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About Us

    Leslie Stephens commercial brokers is a full service commercial and

    multidimensional business firm based in Dubai united Arab emirates, with offices in London and Nigeria, providing ,property investment opportunities and business consulting services.

Operating Philosophy

    Leslie Stephens’ commercial brokers Hunt property investment

    opportunities, operating philosophy revolves around our most important asset - our clients. We pride ourselves on consistently and ethically delivering innovative property and consultant solutions. We believe that our long run of success and growth is a function of our level of service and our ability not only to meet our clients' needs, but also exceed their expectations. Our success can only be possible if our clients receive complete, professional service that is fairly and competitively priced.


    Leslie Stephens commercial brokers was Founded ----------, by Miss

    Kasi spiff partnered by Mr soji olarewaju.We re commercial brokerage

    concentrated primarily on the selling of unique property , investment consultancy, and services. Through the alliance of the Dubai ministry of economics affairs. of the , Leslie Stephens commercial brokers evolved

    into a diversified real property services company, consisting of a residential real estate brokerage division, a mortgage origination subsidiary (Diverse Capital), and a full service commodity brokerage company . It also extends to general customer services and satisfaction.

Our mission

    To render a certifiable customer and consultancy services to its customers and clients so thorough and so complete that the end result of any transaction or relationship justifies, in the mind of the client or customer, the compensation paid Leslie Stephens commercial brokers.

    To operate at all times in an environment of full disclosure to

    clients/customers and to define all rights and obligations of the parties involved. To also maximize customer satisfaction to its highest elasticity to source for product of a high rewarding returns to investors. To keep our word. To be responsible for our actions and those of our agents. To be worthy of the trust of our clients and customers. To treat each property as if it were our own.

    To operate our business efficient and profitably in order to ensure continuity and meaningful employment into the future for our valued associates.

The Commercial brokers Specialists

    Whether you are looking to buy or sell property or open a company in Dubai , Leslie Stephens commercial brokerage services will provide

    you with complete solutions, customized to meet your individual needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff constantly strives not only to meet our client's expectations, but exceed them.

     Leslie Stephens Commercials professional and experienced staff is large enough to offer specialized service, committed to providing close individual attention. Because we cover all the major segments of commercial property and consultantcyand general services, our agents achieve higher recognition within the service and the property industry, and greater market knowledge, which allows us to provide our clients more accurate information and services. Therefore, if your needs relate to office, retail, industrial, investment, consulting services , there is a Leslie Stephens Commercial broker/agent ready to assist you.

    Market Knowledge

    Accurate and appropriate market knowledge is a key requirement to completing a successful commercial brokerage transaction. Our experience coupled with the use of leading technology provide you with most complete and accurate information needed to make your real decisions. Our in house research capabilities include computerized information databases that are constantly updated to provide the most accurate comparable market reports and demographic analysis available. Additionally, our technology allows us to provide sophisticated Geographic Information, mapping and financial/commodities analysis services. Most significantly, Leslie Stephens Commercial brokers have created its own data base which uniquely integrates available properties with complete instrument needed , photographs, and other electronic files.

    Market Exposure

    When you exclusively list your investment, property with us, you can be assured your

    property will receive the maximum amount of exposure in the marketplace. Each of

    our listings enjoys the benefits of a customized marketing program which includes the


     High Quality Brochure: A colour brochure consisting of a photo, location map, and

    an outline of the property's characteristics is produced and sent to all relevant

    prospects and commercial brokers.

     Commercial brokerage Record: Our Commercial Record is a document containing

    all of Leslie Stephens commercial services, exclusively property listings. Including

    photos, brochures, agent e-mail addresses, and property.

    . Internet Marketing: Each exclusive listing has its own customized web page and

    can be accessed through the Leslie Stephens Commercial brokers Web Site. Additionally, each listing is submitted to Loop Net, the

    Internet's largest listing service for commercial properties and a variety of other

    commercial and customer services.

    Site Selection

    let us apply our market knowledge to serve and support your space requirements. As

    commercial investment consultancy and property specialists we know the properties,

    landlords, developers and demographics and the market.. Based on our knowledge of

    the market, Leslie Stephens can find a site, building, business, and investment that

    meets the client’s specifications. We prepare a detailed report on each site and set up

    tours of appropriate properties. Our expertise allows us to help the client decide which

    property and investment is the best fit for their requirements. We handle all your

    needs, from site selection and evaluation to occupancy.

    Other service

     Business consulting

     At Leslie Stephens we are dedicated exclusively to providing an

     Outstanding services in all commercial business aspect, which you will

     Need to make your business, investment, consult and even leisure a

     Dynamics. We have fashioned a unique package that will favour all our

     customers and clients’ satisfaction and expectation.



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