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Shower It, In Your

November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 22

    A ustralian W o ol I n no vation ( A WI), launched M e rinoF r esh? and M e rinoC ool? at one of the It is a miracle. worlds largest apparetradl e show,

    I n t e r t ex tile Shanghai Appar e l Fabrics 2008 .A dding t o the line Technology always brings us surprise of inno vativ e merino pr oduc ts is and change life everyday. What you said, AW I s revolutionar y MerinoFresh? when you do your wool suits domestic - the w o rld-first rinse and clean

    cleaning with warm water at about 40? SHOWE RSUIT t echnology that

    C, at your bathroom? Crazy? Easy-care? allows woven products made from M e rino w ool t o be r efr eshed or Wow, its all about MerinoFresh?!

    cleaned a fe r wear simply using a t

    domestic shower.

     We ar e delight ed t o pr esent our inno vativ e c o llec tion f o r the nex t season.T h e a v ailabilit y of high quality, unique, and desirable pr oduc ts ar e a wa y f o r A W I t o expand pr oduc t off erings t o the fashion r etail market and fur ther pr omot e the benefits that only Au stralian M e rino wool can offer. Through this we intend to reinforce our c o mmitment t o bring new and innovative merino products to the global w ool market , P ascal Senkoff, Regional GeneraMl anager Asia, AWI,sai d.

    Th e per fo rmance of Australian Merino wool has taken a convenient t w ist with M e rinoF r esh? technology. This technology blends the cutting edge of fashionable eleganc e , t ogether with the functionality and flexibility required for today s busy lifest yle. S o it not only looks fantastic all day long, but

     saveso n trips to the dr y cleaners Bathroom reducing costs and the impac t on the environment.

    T h e manufac turing pr oc ess

    November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 23

     nfocus I

    used fo r M e rinoFresh?firs t re quires the the w e t cleaning stabilization of the base fabric to avoid any p r o p e r t i e s o f shrink age. S e co ndly, special sewing and M e rinoF r esh?. eY t mak ing up t e chniques ar e adopt ed and wat er-based stains then finally the garment seams,c reases, can be r emo v e d trims and accessories thr ough a simple A f t e r w e ar, garments made with this sho w ering pr oc ess technology can be cleaned and refreshed with warm wat er by simply placing carefully on a suitable or , if nec e ssayr , hanger, then taken to the shower where a solution of mild they ar e spra y rinsed f o r thr ee t o f o ur detergent. minutes using clean warm water at about 40?C.Normall y T h e s e b e n e f i t s m a k e no detergent is required, which not only reduces costs, MerinoFresh?technolog y the ideal but also the impact on the environment. If the garments choice fo r creating wove n M e rino are hung carefully and correctly on the hanger, no ironing pr oduc ts such as suits , ousers , tris required after cleaning. jackets and sk ir ts suit ed o smar ttNo fluorocarbon stain repellents are used to achieve car eer men and w o men, who ar e

    on the move. Currently sold in 300

    stores sinceit s launch in Japan last

    y e ar, the sho w e r suit has pr o v en

    very popular, totaling about a quarter

    of a million orderst o date.

    I n bring ing t o the market

    M e rinoFr esh?,A W I is par tnering

    with Sunshine t o transf er the

    M e rinoF r e sh? t echnology.

    Similarly f o r the M e rinoC ool?

    pr ojec t, A W I is par tnering

    Sunshine , Yo ungor and Ruyi t o

    make M e rinoC ool?c ommercially

    available. The companyi s committed

    to sharing R&D technologies with

    China s leading manufac ers tur

    through a series of comprehensive

    value -added ser vices designed t o

    deliver knowledge, innovation and

    marketing support. As the next step

    in the co mmercialization process,

    AW I will be f ocused on w o rk ing

    closely with brands and r etailers

    t o deliv er these w o ol pr oduc ts

    more quick ly and easily to the end


    November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 24

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