Accessible Video for Education

By Henry Lawson,2014-08-17 15:31
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Accessible Video for Education

Accessible Video for Education

    Andrew Kirkpatrick

    Adobe Systems

Who Benefits?

    ; Captioning helps students who are

    ; Deaf

    ; Hard of Hearing

    ; In a noisy environment (e.g. manufacturing floor)

    ; In a quiet environment (e.g. office building)

    ; Watching video with poor audio quality

    ; Able to process information better when read

Who Benefits?

    ; MIT OpenCourseWare 2005 Evaluation:

    “most visitors accessing video lectures (76%) find them to be significantly more valuable or more valuable than other types of content”

    54% of visitors accessing video lectures indicate that transcripts of lectures would be equally

    valuable or more valuable than video lectures;”

    59% indicate that audio lectures with synchronized lecture notes would be equal or more

    valuable than video lectures.

    40% of visitors accessing video lectures indicate that English captioning would add value, and

    17% indicate that captioning in another language would add value.”


Accessible Video in Flash

For Accessible Video you need:

    ; Captions

    ; Audio Description

    ; Accessible Interface

Accessible Video Interface

    ; Accessible interface controls

    ; Built-in transcript generation

    ; Demonstration

Flash Does Audio Description?

    ; Flash provides robust support for sound playback and synchronization.

    ; Developers need to add a UI control to support the toggling of audio descriptions.

; With Flash Player’s ability to detect assistive technologies, such a button could be enabled by

    default when a screen reader is running, and the video could be paused so that the user could

    start it when ready.

    ; Demonstration

Flash Does Captions?

    ; Flash has always been able to deliver text equivalents to audio.

    ; Improvements in Flash Player 6 for parsing XML brought new possibilities.

; Flash CS3’s support for the W3C’s DFXP Captioning standard formalizes the procedure.

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; AOL's "Princess Natasha"

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; PBS American Experience's Zoot Suit Culture

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; HiCaption Viewer Example

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; video

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; PBS's Nova: Curse of T-Rex

Flash Captioning Examples

    ; King Tut Exhibition Preview

Captions in 5 Minutes

    ; Support for Captioning in CS3 has made captioning video in Flash really simple. ; So simple, in fact, that anyone with minimal experience with FLVPlayback can have captions

    functioning in under 5 minutes.

; Demonstration: Ready, Set, Go!

    ; Though easy, this is not a process for most faculty to undertake.

How Does Captioning Work in Flash?

    ; The FLVPlaybackCaptioning component supports two methods

    ; Embedded caption data in cue points

    ; Parsing DFXP caption data and creating ActionScript cue points, by TimedTextManager

    ; Cue points are triggered at specific times and displayed

If captioning is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it today?

Getting Caption Data

    ; "I Want To Do It Myself"

    ; Several tools allow authors to add captions

    ; MAGpie (

    ; HiCaption (

    ; Captionate (

; "Can't Someone Else Do It?"

    ; Professional agencies deliver the highest quality of work

    ; "The Faculty is Generating 14 Hours of Video Daily"

    ; Automated solutions exist, and should be considered

    ; Automatic Sync Technologies (

"I Want To Do It Myself" - MAGpie

    ; MAGpie is an authoring tool for creating captions and saving in formats for:

    ; QuickTime

    ; RealPlayer

    ; Windows Media Player

    ; CC for Flash (NCAM Flash Captioning component) ; Updated version 2.0.2 outputs DFXP (subset)

    ; Freely distributed by NCAM:

"I Want To Do It Myself" - Captionate

    ; Captionate is an inexpensive Captioning tool ($60) ; Captionate allows the author to add FLV cue points to the video ; Captionate also generates DFXP caption data

I Want To Do It Myself”

    ; Captioning takes a lot of time

    ; Fussy, detailed work

    ; Necessary to review work for accuracy and grammar

    ; Requires an understanding of “Non-spoken information” and how to convey it in captions

    ; Estimate 5-10x the length of the video

    ; Transcription is the most time consuming

    ; Captioning and review is done in real time (2-4x) ; Examples

    ; 5 minute video: Captioning time 25 minutes to 1 hr.

    ; 15 minute video: Captioning time 1.25 to 2.5 hours

    ; Library of 50 10-minute videos: 40 to 80 hours (no breaks!)

"Can't Someone Else Do It?"

    ; Professional agencies can now all provide caption data files for Flash

    ; NCAM's component accepts QTtext, widely supported

    ; The Media Access Group at WGBH can produce DFXP files

; Captioning Agencies

    ; Media Access Group at WGBH

    ; Caption Colorado

    ; Many more as a result of work in NCAM component.

    "The Faculty is Generating 14 Hours of Video Daily" ; Automatic Sync Technologies provides automated web-based Captioning for Flash

    ; AST’s goal is to make Captioning fast, cheap, and easy

    ; With a transcript, AST’s CaptionSync automated system quickly creates XML caption data

    files for a variety of media



ActionScript 2.0 Captioning Skins

    ; Free extension for Flash 8 and Flash CS3

    ; Displays DXFP Caption Data

    ; Displays embedded cue points

    ; Highly configurable

    ; UI accessible to screen reader users

    ; Demonstration

Captioning in Adobe Captivate

    Adobe Captivate provides a built-in captioning tool and generates the interface automatically.


Adobe Links

    ; Adobe Accessibility Resource Center

    ; Adobe Accessibility Blog

    ; Flash Captioning information ; Flash Captioning DevNet Article


    ; W3C DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile)

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