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    Selection outgoing exchange AIESEC

Dear applicant,

    After your application in writing, you will be invited for an interview at the AIESEC office. The objective of this interview is to make sure that our mutual expectations are met in the rest of the exchange process.

Which aspects are going to be tested?

    1) 5 competencies you will find these competencies below

    2) Motivation

    3) Flexibility

How will you be tested?

    The interview will be in English, and will be conducted by 2 AIESEC members. The interview will take approximately 1 hour. The interview will be conducted according to the CORE-method.

The CORE method Explanation

    CORE is an acronym for:





    During the interview you will be asked several questions, which refer to experiences you have had. You are supposed to answer the questions according to the following format:

    1) Circumstance What were the circumstances of the situation you were in?

    2) Opportunities What were the opportunities you considered?

    3) Reaction How did you react on the situation?

    4) Effect What was the effect of your reaction?


    - Please refer to recent (within the last 3 years) situations.

    - Make complete CORE’s

    - Explicitly state what your contribution was in the situation (what did YOU do!).

    - Refrain from

    o Vague statements

    o Opinions

    o Theoretical or future oriented statements

The 5 competencies:


    Ability to adapt to external changes without compromising performance; adjusting conduct to fit changed circumstances, expectations, and/ or customs while upholding professional efficacy.


    Maintaining professional composure under times of stress; working efficiently, providing quality work, while under stress; dealing with stress in an acceptable and suitable manner.


    Recognizing and identifying areas for increased learning. Continuously developing a knowledge base, staying abreast with important advancements to strengthen professional expertise. Implementing acquired knowledge in daily tasks and skills.


    Pro-actively acting on changes, problems, situations by readily identifying and taking the necessary steps of actions; seeking opportunities to make decisions and initiate action independently.


    To extent to which the geographic location provides features and opportunities consistent with personal needs.

    Should you have any questions concerning the CORE method or the content of the interview, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (0617046560) or by email


All the interviews will take place at Achter St. Pieter 25.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Hester van Beeck Calkoen

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