Name the Russian author from a list of his works, FTPE

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Name the Russian author from a list of his works, FTPE ...


    Questions by Michael Napier with snippets from CWRU, Columbia, Rutgers-New Brunswick, and Swarthmore

1. Aplastic crisis, vaso-occlusive crisis, and splenic sequestration can all result from this condition. Hydroxyurea therapy

    is the most common treatment, which raises the proportion of hemoglobin in relation to other cells, preventing the

    circulatory problems the disease usually triggers after it alters the shape of affected red blood cells. FTP, name this

    circulatory disorder most common in populations of African descent.

     Answer: Sickle cell anemia

2. He gets in a fight with his roommate because of Jane Gallagher, a girl he met while spending a summer in Maine.

    After the bartender at the Lavender Room refuses to serve him, he dances with three out-of-town women, who stick him

    with their tab. The next night he goes to Radio City, the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and finally his

    family’s apartment where he admits to his sister Phoebe he has been expelled from another school. He ends his narrative

    the next day, scrapping plans to leave New York. FTP, name this main character of The Catcher in the Rye.

     Answer: Holden Caulfield (accept either)

3. Its roots can be traced to the Worker’s Defense Committee, originally founded in 1976. Four years later it was

    officially founded in Gdansk after strikes against rising food prices and unsafe work conditions. Outlawed in 1982, it

    continued as an underground organization until the party won over 99% of eligible seats in 1989 elections. FTP, name

    this Polish political party formerly led by Lech Walesa.

     Answer: Solidarity [or Solidarnosc, which is pronounced Solidarnosh but accept reasonable attempts]

4. A monk named Gaunilo criticized his work, applying his method to prove the existence of a perfect island. His

    response essentially repeated his original argument in ―Faith Seeking Understanding‖, that the very idea of a being

    greater than all others implies the existence of such a being. FTP, name this Archbishop of Canterbury, the father of

    Scholasticism and originator of the ontological argument for God's existence.

     Answer: St. Anselm

5. Six characters are wearing yellow hats. Three of these are men, one of whom is standing in the back, another is

    leaning back on a railing, while the foremost one is sitting backwards on a chair. Of the women, one rests her chin in her

    hand, talking to a man in a brown suit and derby. Another with a blue top faces the viewer, a glass in hand. The third is

    the foremost of them, holding a puppy in her hands as if about to kiss it. A table can be glimpsed in the background, and

    another covered with wine in the foreground. FTP, name this painting by Pierre Renoir.

     Answer: Luncheon of the Boating Party

6. First proposed by Lord George Grenville, it passed the House of Commons by a 5 to 1 margin and faced virtually stno opposition in the House of Lords. Set to take effect November 1 following its passage, only Georgia attempted

    serious enforcement, while the House of Burgesses passed four resolutions against it. Though it was repealed in early

    1766 due to the concerns of British merchants, at the same time Parliament reasserted its authority to tax the colonies with

    the Declaratory Act. FTP, name this 1765 tax, the first direct taxation of the colonies by the British Parliament.

     Answer: Stamp Act

7. Peter Debye independently discovered it in early 1923, shortly before its namesake discoverer published his

    findings. Considered a strong verification of quantum theory, it dictates that the energy of photons is directly proportional

    to their frequency and inversely proportional to their wavelength, but depends only upon the angle that is formed between

    the incident electron and scattered X-rays. FTP, name this effect discovered in St. Louis, not Los Angeles County, whose

    discoverer won the 1927 Physics Nobel for his work.

     Answer: Compton Effect

8. The first European to view it was Pierre De Moyne D’Iberville, who named it in 1699 for a French count. The

    namesake causeway that crosses it consists of the two longest over-water bridges in the world, each spanning 24 miles.

    Technically a tidal pool, it is connected by the Rigolets to Lake Borgne and the Gulf of Mexico. FTP, name this large

    body of water immediately northwest of New Orleans.

     Answer: Lake Pontchartrain

9. In 1863 her half brother George died of typhoid fever contracted while in a Union prison camp. Shortly thereafter

    she was nearly arrested for tearing down a Union flag someone had put on her house. In 1890, at the age of forty, she

    published her first novel, At Fault. She published three collections of short stories, including Bayou Folk, which showed

    the strong influence of her associations with Cajuns and Creoles. FTP, name this female author best known for her 1899

    novel, The Awakening.

     Answer: Kate Chopin

10. In 1877 about 200 spectators paid to see Spencer Gore win the lone inaugural title here. A women’s event was

    begun seven years later. The first winners from overseas were May Sutton of the U.S. and Norman Brookes of Australia.

    In 2003 defending champion Lleyton Hewitt was upset in the first round, and Serena Williams won its singles title for the first time. FTP, name this Grand Slam event, played in the namesake neighborhood of the namesake club outside London.

     Answer: Wimbledon Championship

11. The Revigorator was an early attempt to add this element to water for health benefits, acting by releasing this

    element and inert helium into the water as the Revigorator's Radium-226 lining decomposed into lead. This gas occurs

    naturally in ores containing uranium and indoor exposure to it is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer.

    For 10 points, name this radioactive noble gas with atomic number 86.

     Answer: radon

     12. The speaker notes that a ―youthful hue‖ sits on the addressee’s skin, ―like morning dew.‖ Earlier he notes that the

    addressee can wait until the end of the world to love him, though his ―vegetable love should grow/Vaster than empires.‖

    Since ―at the back I always hear,/Time’s wingéd chariot hurrying near,‖ the speaker hopes the addressee will give in,

    according tofor 10 pointswhat poem by Andrew Marvell [mar-VEL]?

     Answer: “To His Coy Mistress”

    13. Its name translates to ―the terrible one’s horse‖. Four deer run across it, bringing the four winds of the world. Its residents include Ratatosk and Vidofnir, and a golden cock. On the day of Ragnarok, Surt will set it on fire, but it will

    survive and give life to the new world. FTP, name this giant ash tree which supported the world in Norse mythology.

     Answer: Yggdrasil

14. U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman ruled in 2003 that he was entitled to ―conditional, time-limited outings

    under the supervision of his parents‖, though the court order will allow Secret Service monitoring of his outings. Currently residing at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C., he was first allowed outside to visit local shops in 1999.

    Your genial quizmaster wonders if he went to Blockbuster to rent The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs. FTP, name

    this would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan.

     Answer: John Hinckley Jr.

15. Recent studies have found that it can govern stock market fluctuations. In his recent book, Mario Livio

    determines that the Babylonians did not know about it -- but the Egyptians may have, especially when looking at the

    construction of the pyramids, although it was not incorporated into the design of the Sphinx. The most exact form of it is

    the solution to the equation x squared minus x minus 1 equals 0. FTP name this ratio discovered by the Pythagoreans and

    thought to be the most aesthetic ratio.

     Answer: the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion

16. In 1975 he realized a long-held ambition to visit the United States, meeting John Wayne and purchasing a Mickey

    Mouse watch he wore for years. In 1921 and 1971 he became his nation’s first prince regent and later first reigning

    monarch to travel abroad, going to Europe both times. Beginning his reign in 1926, that time was designated Showa --

    translating to ―Enlightened Peace‖-- although he is thought to have heavily influenced the expansionist actions of his

    nation during World War II. FTP, name this longest-reigning Japanese emperor who died in 1989.

     Answer: Michinomiya Hirohito [accept Tenno; also accept Showa before it’s read, and praise them for

    the proper protocol, since now that Hirohito’s dead, custom says one should refer to him by his reign’s name.]

17. The broadcast will be directed by Sandy Grossman, and announcer Michael Buffer will open the show. Fox

    Sports announcer Mike Goldberg will handle the play by play and the teams will be coached by NFL Hall of Famers

    Lawrence Taylor and Eric Dickerson. Team Dream and Team Euphoria will be quarterbacked by Angie Everhart and

    Nikki Ziering respectively and the event will take place in the Los Angeles Coliseum. FTP, name this 2004 football game

    appearing live on pay per view during the halftime of the Super Bowl.

     Answer: Lingerie Bowl 2004

    18. Deriving its name from the Latin for chalk, it was first proposed by J.B. d’Halloy in 1822. Dinosaurs during the period included the pterosaur and triceratops, while a major transition of lifeforms towards their modern characteristics

    took place, including the emergence of placental mammals and marsupials. Following the Jurassic Period, FTP, name this

    third geological period of the Mesozoic.

     Answer: Cretaceous Period

    19. His only non-fiction work, News of a Kidnapping, chronicles the 1990 capture of journalists by the revolutionary group FARC. His most recent book, Living to Tell the Tale, is the first in a planned trilogy telling his life story. In Leaf

    Storm he introduced the fictitious town of Macondo, more famous as home of the Buendia family in One Hundred Years

    of Solitude. FTP name this 1982 Nobel Laureate in Literature.

     Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

     thth] and Benedict XIII [13]. Suggestions from scholars at 20 Antipopes during this period included Clement VII [7the University of Paris for mutual resignation of rival claimants to the papacy were rejected, and the 1409 Council of Pisa

    elected a third claimant, Alexander V, in an attempt to resolve the situation. Following the death of Alexander, the claims

    of Benedict were rejected and the 1417 election of Martin V ended the debate. FTP, name this 1378 to 1417 controversy

    of the Catholic Church.

     Answer: Great Schism or Western Schism or Great Western Schism

21. His Secretary of War, William Belknap, was impeached by the House of Representatives on bribery charges. His

    Secretary of the Treasury, Benjamin Bristow, broke up the scandalous Whiskey Ring, but he unfairly forced Bristow to

    resign from the Cabinet. His Vice President, Schuyler Colfax, was implicated in the Credit Mobilier scandal. FTP, name ththis man, who despite successes as a Union general failed as the 18 President of the United States.

     Answer: Ulysses Simpson Grant

22. In 1998 it received highly restricted approval from the FDA for treatment of diseases associated with leprosy. In

    an effort to monitor its use, all patients and pharmacists must register with the drug’s maker, Celgene. Men taking it must

    promise to use condoms if sexually active, and female patients must prove they are using two forms of birth control; this

    in an effort to prevent more of its pronounced side effects. FTP, name this drug, originally used to treat morning sickness,

    which produced gross fetal malformations and birth defects in the 1950’s.

     Answer: thalidomide

23. Developed by Francis Edgeworth, the classic variety is drawn downward from left to right and convex to the

    origin, although other types examining desirable and undesirable entities may follow a different shape. FTP, name these

    charts showing a consumer’s feelings given the choice between two different goods.

     Answer: indifference curves

24. Hurler’s syndrome is one of the rare genetic diseases in which this organelle blocks the metabolism of certain

    macromolecules. Originating from the Golgi complex, they contain hydrolytic enzymes, which, to protect the cell, can only operate in its acidic environment. Responsible for recycling worn-out organelles and digestion, this is FTP, what

    cellular organelle?

     Answer: lysosome(s)


    Questions by Michael Napier with snippets from CWRU, Columbia, Rutgers-New Brunswick, and Swarthmore

1. Did you hear a loud whirring sound every time they showed Mike Myers’ The Cat in the Hat? FTPE name the Dr.

    Seuss book based on the following descriptions.

    (10) This book advocated care of the environment through the titular character of a short yellow dude.

     Answer: The Lorax

    (10) This book, or rather story within a book, preaches against racism with these titular characters with stars on their

    bellies ostracizing those without.

     Answer: The Sneetches

    (10) This book mirrors the Cold War and nuclear deterrence by examining the animosity of one group that spreads the

    titular condiment on the upside towards those that spread it downside.

     Answer: The Butter Battle Book

2. Answer the following related questions about energy FTPE:

    (10) Compression and expansion holding this quantity constant are found in the Carnot cycle for heat engines. To the

    layperson, it’s often depicted as a measure of "disorder."

     Answer: Entropy

    (10) This law says that to find the total enthalpy change of a reaction, you need to sum up the enthalpy changes of each

    step in a process.

     Answer: Hess's Law

    (10) For a final ten, enthalpy can be found by adding this quantity to the pressure volume change products.

     Answer: internal energy

3. Name these authors from the African continent, FTP each.

    (10) The most famous writer from Africa is this Nigerian who wrote No Longer at Ease and Things Fall Apart.

     Answer: Chinua Achebe

    (10) Her sharp criticism of apartheid in her native South Africa is evident in July’s People and Soldier’s Embrace.

     Answer: Nadine Gordimer

    (10) This other South African wrote the famous Cry the Beloved Country

     Answer: Alan Paton

4. For ten points apiece, name these landmark Supreme Court cases.

    (10) In this case in the 1850’s a slave was denied freedom when the Supreme Court decided not only that he could not sue

    in court but also that the Missouri Compromise was invalid.

     Answer: Dred Scott v San(d)ford [there was a typo in the original decision title the court couldn’t even

    get THAT right.]

    (10) In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that the state of New York did not have the right to grant a monopoly across

    state lines. Thus federal power over interstate commerce was developed.

     Answer: Gibbons v Ogden

    (10) In this case the elastic clause was used to support the federal government making a national bank. This case is

    important because it gave the government the implied powers necessary to carry out its Constitutional obligations.

     Answer: McCulloch v Maryland

    5. Given tall mountains, name the country they’re in F5P per answer. (5) Kilimanjaro

     Answer: Tanzania

    (5/5) Everest (both countries)

     Answer: China and Nepal [grudgingly accept Tibet instead of China, although it’s still just part of China.]

    (5) Kosciuszko (Koo-SHOO-skoo)

     Answer: Australia

    (5) Chimborazo and Cotopaxi

     Answer: Ecuador

    (5) Mauna Kea

     Answer: United States

6. FTPE, answer these questions about religions from India.

    (10) This is the most popular religion in India. It takes its doctrine from the Vedas.

     Answer: Hinduism

    (10) Ascetics of this religion, thought to have been founded by Mahavira, have such an aversion to the killing of living

    things that they don't wear clothes and are careful never to sit down unless the area is clear of insects.

     Answer: Jainism

    (10) Founded by Nanak, the first in a succession of gurus, this religion has its followers carry a symbolic dagger.

     Answer: Sikhism

7. Name the composer from works, 10-5:

    a) [10] The pastoral Acis and Galatea and the oratorios Israel in Egypt and Judas Maccabaeus

     [5] The oratorio The Messiah

     Answer: George Frideric Handel [10] Tod und Verklarung (AKA ―Death and Transfiguration‖), Elektra, Don Juan

     [5] Thus Spake Zarathusra

     Answer: Richard Strauss [10] The Miraculous Mandarin, Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta

     [5] Duke Bluebeard’s Castle

     Answer: Bela Bartok

8. In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales a group of pilgrims travel to the Shrine of Thomas a’ Becket. FTP each:

    (10) In this tale, Nicholas and Allison trick John, Allison’s old husband, into thinking that a great flood is coming. It

    features the kissing of one buttock and the burning of another.

     Answer: The Miller’s Tale (10) In this tale, a foolish bachelor can save his own life only if he finds out within a year what women really want.

     Answer: The Wife of Bath’s Tale (10) Name the inn where the pilgrims met before setting out together on their trip to Canterbury.

     Answer: the Tabard Inn

9. Identify these diseases of the lungs FTPE.

    (10) This disease is frequently caused by smoking, but environmental factors such as air pollution can also contribute. It,

    results when the elasticity of the alveoli is lost, making expiration more difficult.

     Answer: Emphysema

    (10) This rare cancer of the lining of the lung is caused by asbestos, and in contrast to asbestosis, can result after relatively

    little exposure to asbestos.

     Answer: Mesothelioma

    (10) This type of pneumoconiosis occurs almost exclusively in coal miners. First described in the 16th century, it takes its

    name from the coloring of the dust accumulation in the patient.

     Answer: Black lung disease

10. FTPE, name some German leaders with pointy helmets:

    [10] This man unified Germany, and was its first chancellor.

     Answer: Otto von Bismarck [10] This famous German general of World War I later appointed Hitler as chancellor.

     Answer: Paul von Hindenburg [10] This important statesman of the Weimar republic brought Germany into the League of Nations.

     Answer: Gustav Stresemann

11. Name these William Faulkner works from characters, FTPE.

    (10) General Compson, Thomas Sutpen, Charles Bon

     Answer: Absalom, Absalom! (10) Jewel, Vernon Tull, Addie Bundren

     Answer: As I Lay Dying (10) Reverend Gail Hightower, Lena Grove, Joe Christmas

     Answer: A Light in August

12. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Given an NFL franchise, name the coach who resigned or was fired after the 2003 season

    F5PE and the former NFL head coach who replaced them for 5 more. Please specify which is which.

    (10) Washington Redskins

    Answer: out: Steve Spurrier; in: Joe Gibbs

    (10) New York Giants

     Answer: out: Jim Fassel; in: Tom Coughlin

    (10) Arizona Cardinals

    Answer: out: Dave McGinnis; in: Dennis Green

13. Identify these items you might find in an introductory chemistry lab FTP each.

    (10) This ubiquitous item’s inventor lost an eye in a laboratory explosion. Try not to think of this while you light the

    heating apparatus named for him.

     Answer: Bunsen burner (10) Available in volumetric and Mohr varities, these are used for slowly delivering measured volumes into a container.

     Answer: Pipet

    (10) This common type of flask is named for the German chemist who developed it. It has a narrow neck and large base.

     Answer: Erlenmeyer flask

14. Identify the following people who took part in the Boer Wars, but are perhaps better known elsewhere:

    [10] This man served in the British Medical Corps as a stretcher -bearer. He later returns to India to fight for

    independence through his creed of passive resistance.

     Answer: Mohandas Gandhi [10] This man ran a field hospital, and later returned to England to write 'The Great Boer War' and 'The War in South

    Africa: Its Causes and Conduct', which earned him knighthood.

     Answer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [10] Taking part in the successful defense of Mafeking, this man later on goes to found the Boy Scouts.

     Answer: Sir Robert Baden-Powell

15. Given the title of a work and the year it was produced, name the female artist , 5-10-20-30:

    (a) Early Sugaring Off, 1944

     Answer: Grandma Moses (b) Oriental Poppies, 1928

     Answer: Georgia O’Keeffe (c) Migrant Mother, 1936

     Answer: Dorthea Lange (d) Mother and Child, 1889

     Answer: Mary Cassatt

     th16. Given a 20 century Vice President, give the President he served under F5PE and a bonus five for all correct.

     (5) Charles Dawes

     Answer: Calvin Coolidge (5) Henry Wallace

     Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (5) William Taft

     Answer: Theodore Roosevelt (5) John Nance Garner

     Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (5) Walter Mondale

     Answer: Jimmy Carter

17. Given a definition for a method used in mineral identification, name the physical property FTPE.

    (10) This is the color of a mineral in its powder form

     Answer: Streak

    (10) This is the tendency of a mineral to break along planes of weakness

     Answer: Cleavage

    (10) This word describes a tendency for minerals to break along irregular surfaces.

     Answer: Fracture

18. Name the Russian author from a list of works, FTPE.

    (10) The Idiot, Notes from Underground, The Brothers Karamazov

     Answer: Fyodor Dostoevsky (10) Dead Souls, "Diary of a Madman", The Inspector-General

     Answer: Nikolai Gogol (10) The Torrents of Spring, A Month in the Country, Fathers and Sons

     Answer: Ivan Turgenev

19. Name the philosopher from works, FTPE:

    (10) Philosophical Investigations, Tractus Logico-Philsophicus

     Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein (10) Why I am Not a Christian, The History of Western Philosophy, and Principia Mathematica

     Answer: Bertrand Russell (10) Fear and Trembling

     Answer: Soren Kierkegaard

20. Answer the following questions about quantum mechanics and atomic theory for ten points each.

    [10] This principle states that all electrons in an atom must have a different set of quantum numbers

     Answer: Pauli exclusion principle [10] The Fermi-Dirac distribution describes the arrangement of these particles with spin of ? .

     Answer: Fermions

    [10] This is the name of the one-dimensional hypothetical system used as a simplification of the Schrödinger equation in

    order to better understand the properties of wave mechanics.

     Answer: particle in a box

21. Given a book on the New York Times bestseller list as of the end of December 2003, identify its author F5P each,

    with a bonus five for all correct.

    (5) The Funny Thing Is . . .

     Answer: Ellen Degeneres (5) Blow Fly

     Answer: Patricia Cornwell (5) Who’s Looking Out For You?

     Answer: Bill O’Reilly

    (5) A National Party No More

     Answer: Zell Miller

    (5) Stone Cold Truth

     Answer: Stone Cold Steve Austin

22. 30-20-10 identify the person:

    (30) The phrase ―you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs‖ is generally attributed to him. He received a

    law degree in 1781 and as a justice in his native Arras was nicknamed ―the Incorruptible‖.

    (20) He was elected to the Estates-General in 1789 and proposed the May 1791 decree that prohibited members of the

    Constitutional Assembly from serving in the legislature, thus ensuring the rise of the Jacobin Club.

    (10) On July 27, 1793, he was elected to the Committee of Public Safety; a year and a day later he was sent to the

    guillotine, ending the Reign of Terror.

     Answer: Maximilien Robespierre

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