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Unit 10 . Exhibition Logistics

    4 class hours per unit.

    I. Learn to speak 1-2 class hours 1. Listen to dialogue one time for general main idea. 2. Listen and follow dialogue one time for pronunciation and vocabulary 3. Listen to dialogue with teacher's explanation (in English) ; Before listening, keep these questions in your mind.

    Why Joyce come back to find Bill again?

    What reason does Jack give when asking for a favorable price?

     ( we are your companys regular customer )

    ; Explanation

    Crystal glass works of art// breakable, valuable, handle with caution Reach the destination, terminal,

    As safe as house with us,


    Extra charge for the overtime rate

    Coloring, polishing, packaging, labeling

    Insurance, have sth. insured,

    In solid container

    The Consignment Form

    A favorable price/ best price/ reasonable price

    Regular customer

    In our list

    Enjoy the customer privilege

; Useful phrases :


     Do you think you can.?

    ; Questions for thinking:

4. Dialogue practice with desk mate

    5. Vocabulary practice: word guessing game in class and in group (supply material) II. Listen and understand 1 class hour 1. Listen twice

    2. Complete the exercise

    3. Listen for teacher's explanation

    What is Snow?

     (one of the largest state-owned logistics companies in China)

     See Page 145 for reading comprehension and translation.

    4. Extra materials: video material about C&E in English (upon learner's level) III. Read and Understand 1-2 class hour 1. Listen to text one time

    2. Teacher's explanation: Information, grammar and language point 3. Evaluation: listen to text one time and ask one question; practice with desk mate;

     Do the exercise with other in class.

    4. Extra materials: (upon learner's level) IV. Learn to write 1 class hour 1. Practice

    2. Teacher's Explanation

    V. Review: vocabulary from C&E profession 20 minutes Appendix 1 reading and understanding

    Transporting the exhibits to the site

    I. Exhibition logistic support

    ; Logistic support = the packaging, warehousing, transporting, distributing, assembling. ; Provided by expert exhibit carriers , qualified and well-reputed

II. Exhibit transportation:

    principal---economical, safe and punctual

    1. By water: sea transport and inland river transport

; Large volume of exhibits, In containers

    ; Least cost; long period and subject to weather condition ; For large scale international exhibition

    3. By Air

    ; Exhibits in small bath and with high value and low weight: electronic products, precision

    instruments, artistic works, pearls and jewels.

    ; Most expensive way; quickest

    4. By Land: rail and road transport

    ; Rail: for large batches of exhibits over long-distances, quick and cost less, free from

    weather influence

    ; Road: for small batches of exhibits over short-distances, safety and flexibility, directly to

    the site.

III. Special attention in logistic support

    1.Customs policies:

    ; vary from country to country from time to time: the Customs policy of the destination


    ; Customs allowances: liquors, cigarettes, perfume ; Customs restrictions: contrabands from arms, drugs, and antique ; Special permission, special license

Allowance for cash-carrying:

Allowance is 20,000 RMB or foreign currency amout to 5,000US dollars. Declare if you have carry more cash than that number.

Jade without declare Ivory smuggling

2. Insurance for exhibits

    to reduce loss to a minimum from compensation

*Translation on page 67 WE ARE A TOTAL LOGISTICS SERVICE

    Appendix 2 Questions for review on text

    1. How can exhibits be transported? List their advantages and disadvantages. 2. What special attention should we pay attention in the transportation of exhibits?

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