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with the highest quality from fibers to fabrics, laces,

     SPINEXPO Shanghai embroideries, latest technology to accessories for

    lingerie and beachwear. Shines in MarchWith the phenomenal success of the past three

    consecutive years, Eurovet has proven that Hong Kong The 15th edition of SPINEXPOShangha i will be is the important strategic location for lingerie trade held at the Pudong Expo Centre on March 9th-11th, shows. Not only is Hong Kong the hub for advanced 2010.

    intimate apparel manufacturing technology, but as 1 4 0 s p i n n e r s a n d t e x t i l e f i b r e p r o m o t e r s w i l l Asias World City, it is also perfect for buyers and present their Spring/Summer 2011 collect ions to exhibitors from around the world. buyers in the flat-knit (sweaters) and circular-knit

    W i t h i t s e x t e n s i v e e x p e r i e n c e i n o r g a n i z i n g (T-shirts and knitted fabrics) sect ors, weavers in the professional and international lingerie trade show, garment and interior industries and manufacturers ofEurovet is the authority in trend forecast of lingerie lingerie, lace and hosiery.

    industry. Seminars and conferences will be organized The fairs offering reflects a growing trend in the during the Hong Kong Mode Lingerie to decode the textile industry with an increase of companies from Asia, upcoming lingerie trends as well as providing in-depth and a shrinking and regrouping of individual European market updates. companies: innovation is no longer restricted to Europe. rd Simultaneously, Eurovet supports the 3 I The reinforcement of R&D facilities of Asian, particularly n t e r n a t i o n a l S y m p o s i u m o f I n t i m a t e A p p a r e l t o Chinese textile groups, results in Asian collections that b e h e l d a t t h e C h i a n g C h e n S t u d i o T h e a t r e , T h e are increasingly technically innovative with yarns that Hong Kong Polytechnic University on March 29, are especially sophisticated and creative.2010 between 09:30 to 13:15. With the theme of A s a r e s u l t , S P I N E X P O h a s s t r e n g t h e n e d t h e Function and Beauty of Intimate Apparel, various presentation of its trend area by bringing together international lingerie designers, retailers, suppliers the interpretations of several designers and textile and manufacturers will provide insights on the future universities from different countries and continents. development of lingerie industry. This trend area looks towards the future and new

    Another highlighot f the new image of this year ,technologies with the utmost confidence and aims at Eurovetha s partneredwit h The Underfashion Cluobf highlighting stylistic changes due to new technologies

    the United States, a e m p l o y e d b y w o r l d l e a d i n g t e x t i l e m a c h i n e r y

    non-profitcharitabl e manufacturers present at the fair.

    organizationprovidin g S t o l l I n t e r n a t i o n a l F a s h i o n a n d Te c h n o l o g y

    e d u c a t i o n a n d Center Shanghai will be presenting the new China

    information of the Trend collection SS 2011. A variety of structures and

    intimate appareindustrl y, garments will be shown combined with trend and

    to present aserie s of technical information. The new Stoll Pattern Library,

    o n e - o f - a - k i n d l i n g e r i e e d i t i o n 4 h a s b e e n l a u n c h e d w h i c h i s r e l a t e d t o

    pieces duringth e two- Jacquard knitting. Beside this the new education tool

    dayexhibition. Knit ABC” has been completed by Volume 2 Jacquard. Formore information, pleasevisit: It identifies structures starting from basic siches (vol.1) including stitch notations and original swatches.

    It is an educational resource for teaching or internal

    February 2010 China Textile 21


    company training with the purpose

     of fundamental knitting knowledge. T h e F a s h i o n a n d Te c h n o l o g y services can be obtained at the F&T Centers Reutlingen, Shanghai and New York.

    Santoni from Italy, orldide ww

    leader of seamless machinery and part of the Lonati Group foremost s u p p l i e r o f s o c k s a n d h o s i e r y knitting machinery, will be present at SPINEXPOfor the very first time w i t h t w o i n n o v a t i o n s : n e w a n d never before exhibited complete rib border seamless knitwear,

    technologies, see prototypes developed by experiencedstitches and different u p t o t h e f i n e s t g a u g e s i n v e r y

    designers and the interpretation of these trends by textile university students h i g h p r o d u c t i v i t y, a n d s e a m l e s s

    Europe,with new elaborationsand developments from leading from Asia and w a r p g a r m e n t s m a d e w i t h t h e

    textile machinery manufacturers permeatingthe presentation. first specially designed Compact

    We will continue to present developments in the “Recycled Products” Seamless Warp machine. Santoni

    -for this edition- with the childrens market. All the sector by combining it w i l l s h o w a c o m p l e t e c o l l e c t i o n

    products presented in this section of the Forum will be made with yarns of seamless knitwear made with

    from exhibitors participating in the fair. a c i r c u l a r k n i t t i n g m a c h i n e i n

    The Spring/Summer 2011 trends and directions in knitwear will also association with the designer G.

    be displayed, divided into the four stories conceived and developed by Cavagna and Santonis Fashion &

    SPINEXPO:Te c h n o l o g y D e p a r e n . T h e s e tmt

    Porcelain white, featuring fresh clean colouring, figurative group v a r i o u s y p e s o f k n i t s r u c u r e s ttt

    and patterning inspired by Toile de Jouy and delicate China porcelain in include eyelet fabrics and sober

    combinations of stitch work enhanced by embroidery. Smooth yarns and mini-jacquards that can be mass-

    fine counts create transparency. p r o d u c e d a n d r e q u i r e v e r y l i l e tt

    Ethnic White, with abstract floral patterning and soft surfaces, added post-knit processing.

    richness with rustic embroidery, yarns with soft handles, combined with fine For the very first time in the

    counts to offer density and transparency. trends area, the SPINEXPOrange of

    Neon White, with bold primary colours, clean yarns and smooth colours will be presented in the form

    surfaces, intarsia stripes and spots. of long knitted banners,thank s to a

    White light, a very light weight group, in tonalities of calm neutral pales, partnership with the Huafu Group.

    transparent, embellished with foil prints and metallic discs Small samples of each colour will

    trends, Whether in regards to the offering or the presentation of be availablefo r the visitors to assist

    SPINEXPOi s determinedly international in its global outlook and will them with the development of their

    again that innovation and textile creation is not due to any demonstrate once collections. The basicconcept behind

    particular country or nationality, but to groundwork carried out through co- the Forum is to enable visitorsto stroll

    operation between manufacturers or fibre promoters, tool and machinery through barrier-free areaswhere they

    developers and manufacturers and spinners. will be able to peruse the latest in knit

    22 February 2010 China Textile

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