mass. Case 6. A 23 year old female with chronic genital warts had failed to benefit from

    burning and topical therapy. The genital warts disappeared in 7 days when zeolite was


    Case 7. A male had severe heartburn which frequently awakened him from sleep. He

    had used Tums daily for 27 years. After starting zeolite therapy he realized he had taken

    no Tums for a week as his symptoms were gone. Case 8. A female had many years of severe heartburn. She often experienced heartburn

    which would awaken her from sleep. There was associated with marked shortness of

    breath and regurgitation of ingested food. She was using 4 to 6 antacid tablets hourly.

    When she started NCD she began to have much less symptoms. Stopping therapy for a

    week led to a relapse so she is still taking 19 drops of NCD three times daily.

    Case 9. This 33 year old female had joint pains, fatigue, exhaustion and depression

    diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Massage, acupuncture, herbs, acupressure and glucosamine

    had failed to help. Zeolite therapy led to complete resolution of her symptoms.

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