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September 2008 ChinaT extile32

    Organizedby China HomeT extile int ernationa l with

    Association, The Sub-Councilof Textile suppliers in the

    Industry, CCPITan d MesseF rankfurt main hall divided by

    (HK)L td., Intertextile ShanghaiHome product group. Profile

    Textiles, one of Asia'smos t popular f or exhibit include

    home textiles trade shows, returns for bed linen, blankets

    its 14th year, 26--28 August 2008, at & bedding , t e rr y &

    the ShanghaiNe w International Expo toweling products &

    Centre, with 100,000 sqmof exhibition bath mat, table and

    space. kitchen linen, cutainrs,

    Overseas exhibitors havdoubled e cur tain accessorie, s

    in number this year. Theya re coming upholster y fabrics&

    from 24 countries and regions, such leather extile, wall coverings, carpets& rugs accessorie, st

    as Italy, France,Germa ny, UK,S weden, textile for contract market, fibers/yarn, sprinting & CAD/ P oland , Belg ium, Spain, Gr eec e , CAM/CIMs ystems, design & styling, trade publications, Danmark, U.S.,Singapo re, Australia, e-commerce.

    New Zealand, Japan, KoreaI, ndia, A large number of well-known domestic enerprises tPakistan,T urkey, Portugal, Israel, H, Ktake active par ticipation in this show. They presented and Taiwan(China). various fashionabl, epatterns and products. In particular,

    Growth in Chinashom e textile many enterprisesfrom Shandongjoined the exposition and

    highlighted industr y - impor ts and expor ts - is this exhibition.

    gaining momentum, cr eating an Exposition witnesseand d pushed f or w ar d the enormous oppor tunit y f or home flourishing development of Chinesehom e textile industry textile suppliers. Residentialliving in the past 14 years. On each August,the Exposition se vers space in China reached17 0 million not only the exhibition trade fair for Chinesehome textiles, sqm last year, roughly equal to the great feastgatherin g home textiles, Vaneo f popular entire size of GreeceW. ith all that trend of home textiles, “window of industrial development spacet o fill, home textile consumption trend, but also the largest-scaled and mostinfluential home is skyrocketing along with demand textile- professional expositionin Asia.

    for top quality, impor ted products. Through this “window , we see that the home Trade buyersin China are eager to industry is just under the shift from the single textile

    find products to match the growing product manufacturing to multi-industrial and multi- demand for sophisticated and quality regional “Home Tex tiles mode; the home tex tile furnishings. I n 2007, home tex tile enterprise is just under the shift from production- imports to China rose 25%earning , oriented mode to consumption- oriented mode, USD 80million. increasing the impact on the terminal channel and

    M ore than 1,000 supplierswill consumer as well; the brand development of home present home textiles from floor to textiles becomes more intense and various home ceiling at Intertextile ShanghaiHome enterprises under growth are all beginning textile

    Textiles 2008. To showcasperodu cts strategy; the fine to implement brand-construction

    more effectively, the show is organised division of product, channel, style and brand instill

    September 2008 China Textile 33

    ho's whoW

    new energy to the homogenized air. From individual to become strong both internally and products to whole home textiles, from product guidance externally turn out to be our objects in to life style, we can see that it become sstrongeand r the next following years. bigger, turning a new visagef or home textile enterpriser Becauseth e show has attracted to respondt o difficulty and challenge. a g r eat number of high- qualit y

    Constantly and continuously evokingthe innovation purchaser,s it has set up favorable and effec tivenesso f enterprises, said by the Yang extraverted public praise among the Donghui, the vice chairmanof China National Textileand big enterpriseso f home textiles, and Apparel Councianl d chairman of Chinese HomeT extile its ex traver ted func tion turns out Association,an d led by him, the China HomeT extiles to be more influential in the home industry hasbeen kept growing by 30% for six yearsin a textiles industr y. After two years of row since 2000th rough Making Influence and Making deep communication between home Marke t, enabling it to be one emerging industr y in textiles associationan d international China home textile field and attracted a great number craft brothers, the internationalization of investors. Facing the unprecedented continuing RMB of exposition becomeshighe r and appreciation, stagnationo f European and American higher and its expor ting becomes market, riseo f labor force costs, increasinrg aw material stronger andst ronger.

    price, intense price battle resulted from homogeneous From last year, the Exposition competition as well as various unfavorable element s, the orgrazition has enlargedthe invitation

    of domestic Chairman YangDonghui expectst o evoke the industrys generalme rchandise confidence and passionthr ough seriesof new activitiesin purchasersan d marketplacechannel

    pur 2008 Intertextiles. Yang Zhaohuavi, ce chairman of Sub- chaser s. F r om this y ear, they Councilo f Textile Industry of CCPITan d vice chairman focuses on the ten target marketsin of Chinese Home Textile Associatiocann not agree with Southwest, Northeast, CentraChina, l it more, and he holds the idea that the Association, East Chinaan d South China etc., and taking some prospective measure favorableto industrial speciallyi nvited about 200 purchasing

    managers among the general development in vir tue of the exposition, play s an

    important role in enhancing the leapfrog developmentof merchandisesand gave VIPtr eatment this industry. so as to extend this internal trading

    func tion of home tex tiles through 2008 intertextile featured the following perspectives:

    these measuers. Strengthening popularity and constructing platform

    Let Introduced by Yang Zhaohua“f, rom the past two fashionableli fe activate new years,w e didnt considerth e exposition development market demand

    from the “Home textiles scale,bu t intended to construct a pleasant become more and trading platform for enterprisef rom various effortsthe ; more fashionablean d the show turns exposition scalei n 2008 still keeps 100,000m2while , out to be more and more flourishing.we have put high demandso n inviting exhibitor and Not only the exper ts in this filed purchaser.s To enhance and deepenthe exposition brand, have suchf eel, but the personnel in expand the popularity of both domestic and foreign garment and fashion field feel the purchase.r Pushingf orward the home textiles industry same.

    September 2008 ChinaT extile34

    Sur ely , the shif t fr om single chain.

    product manufacturing to leading the 2008 intertextile we delightedly saw that, since the success In the

    life style, the style of home textiles of China International HomeT extiles RoundtablFeoru m in 2007, the follows the suit with that of furniture International Home Textiles Alliance presentine dth e 2008 show. The

    International HomeT extiles Allianceis a club-oriented alliance, and will and indoor dec or ation desig n,

    ultimating in the pioneer among the hold meetings on green sustainable development, sociaresponsibilil ty

    and harmonious development periodically for unifying thought and family soft decoration and leading the

    diversified fashionablliefe styles. The finding out solution so as to ensuremo re wholesome and orderly

    development of international home extiles industry and bring along the tpeople who presented the garment

    expansionof internationalmarket. and home textile show in Frankfurter,

    Meanwhile, the Show hasnewl y added “Down Featheran d Down Paris, Milan,or Belgium might feel that

    some colorc ompetition showed in the ProduceS ec tion. leaving more space to down feather goods and

    electronics spinningexhibi tors. exhibition and flower arrangement

    will be demonstra ted soon in the

    street showwidow or brand franchise, r“Wisdom” Promotes “Manufacturing” so as t o bring a r ec og nition and Every year,r eturned from the Messe Frankfurtwe, will always think understanding on new life in front of about the same question Where doesthe distancelie in? How long does us or we might say that it is pursuit the distance keep?” while the answert o the question is basicallythe same: toward fashion. design and brandstill leaveslong distancef or us to catchup with.

    What delights us is that a great number of original Chinesehome Enhance linkage textiles are presentedin the international home textiles brand franchiser horizontally and continuously, the quality and price advantage of the home textiles interactively products marked with Made in China hasin tegrated gold content of

    Being a novel industry related to orig inal desig n mor e

    basic necessitieso f life, the ultimate and mor e . Al l these

    feature of the home textiles industry mentioned above owe to

    decidestha t the inclusiveindust r y the promotion of China

    might emit more powerful potential International Home Textiles

    only if highly integrating with related Design C ompetition

    industries. For exampl,e the home sinc e 2003. A s one

    textiles industry has integrated more important activity in home

    with furniture, decoration, indoor t e x tile sho w, the China

    decorative products and formed part International HomeT extiles

    of fashionableli fe; the home textiles Desig n C ompetition in

    industry integrates with hospitality 2008 hasne w adjustment

    industry, tourism and real estate and as f ollo w s: the orig inal

    so on, and expandsla rger market fiv e a w ar d assessment s

    space;th e home te x tiles industr y in the China International

    has interac tive development with F amily Te x tiles Desig n

    international home textiles craft more Competition such asBrand

    and more, playing an important role P r oduc t Desig n St yle

    in international home textile industrial A w ar d , P r oduc t Desig n

    September 2008 China Textile 35

     ho's whoW

    Award, Innovation Design Award, ThesisA ward as well better to know Chinese market as the Online Assessment Award havbeene merged and so t o find wa y s t o advanc e in reorganizedin to three independentc ompetitions, namely China. They are confident that China International HomeT extiles DesignC ompetition, the Chinese relationship with China International HomeT extilesI nnovation Design counterparts can be developed in Competition and China International HomeTe xtiles levels. They supply yarn different

    Online AssessmentCompetitio n. The theme of this show and fabrics, and many Chinese is “EasWt ind on the West Graduall.y The Competition strive companies to diversify their Commission expecttso make useo f the far-reaching sourcing, which means the two influence of 2008 Beijing Olympic Game, with home are fit in with each other in terms extiles ascarrie ,r and strainsto introduce Chinesecultu re of supply and . tdemandto the west so as to create modern design st yle for As a matter of fact, purpose Chinese extile. of this sho w lies in thelping

    Whenth e 14th Intertextiles was held, another feast k nitting enterprise establish also attracted peoples eyes2nd Chininat ernational wide clients and marketing knitting trade fair: channel thr ough expanding

    The Show carriedon the theme of “New Technology, int ernational and domestic New Product,Ne w Market and New Trend, exhibiting markets; promoting the knitting

    produc ts to market in ahead the latest achievementin knitting product development,

    market expansion and brand construc tion from thr ough issuing fashionable

    concepts and fashion trends; c ompr ehensiv e aspec ts and attrac t ed mor e

    international and domestic purchasers suppliersto enhancing the int ernational

    r eputation and industrial make presence. GulistanG roup was one of them.

    influenc e of k nitting brand A representitive of Gulistano f Parkistanexp ressed

    through building up high-end their willing to have more opportunities to work with

    platform. Chinese counterpartans d their ambition to expand fashion

    T he Sho w c ontinuously more market in China. Gulistantod ay is one of

    arranged design gallery for both the largest vertically integrated textile

    domestic and int ernational g roup in Pak istan. I n fac t, their

    excellent designers and expect long contact with China statred

    more individualized designersfrom Hong Kong, and then they

    In addition, during turned to conduc t business participation.

    the Show, some activities were with mainland dir ec tly .

    held such as the Fashion Trend However, to their surprise,

    Release of China K nitting , this shif t made their

    Exhibition of Brand Desig n products which had stellar

    Works on Great Competitions, performance before now

    Fashion Release of Under wear suffer a decline in sales.T hey

    Serial Products and Sino-foreign are confused about that and

    K nitting P ur chase T r ading try to figure whats wrong with that.

    Negotiation et c. so as t o fully So they actively take part in exhibition

    present the fashion glamour oflike this one and communicate with

    chinese textile products. more Chinese buyersdi ceitly in order

    September 2008 ChinaT extile36

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