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AARTS Fact Sheet - ArmyAmerican Council on Education Registry ---



SUBJECT: Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS)

PURPOSE: To provide information to Soldiers and Veterans on the AARTS Transcript System.


    1. The AARTS is a computerized transcript system that produces transcripts for eligible Soldiers and Veterans upon request by combining a Soldier's/Veteran’s military education, training and experience with descriptions and credit recommendations developed by the American Council on Education (ACE).

2. The AARTS transcript is designed to:

    ; Help college officials to award credit for learning experiences the Soldier/Veteran gained while in the military. ; Provide the Soldier/Veteran supplements to his/her resume.

    ; Provide employers with a better understanding of the scope of responsibilities and skills the Soldier/Veteran acquired while in the


3. The AARTS transcript contains the following information:

; current or highest rank achieved while in the military

    ; military status (active or inactive)

    ; additional skill identifiers (ASI) and skill qualification identifiers (SQI)

    ; formal military courses completed and evaluated by ACE

    ; military occupational specialties (MOSs) held and evaluated by ACE

    ; standardized test scores

    ; descriptions and credit recommendations developed by the American Council on Education (ACE)

4. AARTS receives its data directly from the primary sources listed below:

; Regular Army Biographical Data and MOS history----AHRC

    ; Army National Guard Biographical Data and MOS history-----National Guard Bureau

    ; Army Reserve Biographical Data and MOS history-----HRC-St. Louis

    ; Formal Course Completions----Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)

    ; Standardized Test Scores----Educational Testing Service (ETS), American College Testing (ACT), and Excelsior College

    Examination Program (ECEP)

    ; Course and MOS Descriptions and Credit Recommendations----American Council on Education (ACE) ; Official copies of historical military records (i.e., DD Form 214s)----national Personnel Records Center

5. You are eligible for an AARTS transcript if you meet the following criteria:

    ; You have enlisted, commissioned or warrant officer service in the Regular Army, Army National Guard (ARNG), or US Army

    Reserve (USAR) and a BASD on or after 1 October 1981.

    ; If your BASD is before 1 October 1981, you may not be in our data base and therefore not have a record. You will therefore

    have to request that the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis send a certified copy of your DD Form 214 directly to this

    office. You may request a certified DD Form 214 from their web site at:

6. Requesting an AARTS Transcript:

a. Personal: You may pull up and print a personal copy of your AARTS transcript online at: . Click on, “Get

    An AARTS Web Transcript”. Next, click on the first dog tag for a Personal Transcript and follow the instructions. If you are not able to open your record, your Date of Birth (DOB) may have been entered into the system wrong and you will need to email us with the

    correct information at:

    b. Official: You may also have an official copy of your transcript sent electronically to your college or university by clicking on the second dog tag and selecting your school via the drop-down menu. If your school is not listed, go back to the home page and select “AARTS Transcript Request Form”. Follow the instructions on the form to mail, email, or fax your request for an “official” transcript

    to us (this is only if your school is not on the drop down list).

    The AARTS Operations Center will need the following information to produce an official AARTS transcript and send it to a third party (university, college, or even a prospective employer):

; Full Name

    ; Date of Birth (DOB)

    ; Last four of your Social Security Number

    ; BASD or PEBD

    ; Your current mailing address

    ; Your Signature

    ; Accurate mailing address of the third party

7. Other ways to request your AARTS transcript:

a. Education Services Officer:

    ; Obtain a DA Form 5454-R, Request for AARTS Transcript Form, from your Education Services Officer. ; If you are not located near the Education Services Officer, visit the AARTS home page at, download our

    form from the screen, fill it out, sign it and send it to the AARTS Operations Center as instructed.

b. Fax:

If you are unable to request an official transcript electronically through the web page, and you have a fax machine handy, fax your

    request to us. Don't forget to include all of the information listed above, especially your signature if you want your official transcript

    forwarded to a third party. The fax number is: Commercial (913) 684-9497 or DSN 552-9497.

c. Email:

    Request all personal copies via the web site at: Since a signature is required to release an official transcript to a third party, your email request must have your signature on it. Email us a request, only if you are unable to find your school on the

    drop down list on the web page. Our official email address is

d. Mail:

You may write to us any time you are having problems accessing the web page or getting your transcript. Be certain to include all of

    the information listed above. AARTS cannot send a transcript to a school or college without your permission in writing, so don't

    forget your signature. Our mailing address is:

AARTS Operation Center

    ATTN: Transcript Requests

    292 Grant Ave

    Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027-1254

PLEASE NOTE: The ACE credit recommendations can only be accepted, modified, or rejected by a college or university. Whether

    an academic institution accepts the credit recommendations depends on its policies and procedures for transfer credit, your program of

    study, and your degree requirements. The AARTS Operations Center has nothing to do with credit recommendations!

    Credit recommendations may be applied toward promotion points only if a college or university first accepts the credit recommendations and adds the awarded credit on its official college transcript. See your Education Services Officer for more


    AUTHENTICATION: Dr. Robert S. Drake DATE: 17 Nov 09

     AARTS Program Manager

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