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Language Points of Book 4 Unit 1 Text A

    1. In the case of: as far as…is concerned

    The rise in interest rate will be disastrous in the case of small firms. In the case of a highly intelligent animal like the seal, elementary training is easy In the case of a physical change, no new substance is formed.

    2. Raw: cold and wet; not cooked, refined, processed, organized or analyzed This cutting board is only used to cut raw meat.

    Industrial plants processed the raw material into finished products for export and for domestic consumption.

    The events took place on a raw February morning.

    What do u prefer for the steak? Raw? Medium? Well Done?

    3. Launch: start; send on its course

    Beginning in the early 1960s, humans launched probes to explore other planets. He launched into a long speech about the danger of taking drugs. Launch a campaign/ satellite/ movement

    launch a ship/ an artificial satellite/ launch one's son into the world/ a new enterprise During the past 20 years, Procter & Gamble, the world's most magnificent marketing

    machine, has launched many magnificent brands including Oil of Olay and Pantene.

    launch an attack

    launch a massive campaign

    launch a company

    4. conquer: take control of …by force

    The year 1939 had witnessed the conquest of Poland by Germany.

    The pianist made a conquest of every audience for which she played. 5. retreat: move back or withdraw when faced with danger or difficulty After a fierce battle, the troops retreated southward.

    We adopted the following strategies: when the enemy advances, we retreat; when they retreat, we pursue.

    6. Be/get bogged down: be unable to make progress

    The local government got bogged down in problems of how to handle the emission of hazardous chemicals by

    industrial facilities.

    7. crucial: very important (followed by to)

    Amazingly, our soccer team won the victory in the crucial final game.Improved consumer confidence is crucial to

    economic recovery.

    Syn. Vital ,essential, critical, decisive

    8. press on/ ahead continue doing sth. in a determined way

    Our school authorities are keen to press on with educational reform. Organizers of the strike are determined to press on.

    Cf. drag on

    9. Bide one’s time wait patiently for a chance

    His political rivals are biding their time for an attack on his policies. Our neighbor seems to be doing nothing, but in fact he's just biding his time. Drag on move slowly and with effort; continue endlessly and tediously 10. At the cost of with the loss of

    Berman saved Johnson at the cost of his own life.

    The local government developed its economy but at the cost of environment. He worked hard at the cost of his health.

    11. Caught off guard: taken completely by surprise

The bodyguard was caught off guard when a crazy female fan pushed her way amid the crowd of reporters toward

    Beckham asking for a signature from him.

    The invitation to his wedding caught me off guard. The manager didn’t know what to say, it was clear that my question had caught him off guard.

    12. Invasion an entering or being entered by an attacking military force

    On Hitler’s orders, the invasion of Poland began on September 1,1939.

    invade sb.'s rights

    a body invaded by disease

    a mind invaded by worry and anxiety

    The town was invaded by a crowd of tourists.. 13. Render: cause (sb.\sth) to be in a specified condition The drug will render the tiger harmless for up to two hours. The news rendered her speechless.

    He was rendered unconscious by a blow on the back of the neck. Hundreds of people were rendered homeless by the earthquake..

    14. Offensive: aggressive action, attack

    The Red Army brought its winter offensive to a successful conclusion.

    an offensive odor/ gesture/ weapons.

    an offensive remark;

    disgusting language;

    a loathsome disease;

    a nasty smell;

    15. Reckon: count; consider; think

    Do you still reckon him among your friends ?. Many people reckon him to be a great basketball player. reckon on sb.'s help

    16. toll 1) the number of people or animals killed or injured in particular circumstances

    2) money paid for the use of a bridge, road, etc. The death toll rose from 270 in 1952 to 5,000 in1954 Each car must pay a toll to cross the bridge.

Useful Expressions of Book 4 Unit 1 Text A

1 骄兵必败 pride comes before a fall

    2 激烈的抵抗 fierce resistance

    3 堪称无敌 be unequaled

    4 势如破竹/势不可挡 mow down resistance

    5 痛苦的教训 a painful lesson

    6 施以援手 come to the aid of

    7 训练有素?装备精良 Be well trained and equipped

    8 速战速决 a quick, decisive victory

    9 面临一个关键的抉择 be faced with a crucial decision

    10 孤注一掷辞职 take the gamble of quitting the job

    11 激战 fierce battle

    12 熊熊大火 A raging fire

    13 等待时机 bide one’s time

    14 变成噩梦 turn into a nightmare 15 意外的好运 By a stroke of luck 16 以牺牲健康为代价 At the cost of health 17 不宣而战 without a declaration of war 18 猝不及防/措手不及 Be caught off guard 19 焦土政策 “scorch the earth” 20 步步逼近边境 draw closer and closer to the border 21 Bring the car to a halt 22 发动反攻/ 突袭 launch a counterattack/ surprise attack on 23 时乖命蹇 turn the tide against 24 战争带来了难以言喻的伤痛 The war brings unspeakable suffering 25 把自然因素考虑在内 Reckon with the element of nature 26 低估问题的严重性 Underestimate the severity of the problem

Useful Expressions of Book 4 Unit 1 Text B

    军事行动 Military expedition 1

    周密安排 Set everything in pace 2

    打开通路 open the way for 3

    安排在;某一天; Be scheduled for 4

    留下安全系数 Allow a safety margin 5

    希望微乎其微 Hold out little hope that 6

    面临严峻的现实 Be faced with the grim reality 7

    希望渺茫 A thin ray of hope 8

    意见不一 divided opinion 9

    被打的措手不及 Take completely by surprise10

    努力完成任务 Struggle to achieve ones goal/accomplish tasks 11

    各种各样的武器 A vast array of weapons 12

    战前 Prior to the war 13

    身体虚弱 In poor shape 14

    为无家可归的人提供庇护 Provide shelter for the homeless 15

    大雾中能见度极差 Poor visibility in the fog 16

    对事故负有部分责任 Be partially responsible for the accident 17

    崩溃 Lay in ruins 18

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