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    Curriculum Vitae

    Marcus Wells MD, MPH


University of Missouri-Kansas City

    Kansas City ,MO.

    Bachelor’s Degree/Biology


University of Missouri-Kansas City

    School of Medicine

    Kansas City, MO.

    Doctor of Medicine


Emory University

    School of Public Health

    Master’s in Public Health

    Environmental/Occupational Health

    Atlanta, GA.



Chicago Medical School


    Internal Medicine


Mercy Hospital/University of Illinois


    Internal Medicine


National Institutes of Health

    Fellowship, National Heart-Lung-Blood Institute(NHLBI) NIH Research Fellow

    Principal, Richard Cannon



    Hyperinsulinemia in angiogrpahically normal coronary arteries Abstract received at (AHA) American Heart Association-1991 Richard Cannon,MD., Principal Investigator

    Use of GMCF/GSF in Anaplastic Anemia(granulocyte stimulating factor) Clinical Trial

    Arthur W.Nienhuis, principal

Use of InterLuekin 1 and Interluekin II (immunosuppresive therapy)in Anaplasitc Anemia

    Arthur W. Nienhuis, principal

Use of DNAase in Cystic Fibrosis

    Dr. Ronald Crystal, principal(in conjunction with Genetech Corp.)

    Study of Alpha -1 -anti-trypsin deficiency in COPD Double recessive type

    Dr. Ronald Crystal, principal

Study of Mesothelioma and Asbestosis

    Pulmonary Clinic, Bldg #10 N.I.H.

    Dr. Ronald Crystal ,principal

Usage of Erythropoietin in Sickle Cell Anemia

    Dr. French Anderson, principal

Angiographic and Echocardiographic analysis on patients with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy(HCM)


Study of Post-myectomy in patients with HCM

    Dr. Bob Epstein & Richard Cannon, principals

    A-V sequential pacemaker analysis in patients with HCM Dr. Richard Cannon, principal

Study on type 4 Hypertriglyceridemia


Georgia Publications:

Nursing Protocols in Primary Care

    Georgia Division of Public Health

    Community Health Section

    Program Manager, Jane McCombs, RN 1994

Thesis in Occupational Health:

    The Economic Impact of Worksite Health Promotions :Myth v Reality Fred Gerr , MD., Sponsor

    Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health 1996

“Lifestyles for the 21st Century, A New quality of Life”

    Book, published 2000

    1st printing Humanics Publishing, 2000/Atlanta, GA. 2nd printing Infinity Publishing, 2002/Lonsdale, PA

Words in Poetic Prose

    Book, published on




    Topics in General and Alternative Health

    Talk show co-host



    “Vibrant Living”

    General health talk show host

    Santa Clara Valley transmission



    “Lifestyles for the 21st Century”

    Talk show host

    Fall-Winter 2000

NPR/National Public Radio

    Power Point/WCLK

    Topics in Obesity


    Dr. Mary Harris, host

University of Chicago PUBLIC TV

    Guest on “Secrets of Success”

    Topic: Lifestyles for the 21st Century”


Georgia Public TV -GPTV

    “Lifestyles for the 21st Century”

    Topics in general health


Voice of a America Radio

    Interviewed by Maxine Thompson

    African-American Women’s Health


Kansas City Southwest Clinical Society

    81st Annual Fall Conference

    Master Clinician Series Guest Lecturer

    Overland Park, Kansas

October 23-25 2003


    Kaiser Permanente, Falls Church, VA Primary Care Physician


    Suburban Hospital, Bethesda ,MD House Staff Physician


    Crestwood Hospital, Huntsville, AL House Staff Physician


    Davis Medical Group, Huntsville, AL Internist


Vitkin Bariatric Clinic

    Marrietta, GA.


    Literature Research in Obesity Study 1997-1999


    Georgia Medical Care Foundation Peer Reviewer/Quality Assurance 1995

    Georgia Medical Care Foundation Georgia State Peer Review 1996

    Schlesinger Associates, Inc. Peachtree Dunwoody, GA.

    Marketing/Pharmaceutical Efficacy 2000-2001

New Millennium Products

    Nutritional Products

    Atlanta ,GA. 1999-2000

    International Center for Natural Weight Loss Clinical Director/Physician

    1720 Peachtree

    Atlanta, GA.



    Website pertaining to general nutritional information and exercise



    Spartan Health Sciences University/Medical School Professor of Medicine

    Instructor in Medical Physiology

    St. Lucia, British West Indies


    St. Matthews University & Medical School Grand Cayman Island

    Visiting Lecture of Medicine Series

    “The Tie in of Medicine” lecture 5/2003


Independent Contractor

    Internal Medicine/Consultant


    Current Literature research project for publication: General Health in African-American Population 2004


    Lifestyles for the 21st Century II

    A Critical Look Into Complementary Health: Research and Practical Applications


    Diplomate, National Medical Boards Part I, 1985 Diplomat,e National Medical Boards Part II, 1987 Diplomate, Natioanl Medical Boards Part III,1988 Diplomate,American Board of Quality Assurance/UR 1994


    North American Association for the Study of Obesity American College of Legal Medicine

    National Environmental Health Association American Society of Bariatrics

American Society of Law ,Medicine and Ethics

    American Medical Association Medical Association of the State of Alabama

    Georgia Medical Association


Commissioned Corp

    Public Health Service

    Lieutenant 0-3






    Spanish-Moderate fluency

Personal Interests:

Computer Info

    Jazz music

    Aquatic Sports


    Classical music


Reference Contacts:

Dr. Richard Cannon

    Chief of Invasive Cardiology/NIH Bldg. #10 Bethesda, MD 301-496-9895

Dr. Paul Jones

    Dir.Invasive Cardiology Mercy Hospital& Medical Center 2525 S. Michigan Ave 60616 312-567-2000

Dr. Jack Cooksey

    Department of Medicine Mercy Hospital

    2525 S. Michigan Ave 60616 312-567-2000

Frances Nelson, Office of the Dean

    University of Missouri -Kansas City School of Medicine

    2411 Holmes Kansas City,Mo. 64108

Palma Jones MD, MPH

    Director of Occupational Medicine 517-304-4569


Dr. Anthony Anderson

    Doctors Clinic/Anesthesiology 636-448-1875


    13041 Tapawingo Pl.

    St.Louis ,MO. 63127

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