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Concert for Solo Ital

November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 18

    Taken by the Italian delegation including 60 among the best Italian f a b r i c m a n u f a c t u r e r s i n c l u d i n g TESTA S.p.A., SUCCESSORREDI A

    Known as the biggest national S.p.A., LANIFICIO TESSILSTRONA

    pavilion, in INTER TEXTILE 2008 S.r.l., TESSILGROSSOS.p. A and s o f o r t h t o e x h i b i t a w i d e r a n g e held in Shanghai New International

    o f l a t e s t m a n a p p a r e l , w o m a n Expo Center in October , Italian leisure and sport apparel, various Trade Commission - I.C.E. and their fabrics (including flax, cotton, silk,

    knighthoods came again. w o o l , t a f f e t a , v e l v e t a n d y a r n ) and accessories such as buttons within the 900m2 Italian Pavilion, Italian fabrics feasted international e x h i b i t o r s a n d v i s i t o r s w i t h t h e acknowledged artisan of Italy in four-day exhibition.

    Famous for its top-rated quality u n i v e r s a l l y, t h e f a b r i c s M a d e i n Italy are becoming more and more popular in the Chinese market.

    Sino-Italian trade in textile and garment industry keeps growing and consolidating. says Mr. Forte, the Italian Trade Commissioner in Shanghai. The statistics of China Customs indicate that the total value of China imports of textile (fabric, yarn, fiber) and garment in 2007 reached 25.38 billion USD, slightly declined by 1.19% compared to 2006. However, Italys exports to China in textile and garment in 2007 amounted to 674.86 million USD (ranking 10th among all countries), accounting for 2.66% of total China imports, increased significantly by 22.41% (most significant increase among top 10 exporters) compared

     to 2006. According to statistics data

    of SMI (SISTEMA MODA ITALIA), ian Fabric from 2004-2007, Italys export in

    November 2008 China Textile 19

     nfocus I

    fabricst o major marketslik e Germany, France, US,Japa n endea vo r e d t o r esearc h and

     and South Korea hasbee n declining while only to China dev elopment and applications a steady annual growth was quite encouraging. And in of inno vativ e t e chnology. I talian 2007, Italys exports to China in textile machinery amounts workforce posseths e acknowledged to 537.14millio n USD, increasebd y 6.04% compared to creativity, originality and the pursuit 2006. of supr eme qualit y at hear t. All Th e late st statisticso f China Cu stoms from Janua ry- these contribute to the unique style August in 2008 also showstha t I taly s expor ts of tex tile of Italian fabrics, making it another and garment to China is 592 million USD,u p 28.69%o ver name of top-graded fabricsal l over the same period of last year. The market share of I taly s the world.

    expor t was increasedb y 0.71%,ma k ing it the 9th largest T h e I talian Tr end Ar ea nev er exporter to China. disappointe d us. Thistim e, under

    Additionally, the statistic sof China Cu st oms re veal the theme of C onc er o Fo r S olo thigh value -added produc ts for high- end market such as I talian Fabric , the ar tists unveiled wool materialsan d silk has been dominating the expor t the fashion tr end of A u tumn- struc ture. Almost one -third of the expor ts in fabricst o Winter in 2009-2010,b y developing China were wool materials. Thus, I taly is the 2nd largest a music- elart e d c o nc ept, an age wool fabric exporter (only after Japan)an d 5th largestsil k old ar tistic int e rpr etation, which fabric exportert o China. has undeniably maintained its

    T hese high value -added seg ments mainly meet the universal charatcer with its multiple demand of high- end market in China. Holding a long implications ande volutions. history and rich heritage, Italian textile industry has been Ms . Laura La C o r t e , manage r

    November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 20

    of Fa shion, A c c e sso ry & L eisur e TESSILSTRONA .l .S., saird . T her e of pyramid of customer,s would be

    Time in Consumer GoodDivisios n is also a pr esenc e of alpaca with affected lesshe re.

    of I talian Trade Commission- I.C.E . mohair, cotton melange,s irregular

    REDA appointed that, with the installation velvets, high twist wool combined

    RED A, the Biella firm which of Concer t For Solo I talian Fabric , with c ombed w ool , wint er

    operat es in the priz ed w oollen music, defined as the interpretation cottons.

    sec torpresented the newfabrics of harmony, is the meanswhe reby Regarding weaveans d designs

    collectionof high-qualityfabrics one can att end the pr emier e of they c o unt on geometric eff e c t s ,

    vativ e c o mbination of An inno a c onc er t f o r fabrics , do z e ns and tridimensional w e a v es g i v e n b y

    I talian-styl esar torial tradition and do z ens of music stands , holding mixing different yarn sizes,doubl e

    func tionalit y made us surprise d. musical sc or es cr eat e d b y the warps w e a v es , c o v e r, tric otine ,

    F o ur lines , SENSO , NER, O various fabricsp roduced by I talian piquet, bir d s ey e , can v as , natt e ,

    ARCHIVIOC, OLLEZIONEPRIVI AT, c ompanies . C olour ed warps and double face, Donegal, tweed, tone

    RED A 09 c ollec tion made up the w e f t s transformed in t o sta v e s, t o soft stripedesi gns.

    and , as alw a y s , they all had in be able to read the creativit y and We could also found the various

    scrupulous carfeo r the common a originality of Italian production. c o lors and a lot of c o mbinations ,

    en vir onment and t o tally natural her e , of beige , came l and c old

     LANIFICIO products. brown, dark nav y, emerald, came lT h er e w e r e solid- c olor and TESSILSTRONA br o w n and a lot of r eds, oranges, pinstripe fabrics on plain we a ves bronze, mustard, greens, night blue, S.r.l.

    y-inspired twills. Micro -and militar black and coffeebr own. O ur collec tion reflec ts a need desig ns , and also macr o -siz ed industr y Although the whole f o r NATURAL BLENDanSd will be

    Prince-of-Wales check, markesd the is suffering in the global financial based on ALL WOOL fabricos f every

    tr ends f o r the season, co mbined crisis , M r s . Gr azia M ello Rellathe g r ade , super 180s - super 150 s

    c olors like oliv e g r een with new co nfident to her is optimistic and - super 120s an, d mix e d with

    c ool o ttanio g reen, but there or business i n China market. She cashme re , silk c, ott on, linen .

    we re “warm-so ft colors to o, such c o n v inc e s that her ALL IT AL Y M r s . Grazia M ello Rellathe , the

    as hazel and smobluky e.oducts, which hold the top-grade prmanag ing dir ec t o r of LANIFICIO

    November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 21

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