Mr. Green

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Mr. Green

Tong Thomson Ng

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    Paragraph on Mr. Green

    In the Mr. Green by Robert Olen Bulter, the grandfather of the protagonist, the nameless girl is a very traditional Vietnamese. He believes in his family and also the ancestors. He prayed for his ancestors, and even bring the protagonist ( the nameless girl) to a secret room and request her to pray for the ancestors too. He had a strong faith about his ancestors. He believed that the traditional can never be change, which he didn’t accept anything happened that is against the

    ancestors. For example, he could not accept the fact that the protagonist and her parents were about to leave their hometown and went to United States for a new life. The grandfather considered that was an action which betrayed the ancestors. He always claimed that the souls of their ancestor continue to need love and attention and devotion. Only by given those things, the ancestors will share in the protagonists grandfather lives and they will bless their family and

    even warn them about disasters in their dreams. Of course, the protagonist didn’t believe that, but

    her grandfather didnt feel angry and forgave her too, it is because as a traditional Vietnamese, he believed that women can be waived to follow the ancestors but not a men. He believed that only a son can oversee the worship of his ancestors. Also, the grandfather had a strong loyalty to his belief. He prayed for his ancestors every day, he even prayed with the protagonist in the small secret room to let the ancestors to forgave what his family did that he thought that is wrong. He said Your father is doing a terrible thing. Id he must be a Catholic, thats one thing. But he

    has left the spirits of his ancestors to wander for eternity in loneliness. This shows that he loved

    his family a lot, and wanted to help them.

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