James Arthur Ray - The Science Of Success

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James Arthur Ray - The Science Of Success

    The Science of


    When Science and Passion

    Collide, Dreams Become Real

    The Science of Success

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Every person who follows the instructions that are incorporated in each of the lessons in

    this program will be successfulthere are no exceptions. James Ray has done a masterful

    job with this program. He has ?lled a void that has existed for centuries. James has

    corralled the concept of Success and presented it to the world as a science. He clearly

    explains how and why real success can be enjoyed by anyone willing to follow a series of lawful guidelines.

    The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary, which sits on the corner of my desk, de?nes

    the word “Science” as: knowledge acquired by careful observation, by deduction of the

    laws which govern changes and conditions, and by testing these deductions by experiment.

    James Ray has done his homework. He has invested years testing every move he suggests you make to enjoy a balanced and successful life. His courage, persistence and total

    dedication to a mission has enabled him to gather this valuable information. It is his personal genius which presents success as a science in such an organized, coherent manner. These lessons are jewels that will improve the life of any teenager or business of

    the most erudite corporate executive alike.

    James‟ warm and caring personality is re?ected in his work. I have enjoyed the work we

    have done together and I value our friendship. It was thirty-seven years ago that I began to

    study success. My insatiable hunger for information which brings about personal growth has taken me around the world many times. I have had the rare privilege of studying with many of the world‟s greatest teachers. When I ?rst became acquainted with James Ray

    and his work, it was obvious he had a lot to offer the personal growth movement. “The Science of Success” is, in itself, a tremendous contribution. However, it merely represents a very small part of what is to come from this man.

    I am grateful to James Ray for this marvellous program and I am truly happy for you. These lessons will add a dimension of success to your life that you have only dreamed of previously.

    Bob Proctor

The Science of Success

The Power of Understanding

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Earl Nightingale

    Success as a concept has fascinated us for centuries. It has probably been studied and pursued more than any other concept in modern history. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals rarely feel totally successful. And

    only few ever achieve success to the level of their full capabilities.

    Like Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and many others, I have spent all of my adult life studying the highly-successful; and I can assure you that success is yours for the taking. It is your birthright! Not only are

    you able to achieve the success you desireit is guaranteed if you understand and apply the lawful guidelines in the Science of Success.

    What is Success

    Success is a direction that you choose. If you are like most, you have believed success to be a result,

    destination or outcome. Furthermore, you have believed that success is based upon a set of circumstances, skills, environmental factors, or opportunities. Both of these beliefs are in error.

    First, success is a never-ending journey. It is the constant progress toward your own vision, purpose, and life of your dreams.

    Second, while external issues (circumstances, environment, etc.) in?uence your achievement of success, they

    do not determine your success and they are not the greater cause of success.

    It makes no difference what neighborhood you grew up in, the amount of money you currently have in your bank account; how your parents did or did not treat you; your age; your education; or what you are currently

    doing. History proves that literally hundreds of individuals with less then perfect circumstances have become highly successful in spite of what appeared to be “insurmountable odds”. How is this explained?

    All achievers have become successful through thinking and acting in a “Certain Way”. If you review all the times in your life that you have succeededyou have done Certain Things in a Certain Way. This is true

    regardless of the contextwhether in the area of ?nances, relationships, health or business your process has

    always been the same. Furthermore, your doing certain things in a certain way has been true whether you were consciously aware of it or not.

    This is not random. Any time you have succeeded in your life, you have done so in the scienti?c manner. By acting in this Certain Waythere can only be one result.

    Any time you have not been successful, you have been out of alignment with these laws of success. We live

    in an orderly universenature never expresses herself other than perfectly.

    “Success comes in abundance only when you

    commit to a continuous process of your own making,

    by doing things in a certain way.”

    ;What are the important points to remember about success?


    “The past does not equal the future.”

    Once you understand that success is a process, the next step is to stop looking at your current results to de?ne

    who you are. To the degree that your reality is based only upon your ?ve senses (what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell), you will be limited to create more of the same results you have been creating.

    All of your current results are the direct outcomes of your past thoughts, decisions, and actions.

    This is different thinking for the majority of us. But true success begins when you turn away from the current

    state of affairs (results of the past), the things that you don’t want, and begin to focus on the things you want.

    Most people don‟t get what they want in life because they don’t know what they want. Oh, they may have a vague ideabut most cannot clearly articulate what it is that will mean true success in their lives.

    Because success is a process, it must be more than a goal. While goals are an important part of measuring your progress, they are not, in-and-of-themselves success.

    In his de?nition, Earl Nightingale called success a progressive realization. This indicates an everincreasing and ever-unfolding awareness and wisdom. The people who achieve success, and are able to sustain it, possess wisdom.

There was a time we believed that knowledge and information was powerbut this is absolutely untrue.

    “Knowledge is not powerwisdom is power!”

    Our world is full of knowledge, but knowledge is nothing more than unorganized information. Wisdom on the

    other hand is information that is organized and aligned with universal law. The Science of Success program teaches the only approach that aligns and acts in accordance with timeless laws. This is wisdomand it guarantees results.

    “In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned ?nd themselves

    beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

     Eric Hoffer

    “Wisdom is information and action aligned with ____________ ____________.”

    “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, pure, lovely,

    and of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think only on these things.”

     St. Paul

    Your “worthy ideal”, your idea of success, must be a vision with which you can fall in love. The scienti?c

    approach to success must instill passion and high emotion. Therefore, you must know you are worthy, to choose something worthy.

    “A mediocre vision has no ability to instill passion!”

    “Thinking worthy comes from „being‟

    worthy, and you are worthy ... recognize it!

    You are God‟s greatest creation.”

    Being Worthy

    Unfortunately, many individuals have allowed themselves to believe that they are not worthy of the good they

    desire. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    All great works throughout history, whether from religion, science, philosophy, psychology, or metaphysics,

    teach that we are God‟s highest creation. Therefore, if you come from Godyou must be a part of God. For this reason alone, you are worthy of the good you desire. For how can God be unworthy?

    If you have a desire, you have the ability to attain that desire. You wouldn‟t be given the desire if this were not true! In fact, the word desire comes from the Latin, da-sire, meaning “of the father”.

    Begin to know right now that you are worthy of the good that you desireand you can have it! No question!

    God‟s greatest gift to you is unlimited potential! Your greatest gift to God is to use that potential to the fullest.

Choosing Worthy

    Could you become consumed with the idea of a new house or car? Could you literally fall in love with these

    ideas? These items are great at making your life more comfortableand they are wonderful to havebut

    there is no way you would trade your life for them.

    Understand, you can and will create anything and everything you want! This includes material possession, toys, relationships, trips and adventures. But to experience the fullness of success, you must choose something larger than these goals. You must choose a worthy ideal as a foundation, one that is worthy of who and what you are, something beautiful and magni?cent. And you must really want itno matter what.

    ;Based on what you‟ve learned,

    summarize the key points to

    remember about success.


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