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Our group have six member,振云play the role of Jane ,秋玲the Dr River ,

    书琼 the Mrs Reed,欧姐the Mr Brockleburst ,仕梅the Bessie,华倩the

    Helen ,括号里的话外音由仕梅负责

(CHAPTER 1: Leaving the Gateshead Hall)

    BESSI:Come out,Jane Eyre.Mrs Reed wants to see you in the drawing


    Mrs Reed:Come in .This,Mr Brockhurst,isthe child in question.She is the

     daughter of my late husband's sister.For some years,she is lived

     in this house.

    Mr Brockleburst :The recipient ,I can clearly see,of every care which her

     loving benefactress could lavish upon her.Come

     here,little girl.What is your name.

    Jane:Jane Eyre,sir.

    Mr Brocklehurst:Well,Jane Eyre,are you a good child?

    Mrs Reed:The less said on that subject,the better.

    Mr Brocklehurst:Indeed.

    Mrs Reed:Only this morning,she struck her little cousion most brutally

     and without provocation.

    Jane:That is not ture.

    Mrs Reed:Jane!

    Jane:He hit me first.

    Mrs Reed:Silence! I won not listen to your odious lies.You see,Mr

     Brocklehurst,(布洛克斯)how passionate and wicked she is.

    Mr Brocklehurst:I do, indeed.Come here,child.You and I must have some

     talk.No sight so sad as that of a wicked child.没有任何

     景象比一个邪恶的小孩更令人伤感了。 1

Mr Brocklehurst:You have heard the name of Lowood?

    Jane: No,sir.

    Mr Brocklehurst:It is a school for unfortunate orphan.Would you like to

     go there,little girl?

    Jane:Yes ,sir.(Thinking :At school ,I shall have drawing lessons and

     history lessons,and there will be hundreds of other girls to

     play with.)

    Mr Brocklehurst:You have made a wise choice,wiser than you know. Jane:Bessie.


    Jane:I never dreamt I would get away from here till I was quite grown-up. Bessie:Wouldn't you even be sorry to leave your poor old Bessie? Jane:What does Bessie care for me?She's always scolding and

     punishing.All the same,?虽说如此?I am rather sorry to be leaving


    Bessie:Rather sorry?Is that all?And I suppose ,if I asked you to give me a

     kiss,you 'd say you would rather not.

    Jane:I will kiss you,and welcome,Bessie

    BessieYou are such a strange,solitary little thing.Here is a

     keepsake,Jane.It will help you remember me.

    Mr Brocklehurst:Come on ,Hurry up. Bessie:Be a good girl,and I hope you will be happy.

    Jane:Thank you,Bessie,Goodbye.



    In the Loweed,Helen and Jane became goodfriends

    Mr Brocklehurst:Pupils,observe this child.this girl is a liar.Let her remain

     on that stool.Let no one speak to her for the rest of the


    Helen:I brought you this from supper.

    Jane:Didn't you hear what he said?He said you mustn't have anything to

     do with me.

    Helen:Go on,Take it.

Jane:I'm not bad.I promise.I hate him.

    Helen:It is wrong to hate people.

    Jane:I cannot help it!I thought school would be a place where people

     would love me .I want people to love me and belive me and be kind

     to me.I would let my arm be broken if it would make anyone love

     me.Or let a horse kick me ,or be tossed by a bull.

    Helen:Donnot say such things.

    Jane:But I would!I would!

    HelenEat your bread,Jane.

    (After several months,the influenza broke up and Helen came down with influenza and died.

    Dr Rivers:Jane,Come,Jane.

    Jane:No!I want to stay here!I want to be with Helen.

    Dr Rivers:Helen isnot here.Helen's with God.

    Jane:No!I cannot go back to school!I will never go back!I will run away. Dr Rivers:Jane,you know what duty is ,donnot you?Duty is what you have to do even when you donnot want to do it.I may not want to go out into a snowstorm to vist a sick child.But I have to go because it is my duty.Now,What is your duty

    Jane:I Donot know.

    Dr Rivers:Yes, you do,Jane.In your heart,you know perferctly well.Your

     duty is to prepare yourself todo God 's job in the world.Isn't

     that true?And who can do God 's job, an ignorant woman or

     an educated one?Yes ,you know the answer to that. And

     where can you get an education,Jane?Where?

    Jane:I suppose it is true.

    Dr Rivers:Good, Jane,Very good.

    (Jane came back to shool,She worked hard and became an excellent student.)

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