Welcome Back

By Frank Adams,2014-08-16 21:16
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Welcome Back

Welcome Back.

    Ride a cow.

    Through the street

    Bake a cake.

    Catch a snake.

    Shake your leg.

    Break an egg.

A party

    I cant wait till Friday

    Friday is so cool.

    Were having a big party. At our school

    I’m going to buy.

    Some more cake?

    Lets play football.

    What shall we do?

    Lets hide behind the bushes. I think this is stupid. Lets go over to the Brysons. Well tell them.

    Next weekend.

    Thank you for helping. Pass the ball.

    We dont work at the weekend. We are going to play football. They are going to dance. He is going to learn English They are going to sing. She is going to draw a picture. What are you dong on Sunday? I’m going to watch TV

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