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Chinese culture Fengshui Chinese culture Fengshui


Ancient understanding of fengshui

    Fengshui is a treasure of Chinese culture. Yet there are a variety of understandings of it. Fengshui, which is literally translated as wind and water in nglish, is an ancient Chinese practice believed to use the Laws of both heaven E

    and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi;breath. Guo Pu, a

    gentleman in Jin Dynasty said: Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water. This is a

    Cultural expression taken from Zhangshu (Book of Burial), written by Guo Pu.

    That is the origin of fengshui.

    Modern understanding of fengshui

    Many modern experts claim that fengshui is the practice of arranging objects,

    such as furniture, to help people achieve their goals. More traditionally, fengshui

    is of great importance in choosing a nice place to live and finding a good burial site. The knowledge of Fengshui is really very mysterious. Fengshui master

    believe that the position of different things can bring different results. Correct position of object would bring wealth; inappropriate position of object would

    bring disaster.

    My understanding of fengshui

    I conclude fengshui as the meaning of harmony between the environment

    and human beings. It has an effect on health, wealth and personal relationships. We and environment, just like wind and water, are two forces of nature that influence each other. When a harmonious balance of these forces achieved, your health, happiness and wealth will thrive. The goal of fengshui is to created


    Moreoverfengshui affects every aspect of our life and the way it is used can be beneficial to the way you live and the surrounding environment. So keep a harmonious home with fengshui will be of great importance to you. You need to

    be sure that there is a good energy to follow in every room in your house, from your main door color to the best set-up for your bedroom, from your kitchen to your bathroom.

    This paper will focus on House fengshui.

Living Room

     Living room is the busiest room in your home, which is the place to

    entertain guests and host formal affairs. The first important thing to evaluate is the chairs and couches position. Ideally, they should face the door, or at least never with their backs towards it. People would like to see the door from where they are sitting without having to turn for it. Seats should also be placed as a octagonal or circular shape, which can help to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. Placing a piece of art or a color painting can make the living room beautiful and help the flow of Qi. Make sure that never put straight plants with thorns, because that will bring you bad luck. Corners or dark areas should be lightening up through the use or combination of clear colors, plants, mirrors or light. That would attract Qi to them which otherwise wouldn't flow through those areas. It is important that Qi is able to flow through all the living room space, among the furniture and in the corners as well. Wide wall spaces in the living room can be used to accommodate a mirror that makes your living room look spacious but they must reflect a beautiful view such as view from a window or the fireplace. Placing your mirrors incorrectly will only promote negative energy and can actually have opposite results.


    A good fengshui bedroom is a room that promotes a harmonious flow of

    nurturing and energy; create a quiet and warm atmosphere. The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Your bed should be in a command position. This means that your bed should be in complete view of the door but not in the direct line of the door. Because when you sleep, you need a quite and secure place. If the bed in the direct line of the door, it will affect your sleep. Also, never have your bed in the position where your feet are facing the door. This is very bad fengshui. This position called the death position because the dead are usually carried out by their feet. Another bedroom tip I would like to mention is that never keep your working desk or computer in your bedroom. The logic is that the energy of computer and that of bed are opposite to each other and are incompatible to each other. But in case you cant avoid this you can at least

    separate the two by fengshui elements. Have several levels of lighting in your

    bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly. Good, appropriate lighting is very important, as light is our nutrient and one of the strongest manifestations of energy. Candles are the best fengshui bedroom lighting, but be sure to buy candles with no toxins.


    In fengshui, the kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. After all, it is humans nature to associate food and nutrition with and substance. So try to add more healthy food to your diet, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The kitchen sink signifies water and the kitchen stove represents fire. It would be best if both these were not placed next to each other. The stove in the kitchen should not be

    placed in a way that you can see anyone entering the kitchen. Your back should not be to the door while you are cooking. White is the best color for your kitchen. White signifies purity and promotes good health .Cutlery should not be put in the place that you can easily see, because sharp objects have negative energy and they will affect your health. Put them in a drawer close to the door or window.


     Nowadays, with the development of the science, an increasing number of people firmly believe that fengshui is just a kind of superstitutions and hold

    critical attitude toward it. But as far as I am concerned, I would acknowledge its existence rather than ignore it. More or less, it may affect some aspects of our daily life.

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