Test 3

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Test 3

Test 3

I. Reading

    My idea of perfect childhood memory is one in which the person remembers the event clearly as if it happened yesterday and remembers it as being a happy time. Of all my memories I have one that I would consider a perfect childhood memory.

    In my neighborhood there is a large lake with a small island in the center of it. For as long as I could remember it had been every childs dream to get to

    it. It was to be our greatest adventure. We named it Alligator Island, because of the alligators (鳄鱼)that were rumored to live on the island and in the

    surrounding lake.

    One day when I was about 10 years old, I was helping my friend Erika clean out her garage and we discovered a blow-up raft (木筏). Naturally we

    had to wonder if it would stay afloat in the water so we decided to blow it up. After a few hours of taking turns expelling(排出) the wind from our lungs, the

    rubber vessel (橡皮船) was finally ready to test. We took it to the pool and sure enough, it did float. Immediately, we began making plans to visit Alligator Island with our new mode of transportation.

    We decided to ask Erikas brother and another of our friends to come with us. Since the lake was across the street from Erikas house we did have to

    drag the raft far4 and soon we were on our way to the island.

    About halfway to Al we began to get nervous about the possibility of alligator really being in the lake and we tried to turn around but none of us knew how to use the paddles() very well. After a few attempts we realized

    how silly we were and continued onward. When we finally did reach the small land mass, it was not anything special, just a few trees, some dirt, and insects. But the thrill of actually accomplishing our goal was all we needed.

    Needless to say, we were the envy of the neighborhood for quite some time. This is my perfect childhood memory and it is something I doubt I will ever forget for as long as I live.

    1. According to the passage, why is such a memory the most unforgettable to

    the author?

    a. Because the adventure is full of danger and risks.

    b. Because the author has tried a new kind of transportation.

    c. Because the author has finally realized the dream of going to the


    d. Because the author has been proved to be very intelligent during

    their adventure.

    2. What can we inferred about the authors feeling about their adventure to

    the island, according to the passage?

    a. Fearful. b. Regretful. c. Guilty. d. Happy. 3. What does the underlined word rumored in the second paragraph mean?


    a. Confirmed by evidence. b. Showed by picture. c. Doubted and alleged. d. Discovered by scientists. 4. What was the response of the authors neighborhood to the adventure? a. They were jealous of those kids.

    b. They were astoni9shed by their courage.

    c. They showed disapproval.

    d. They showed worry and scolded the kids.

    5. What might be an appropriate title for this passage?

    a. Adventure on an island.

    b. A Perfect Childhood Memory.

    c. Alligator Island.

    d. A Childhood Full of Adventures.

    II. Choosing the best answer among the four choices. 1. Nothing could live ________ air and water. a. but b. but for c. except d. except for 2. Id just as soon _________ rudely to her.

    a. that you wont speak b. your not speaking

    c. you not speak d. you didnt speak

    3. To me, music is ________ a way of life ________ just an interest.

    a. morethan b. asas c. notas d. lessthan

    4. There is no reason they should limit how much vitamin you take _________

    they can limit how much water you can drink.

     a. much more than b. no more than

    c. no less than d. any more than

    5. It was urged that no smoking _______in the library.

     a. had been allowed b. be allowed

     c. was allowed d. should have been allowed 6. Peter has just arrived, but he talks as if he ________ everything here.

    a. will know b. has known c. knew d. know 7. In no circumstances can more work be got out of a machine than ________.

    a. is put into it b. to put it into it c. to0 be put into it d. that puts into it 8. ________ to him if he went out in that weather? a. What was he afraid that would it happen

    b. What he was afraid that it would happen

    c. What he was afraid that would happen

    d. What was he afraid would happen

    9. No one wants to stay here, _________?

    a. do they b. does it c. dont they d. doesnt he

    10. There is a __________candle on the table and a _________ man is lying

    on the floor.

     a. lighteddrunken b. lighteddrunk

     c. lit drunken d. litdrunk



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