Check list Block inspection

By Vanessa Carpenter,2014-03-21 11:49
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Check list Block inspection

Block inspection.

    Before inspection of steel units, familiarize yourself with the pertinent drawings, study the welding procedures and the approved standard to which the work must conform. For all steel constructions there is a pattern, once appreciated it is much easier to detect non-conformities.

Typical errors/findings during inspection of steel units.

    ; Rough surface of manual welds.

    ; Weld splatter.

    ; Pin holes.

    ; Undercuts.

    ; Missing welding where poor access, especially in scallops.

    ; Misalignment.

    ; Missing air and drain holes.

    ; Scars and sharp edged weld beads from removed assembly lugs.

    ; Beams and stiffeners buckled due to distortion caused by cutting and welding.

    ; Missing brackets and local stiffeners, - become very suspicious if you observe

    unused steel components marked with unit and position numbers in or adjacent

    to a steel unit called for inspection!

    ; Missing water stops where profiles are crossing tank boundaries.

    ; Overall dimensions are not correct and/or unit distorted by handling.

    ; Throat thickness of manual fillet welds too small, always make random checks

    throughout the inspection of an area, beware of possible requirement for

    increased throat thickness under foundations and temporary lifting lugs.

MSD, September 2001.

    Revision 1

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