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    20 January 2009

Ms. Leung Wai Ting Amy

    17B, Princess Court

    9 King Tak Street

    Homantin, Kowloon

Dear Amy,

    Chiap Hua Cheng’s Foundation Scholarship 2008/09

     It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been nominated by the Faculty of Business Administration for the captioned Scholarship of HK$24,000.

     Enclosed please find the University Award Acceptance Form 2008/09. You are requested to complete the form and return it by mail to the following address on or before 20

    February 2009:

     Scholarships and Financial Aid Section

     Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

     Room 332, Pi Ch'iu Building

     The Chinese University of Hong Kong

     Shatin, N.T.

     We will arrange for the award money to be paid into your bank account upon receipt of your Acceptance Form. The Bursary will take about four weeks to effect payment.

     You may wish to write a letter of thanks to the donor, Mr. Francis Lau of The Incorporated Trustees of Chiap Hua Chengs Foundation. Kindly send the letter to our Office for onward transmission to Mr. Lau.

     Please feel free to contact us at 2696 1737 should you have any queries.

     With hearty congratulations,

     Yours sincerely,

     Fanny Yuen (Ms.)


     Senate Committee on University Scholarships


c.c. Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

     Dean of Students' Office, Chung Chi College

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