PGO Technical Services Engineer_ Aspac

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PGO Technical Services Engineer_ Aspac

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    Role Profile

1. Role Particulars:

    Role Title: PGO Technical Services Engineer, Region/Segment: R&M, Lubricants SPU

    Team: Energy Lubes PU (AIME Lubricants OU) Aspac

    Location: Tianjin or any other significant Energy Lubes Reports to: Regional Sales Mgr, Energy Lubes

    location in Asia

    2. Purpose of Role:

    The primary purpose of this role is to plan, organise and deliver technical support services to the Offshore

    Surface Production & Drilling sectors, and to support the sales team in delivering our ambitious growth plans

    within the Aspac region.

    3. Key Responsibilities of Role:

    Technical Delivery: Ensure that the Aspac Surface Production & Drilling customer base (and prospects) receive technical support consistent with our global offer. Work closely with key OEMs and service providers to ensure all necessary end user product qualification needs are met by Castrol’s technical resources. Work closely with

    global technical services group to ensure Aspac market requirements are met. Responsible for providing

    technical support to Offshore Sales Managers in Aspac to meet customer and prospect requirements.

    Relationships: Maintain and grow strong technical relationships with Operators, OEMs, Engineering houses,

    Yards, Drilling contractors, test houses and internal BP technical resources.

Contract and HSSEQ: maintain compliance with legal and BP’s Code of Conduct and other policies to meet

    and exceed requirements of contract commitments and HSSEQ.

    4. Key HSSE Responsibilities associated with Role:

    ; Comply with all BP’s Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policies and procedures

    including, wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE); accident, injury incident, safety

    conversation and near miss reporting; and the correct use of equipment

    ; Comply with all HSSE directions of your line manager or HSSE Manager

    ; Participate in HSSE training and discussions, workplace inspections and audits, and assist in the

    resolution of health and safety issues as required

    ; Contribute to successful implementation of HSSE programmes and initiatives

5. Key Challenges and Complexities of Role:

    ; Compliance with BP’s HSSEQ, code of conduct, ethics and compliance

    ; Primary responsibility for technical, project relationship with all SPD OEMs and Yards in Aspac

    o Responsible for communicating all technical developments

    o Ensure all Castrol products being proposed for new build projects is qualified & approved with OEM


     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

    Match Management Consulting Co., Ltd.


    equipment recommendations, work with central Technology, Business Development & Marketing

    teams to prioritise and complete gaps.

    ; Where required to conduct technical visits to offshore facilities, ie, vessels, rigs, platforms, etc., to:

    o Advise/recommend correct application of Castrol products

    o Advise proper maintenance of the various lubricating oil in use

    o Establish, implement and advise correct sampling procedures and schedule

    o Conduct survey of machinery to prepare lubrication schedule

    ; To provide & oversee a professional, prompt & efficient used oil analysis service.

    ; Contribute technical elements of tender and proposal preparation

    ; Co-ordinate the resolution of any customer technical complaints

    ; Gain intimate knowledge of competitor’s products, technical strategies and tactics to manage potential threats

    and to differentiate.

    ; Input to the market planning & Offer Development & Innovation process

    ; Continue to raise awareness of Castrol Offshore in the market, for example participation in Industry networks,

    customer events and technical conferences.

    ; Flexibility to allow communication with colleagues in other time zones.

    ; Build up local connections with technical teams in BP China (Lubricants, E&P, CNOOC, COSL key accounts)

    and across BP lubricants centres of excellence

6. Any other relevant Information:

Working Relationships


    ; All major stakeholders within customers, specific OEMs, yards and engineering houses

    ; Regional Sales Manager and Sales Manager, Offshore

    ; Marine Sales Manager, Account Managers, Technical Engineers

    ; Customer Services team

    ; Other PU’s / OU’s with shared account interests


    ; To leverage customer relationships and support customer requirements there is a strong requirement to work

    closely with the global sales and technical teams across the world.

    ; PGO PU sales and business development teams

    ; PGO PU technical services teams

    ; AIME marketing and technology team


The Technical Services Engineer will be required to carry a mobile phone and respond to urgent customer issues

    out of hours from time to time.


     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

    Match Management Consulting Co., Ltd.


    The Technical Services Engineer will be required to participate in national, regional and global meetings from time to time

7. Experience & Expertise required of Role Holder:

    Education & Experience

a. Educational background

     Engineering Degree qualified or equivalent experience in engineering with a tertiary technical


b. Essential Skills and Experience (years and nature)

; Significant proven direct technical experience with a company involved in the manufacture of lubricants,

    chemicals or mechanical equipment for use in the E&P Oil & Gas sector.

    ; A strong performer with developed skills in a sales support role.

    ; Previous experience in E&P Oil & Gas would be an advantage

    ; Strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness

    ; A strong relationship builder at all levels internally and externally

    ; Sound analytical skills and highly developed MS Office skills

    ; Has a demonstrable commitment to HSSE

    ; Experienced in working with cross functional teams of differing nationalities, demonstrating empathy and

    encouraging empowerment.

    ; Ability to meet and set challenging personal targets, schedules and deadlines through constructive

    prioritisation and time management

    ; Lubricants knowledge

    ; Fluency in reading/writing/speaking the English language is essential.

    ; Able to communicate at appropriate levels within National Oil Companies, International Majors,

    Independent Operators and Investment Companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Engineering

    Design Houses and Contractors, Industry and Government Institutions, distributor and logistics partners

    and a large parent company organisation.

c. Desired Skills and Experience (years and nature)

    ; The job requires good communication skills.

    ; The ability to understand customer requirements, influence customer decision-making and

    energizing the sales & customer service team to promote PGO businesses in AsPac region.

    ; Assertive, unafraid to express own ideas and at the same time open to the ideas of others

    ; Managing time and work pressures - strong ability to complete tasks with time constraints and

    manage multiple demands/projects.

    ; Possess enthusiasm, perseverance, and a strong desire to succeed

    ; Self motivated and excellent team player

    ; Highly competent in all forms of written and verbal communication.

Essential Competencies


     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

    Match Management Consulting Co., Ltd.


HSSE (mandatory)

    2. Basic; Getting HSSE right

    2. Basic; Personal example in behaviour & leadership

    2. Basic; Managing risk and providing assurance

    2. Basic; HSSE communication

    2. Basic; Managing change

    2. Basic; Incident investigation

    2. Basic; Emergency preparedness

Core Competencies

    PERFORMANCE BIAS - The ability to work in ways that achieve remarkable performance (Skilfull) Bias for action does things before being asked to or forced to by events

    ; Identifies tasks that need to be done, and puts forward well-considered recommendations.

    PARTNERSHIP AND TEAMWORKING - The ability to work with others to make a real difference (Basic) Actively engages and respects the varied contributions of others, in face to face or virtual meetings

    ; Contributes effectively to conversations and meetings, drawing out the views of others and making own

    helpful and relevant contributions.

WISE DECISIONS - The ability to make informed and effective decisions (Basic)

    Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them

    ; Gathers information about possible futures, makes sound judgements, and submits well-argued


    INNOVATION - The ability to identify and develop innovative solutions to business challenges (Basic) Demonstrates openness to new ideas

    ; Within own work, stays alive to new ideas, shows a willingness to try new approaches, and learns from


     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

    Match Management Consulting Co., Ltd.


    successes and failures.


Products & Services Knowledge

    Knowledge of tangible goods and services created to satisfy the needs and wants of customers and their role in creating value for BP and its stakeholders.

    ; Has a wide knowledge of own and competitor products / services and their benefits to customers

    and/or customer groups.

    ; Is able to make recommendations as to usage and can play a proactive role in product / services


    ; Is able to advise on HSSE in details

Customer-Service Orientation

    A desire to help or serve others, to meet their needs. It means focusing one’s efforts on discovering and meeting the customer or client’s needs. (“Customers” include both external consumers and internal colleagues)

    ; Makes concrete attempts to add value to the client/customers, to make things better for the

    client/customer in some way.

Customer Training

    The ability to effectively transfer knowledge to others in various settings and through various training techniques.

    ; Successfully applies the knowledge, reaching measurable results in getting people to apply the

    received learning

8. Economic Dimensions associated with the Role:

Contribute the technical element toward retention of existing business and winning new projects to achieve an

    overall market leadership position in the Aspac Offshore market.

Geographic Territory Asia Pacific

    Number of customers and prospects 200 approx

9. Country / Cluster specific Information:

    Australia is a new geographic foot print extension for the PGO PU. The Australian E&P market is in a strong growth phase and globally is projected to account for close to 10% of new subsea wells installed in the next 5 years.


     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

Match Management Consulting Co., Ltd.



     Tel;(8620) 2882 9680 Address;Rm1604, Tower 2, Dongjun Plaza, Dongfeng Road East, Guangzhou, P.R.China Web Site;

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