How to make friends

By Alexander Sanchez,2014-03-19 21:20
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How to make friends

    How to make friends?

    It’s hard to make friends if you stay alone all the time. It’s easier to make friends when you have similar interests.

    First,don’r be afraid to show people what you are really good at. Talk about the things you like and do best.Second,look at people in the eyes when you talk to them,be a good listner. Let people talk about themselves before talking about yourself.

    Be friendly to a lot of people. Try to help your friends when they are in trouble because a friend in need is a friend indeed. That way you’ll have a bigger group to

    choose from and have more chances to make friends.

    How to protect/save our environment/world?

    The environmental pollution is worse and worse /more and more seriously today . Water is polluted we have no clean water to drink Many trees are cutting down some animals is getting less and less.Some factories is poring dirty air in the sky the population is increasing faster and faster resources is getting less and less…etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health it also has a great affection in the future. people's health has been greatly affected by air noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases. In order to live a better life we need protect our world.

    We shouldn't throw away rubbish everywhere.We want to recycle reduce reuse things .Don't waste things This saves money and reduces pollution. Use things for as long as possible. We don’t use plastic bags . We mus plant more trees and stop the people cutting them .We hope our world is more and more beautiful.

    How to protect/save our environment/world?

    Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life.

    We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn’t cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don’t draw on public walls. It’s our duty to protect the environment.

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