Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Diseases ...



Updated Dec 07

Infectious Diseases 5 Byte Read Code

TB Meningitis A130.

    Tuberculosis A1…

    Tuberculosis Screen 6831.

    Hepatitis A A70..

    Hepatitis B A703.

    Hepatitis C A70z0

    Polio A40..

    Chickenpox A52..

    Shingles A53..

    Whooping Cough A33..

    Measles A55..

    German Measles A56..

    Mumps A72..

    Glandular Fever A75..

    Typhoid A010.

    HIV/AIDS A788.

    Malaria A84..


    Neoplasms B….

    Mesothelioma B226.

    Laryngeal Cancer B21..

    Bowel Cancer (colon) B13..

    Rectal Cancer B141.

    Oesophageal Cancer B10..

    Breast Cancer B34..

    Radical mastoidectomy with axillary lymph nodes 71305 Bilateral mastoidectomy 71308 Excision of breast operation 7131 Breast Augment ZV501 Modified radical mastoidectomy 71309

    Fibroadenoma of breast B77..

    Fibroadenosis of breast K302.

    Updated Dec 07

Ovarian Cancer B440.

    Cervical Cancer B41..

    Acute myeloid leukaemia B650. Acute lymphoid leukaemia B640. Prostate Cancer B46..

    Testicular Cancer B47..

    Renal Cancer(Hypernephroma) B4A.. Hepatoma (Liver Cancer) B1500 Basal Cell Carcinoma BB31

    Pancreatic Cancer B17..

    Bladder Cancer B49..

    Brain Cancer B51..

    Lymphoma B62.

    Myeloma (multiple) B630.

    Myeloma (solitary) B6301

Endocrine 5 Byte Read Code

    Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Onset) C10. Type 2 Diabetes ( Adult Onset) C10. Insulin treated Type 2 Diabetes C10FJ Type 1 with Neuropathy C10EB Type 1 with Retinopathy C10E7 Type 1 with Nephropathy C10ED Type 2 with Neuropathy C10FA Type 2 with Retinopathy C10F6 Type 2 with Nephropathy C10FC HBA1C Diabetic Control 42W.. Hypothyroidism C04z.

    Addisons’ Disease C1541

    Hyperthyroidism C02..

    Thyroid autoantibodies 43G5. Total Thyroidectomy 71100

    Subtotal Thyroidectomy 71101 Hemithyroidectomy 71102

    Updated Dec 07

Partial Thyroidectomy NEC 71105

    Acute Pancreatitis J670 Digital Retinal Screening 68A.. .

    O/E absent L foot pulses 24FA.

    O/E absent R foot pulses 24EA.


Mental Health

    Mild Depression Eu324 Depressive Disorder E2B Depressed 1B17.

    Depression (Moderate-Recurrent) Eu3..

    Depression (Severe-Recurrent no pyhcosis Eu3..

    Post Natal Depression E204

    Puerperal Depression (Post natal) 62T1

    Anorexia E271

    Bulemia R0360

    Anxiety Disorder Eu4.

    Bipolar Depression (Manic depression) Eu31.

    Schizophrenia Eu20.

    Patient Sectioned 9H…

    Counselling 671 Behaviour Problems 1B1X. Personality Disorder Eu60.

    Alzheimer’s Disease(early onset) F1100

    Alzheimer’s Disease(late onset) F1101

    Obessive-Compulsion Disorder E203.

    Anxiety & Depression E2003

    Self Harm U2…

    Post traumatic stress disorder Eu431

    Phobias Eu402

    Uncomplicated Senile dementia E000.

    Personality Disorder E21..

    Misuse of Drugs NOS E25z.

    Drug Dependence E24..

    Referral to Drug Councellor 8H7x.

    Alcohol Abuse E250.

    Updated Dec 07

Alcohol Dependency E23..

    IV Drug user 13c1.

CNS Conditions

Stroke/CVA(Cerebro-Vascular Accident) G66..

    Right CVA G668.

    Left CVA G667.

    TIA(Transient Ischaemic Attack) G65..

    Multiple Sclerosis F20..

    Parkinson’s Disease F12.

    Bells Palsy F310 Epilepsy F25..

    Motor Neurone Disease F152.

    MRI scan abnormal 5693.

    MRI scan NAD 5692.

    MRI scan refered 8HQ3.

    Amaurosis Fugax F4236

    CT scan brain 5675.

    Refer for CAT Scanning 8HQ4.

    CT Scan Abnormal 5633 CT Scan Normal 5632 MR Brain Scan 569 CT Scan (Axial) 567


    Adenoidectomy 74210 Tonsillectomy 7530.

    Adeno-tonsillectomy 75306

    Chronic Sinusitis H13..

    Otosclerosis F57..

    Hayfever H172

    Ear Operations 73 Correction of Bat Ears (Pinnaplasty) 73022 BAWO 411G

    Updated Dec 07

Superative & unspecified O.M. F52..

    Myringotomy & insertion of long term grommet 73134

    Myringotomy & insertion of short term grommet 3130

    Hearing Loss F59..

    Hearing Aid worn 2DG..

    Tinnitus F583.

    Labyrinthitis F563.


Glaucoma F45..

    Macular Degeneration F4250

    Registered Partially Sighted 6688.

    Cataract F46..

    Bilateral Cataracts F466.

    Registered Blind 6689.

    Retinal Detachments and defects F41..

    Other Extraction of Cataract 7266 Eye Muscle Op (Squint) 723 Victrectomy 7270 Posterior vitreous detach F4k21 Disorder of Eye F4k


Angina G33..

    Atrial Fibrillation G5730

    SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) G57y9

    Myocardial Infraction (Acute) G30..

    Streptokinase bv1..

    Congestive Cardiac failure/right ventricular failure G580. Left Ventricular Failure G581.

    Acute Endocarditis NOS G51z0

    Hypercholesterolaemia C320.

    Hypertension G20..

    Cardiomyopathy G55..

    Updated Dec 07

    Peripheral Vascular Disease G73.. Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) G801. Mitral Valve Disease G11..

    Diseases of Mitral and Aortic Valves G130.

    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft(CABG) 792.. Heart Valve Replacement Operation 791.. Rotary Blade Coronary Angioplasty 79293 Carotid Endartrectomy 7A203

    ECG 32…

    Refer for ECG recording 8HR1. Referral for 24 hour ECG 8HR9. Referral for exercise ECG 8HRA. ECG Abnormal R1431

    Cardiac pacemaker in situ ZV450 External Electro cardioversion 7L1H1 Acute Cor Pulmonale G400.

    Claudication G73z0

    Peripheral Gangrene G732.

    Fasting Blood Lipids 44O5.

    Serum Triglycerides 44Q..

    HDL:LDL Ratio 44PA. Serum Cholesterol/LDL Ratio 44P6. Serum Cholesterol 44P..

    DNA Cholesterol Clinic 9N4K.

    Patient Advised re low Cholesterol Diet 8CA47 O/E BP Reading 246..

    Low BP Reading R1y3.

    Raised BP Reading R1y2

    Refferal 24 hour BP recording 8HR8. Echocardiogram 5853.

    Echocardiogram abnormal R1320

    Referral for echocardiogram 8HQ7. Exercise Tolerance test 33B92 Exercise tolerance test normal 33B93 Exercise tolerance test equivocal 33B94 Exercise tolerance test abnormal 33B95

    Updated Dec 07

Respiratory Conditions

COPD (Chronic Obstuctive Pulmonary Disease) H3…

    Asthma H33..

    Childhood Asthma H330.

    Acute exacerbation of Asthma H333.

    Bronchiolitis H061

    Chronic Bronchitis H31 Peak Flow Rate 3395.

    Predicated Peak Flow 339H.

    Tuberculosis A1…

    Pulmonary Embolism G401.

    Aucte Bronchitis and Broncholitis H06..

    Viral Pneumonia H20..

    Lobar Pneumonia H21..

    Bronchopneumonia H25..

    Sleep Apnoea H5B..

    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea H5B0.

    Pleurisy H51..

    Whooping Cough A33..

    Pneumoconioses H4…

    Coal Workers Pneumoconioses H40

    Chest Xray 535.. Asbestosis H41..

    Pneumonia Legionella H22y2

    Spirometry Screening 68M..

    Spirometry reversibility Negative 33G0.

    Spirometry reversibility Positive 33G1.

GI System

    Peptic Ulcer J130.

    Duodenal Ulcer J12..

    Hiatus hernia J34. Inguinal Hernia J30 Gastro- Oesophageal Reflux Disease(GORD) J10y4

    Barratts Oesophagus J1016

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) J521.

    Updated Dec 07

Crohns Disease J40..

    Ulcerative Colitis J4101

    Gall Stones J64..

    Cholecstectomy Excision of Gall Bladder 7810. Diverticular Disease J510.

    Non Alcoholic Cirrhosis (NOS) J615z.

    Normal Gastroscopy 36140

    Abnormal Gastroscopy 36150

    Barium Meal 548..

    Barium Enema 54A..

    Alcoholic Cirrhosis J612.

    Vagotomy & Pyloroplasty 70224

    Helicobacter Gastritis J1544

    Eradication Therapy 8BAC.

    Alcoholic Hepatitis J617.

    H-Pylori CLO Test + 4JO0.

    H-Pylori CLO Test - 4JO1.

    Gastroscopy 761F1 Ultrasound Gallbladder 5859 U/S Abdomen 5855


Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) K20..

    Renal Failure(Chronic) K06..

    Recurrent UTI AG..

    Orchitis K240.

    Epididymitis K241.

    Epididymo-orchitis K242.

    TURP 7B390

    PSA Normal 43Z20

    PSA Abnormal 43Z21

    Enuresis 1A22.

    Nocturia 1A13.

    Nocturnal Enuresis 1A220

    Urinalysis Protein 467..

     - Blood 469..

    Updated Dec 07

     - Glucose 466..

     - Microalbuminuria 46W..

     - Ketones 468..


Rhesus Negative 4321.

    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease K40z..

    Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) C165.

    Ectopic Pregnancy L03..

    TAH & BSO(bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy) 7E049 TAH with conservation of ovaries 7E04A Abdominal Hysterectomy 7E04. Infertility (female) K5B..

    Normal Delivery 7F19.

    Forceps Delivery L395.

    Ventouse 7F17

    Caesarean Delivery L398.

    Elective LSCS 7F121

    Emergency LSCS L3984

    Breech Delivery L222.

    Twins live born 6333.

    Miscarriage L04..

    TOP L05..

    PET Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia with hypertension L1270 Post Partum Heamorrhage L36..

    Blood Transfusion 7L143

    Genital Herpes A541.

    Syphilis A97…

    Gonorrhoea A98z.

    Thrush AB2..

    Vaginitis Unspecified K4210

    Bacterial Vaginitis K4219

    Genital Prolapse K51..

    Manchester Repair 7D17z

    Colporrhaphy 7D18.

    Open bilateral ligation of fallopian tubes 7E150

    Updated Dec 07

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