Kettner Tri 7 SP

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Kettner Tri 7 SP ...

Kettner Tri 7 SP

Caution: Please check all answers to ensure their correctness


Fracture that heals with out complication ?


    impacted shear or torsional


Fractures of the extremity include ?


    monteggia gallezzi

    none of the above

Significant clinical evidence for fracture would include ?

    shortening pain

    angulation mid-shaft crepitus

    Which of the following would be likely to retard healing at the fracture site ? anemia

    osteoporosis infection radiation (?)

Distorted fascial plane lines are a result of ?

    infection osteoma


    osteiod osteoma

    A 3cm patch of calcification is present in the abdominal aorta. What should be indicated for diagnosis ?


    ultrasound CT


Communuted fractures include which of the following ?

    greenstick fx

    Y fx of humerus

    crush fx

    all of the above

Which of the following are incomplete fractures ?


    open fx



    Of the following sign & symptoms which one is the most suspicious of a fracture? Pain


    deformity tenderness

Which of the following effect the rate of fracture healing ?



    location of fx blood supply

Which of the following is not a cause of delayed non-union ?

    comminution severe trauma



    When a fracture heals with angulations or deformity which of the following is present ? non-union



    delayed union

Which of the following is a measurement for calcaneal fractures ?

    Koeler’s angle

    Boehler’s angle

    Kleins line

    none of the above

Signs of elbow fracture are ?

    pronator quadratus fat pad sign

    navicular fat stripe

    posterior pad sign

     anterior fat pad sign

Rib fracture can cause ? (mult.)

    spleen to rupture

    air in abdomen

    viscus rupture


Patholgic fracture on x-ray ?



    curved end plate

    posterior scalloping

Fracture thru physis ?

    salter harris 5

    salter harris 1

    salter harris 3

    salter harris 2

    salter harris 4

Fracture thu the epiphyseal plate?

    salter harris 5

    salter harris 1

    salter harris 3

    salter harris 2

    salter harris 4

    A fracture line that extends thru the epiphyseal plate and results in a crushed cartilage layer is ?

    Salter 5

    Salter 4

    Salter 3

    none of the above

    The pediatic injury which is characterized by a fracture of the epiphyseal plate is ? S.H. 2 (?)

    S.H. 5

    S.H. 3

    S.H. 1

    Which of the following angles below represent cervical instability? 2.0





A. Galliazies Fx

    B. Collies Fx

    C. Mount Fx

    D. Jeffersons Fx

    E. Smiths Fx

    F. Clay shovelers fx

Radial Fx A

    Radial with post. Dislocation B

    Spinous C-7 F

    Ulnar Fx C

    Neuro arch burst D

    Radius with anterior dislocation E

Match the description of the fracture with the name

a. Galleazzi

    b. Monteggia

    c. Colle’s d. Jeffersons

    e. Hanged man’s

Fracture of the atlas arch D

    fracture of C2 lamina E

    extension fracture of the radius C

    ulna fracture with dislocation of the radial head B

    Radial fracture with dislocation of the ulna A

Green stick fractures can only occur in children T

    The spinal compression fracture is a type of transverse fracture F Fractures of the appendicular skeleton are most likely to be mised ???? *Reduction is the restoration of fracture fragments to their normal anatomical position??? *Fixation of a fracture occurs prir to external fixation???

    *Necrotic tisue about the fracture site stoimulates vasoconstriction and plasma exudation?

1. Hurdler’s - avulsion of the ischium

2. Fx. Of the pelvic ring - must have SI joint injury

    3. Depressed skull fracture = ping pong fx., flattening of the cranium

    4. Blow out fracture = fat 7 edema cause the fx., see mass in the max. sinus

    st5. Benetts Fx = Prox. Head of 1 metacarpal,dislocated from trapezium

    th6. Jones Fx. = base of 5 metatarsal 7. Monteggia fx. = Ulnar shaft 4’ below olecranon, dislacation of the radius, ruptured

    annular lig.

    8. Pott’s fx. = lower fibula

    9. Smith’s fx = Radius with palmar displacement

    10. Jefferson’s fx = Arch burst 11. Galliaies = Radius with posterior dislocation

    12. Hangman’s fx = C@ lamina 13. Clay shoveler’s fx = C7 spinous 14. Non union = horses foot, elephant foot (healing has stopped)

    15. Spine fx = impaction

    16. Long bone = transverse, longitudinal

    17. MC linear Fx. In the skull = parietal bone


*Causes of dislocation include ?



    altered articular surface

    muscle imbalance

    (Pony unsure)

*Clinical presentation of dislocation include ?


    reduction of ROM

    contour abnormality

    all of the above

    (pony unsure)

*Distension of the ellbow capsule produces which finding ?

    anterior fat pad displacement

    supinator sign

    biceps sign

    posterior fat pad displacement

    (Pony unsure)

A dislocation is described by the next most distal articulation F

Complication of dislocaton ? - neuro / vasc. problems


Your patientsheart shadow measures 18 cm. And his thoracic cage transverse diameter is

    36 cm., consider ?

    cardiac hypertrophy




Features of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on the chest radiograph include?

    Horizontally oriented ribs

    increased retrosternal air space

    hyperaeration (hyperlucency) unilateral hilar adenopathy

An apical infiltrate with rib destrucion accompanied by clinical evidence of horner’s

    syndrome warrants consideration of ?



    pancoast’s syndrome

Compensatory or indirect signs of atalectasis shift include?

    Fissural displacement

    extrapleural sign

    air bronchogram

    mediastinal shift

Lateral displacement of the mediastinum could follow ?

    poor inspiration

    atalectasis pulmonary infection

    pectus carinatum

The differential for a solitary pulmonary nodule includes ?

    carcinoma calcified cardiac valves

    granuloma pneumoniar

A unilateral hyperlucent lung could be the result of ?

    rotation of the patient

    mastectomy pneumonia

    pleural effusion

    The differential diagnosis of a cavity lesion of the lung should include ? abscess




    Hilar enlargement could be the result of pathology of which of the following ? left atrium

    pulmonary veins

    pulmonary arteries

    lymph glands

Hilar lymhadenopathy has which of the following etiologies?


conective tissue


    congestive failure

Peripheral lung disease of chronic duration can result in which of the following ?


    prominent pulmonary artery

    cor pulmonale


The dfferential diagnosis of pleural effusion should include ?

    conective tissue diseases




The gamut of posterior mediastinal masses should include ?


    descending thoracic aneurysm



Which of the following findings are compatible with the radiographic diagnosis of

    emphysema ?


    increased retrosternal airspace

    flattened diaphragms increased transverse diameter

The differential diagnosis of secondary pulmonary hypertension includes ?


    chronic bronchitis emphysema

    acute pneumonia

Causes of an intrathoracic calcification as viwed on a chest raciograph include?

    Aortic atherosclesis healed granuloma cardiac valve

    bronchiogenic CA

A defect in solitary pulmonary nodule suggestive of carcinoma is called ?

    Hill-Sachs deformity

Rigler’s notch

    extra pleural sign

    none of the above

Which of the following are causes of unilateral hyperlucent lung field?

    Bacterial pneumonia

    obstruction of the lobar bronchus

    roatation of the patien none of the above

Which of the following are need to be considered when encountering a solitary

    pulmonary nodule ?





The horizontal fissure of the right lung should be found near the ? th ant. Rib 5th5 post. Rib th7 ant. Rib th7 post. Rib

The horizontal fissure of the right lung should be located near ? th5 anterior rib th5 posterior rib th7 anterior rib th7 posterior rib

Which of the following are compatible with the radiographic diagnosis of emphysema.


    increased retrosternal air space

    flattened diaphragms increased transverse thoracic diameter

An infiltrate is seen silouhetting the right cardiac margin. The infiltrate is located ?

    middle lobe


    posterior segment RLL

    none of the above

The radiographic signs of atelectasis (pony said atalectosis) include ?

    fissural displacement pleural effusion

    diaphragmatic elevation

    tracheal deviation

Cause of intrathoracic calcification as viewed on a chest radiograph include ?

    aortic atherosclerosis healed granuloma cardiac valves

    bronchogenic CA

Calcific hilar nodes and a parenchymal nodule of calcification should be considered ?

    evidence of old TB carcinoma

    ghon complex

    none of the above

Indication(s) for a chest x-ray include?

    Increasing chest pain hemoptysis

    sudden onset of dyspnea

    long term smoker

The differential for solitary calcified pulmonary nodule would include ?





    (pony undecided is it just granuloma or is hamartoma in too)

Unilateral elevation of hemidiaphragm suggest the possibility of:


    pulmonary neoplasm



    (pony undecided is it just neoplasm or is atalectasis in too)

Lateral displacement of the mediastinum can occur with ?

    poor inspiration

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