The elephant save rabbits

By Todd Owens,2014-08-28 08:13
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The elephant save rabbits

    The elephant save rabbits

    One day, little white, little gray and little black are playing in the forests. Suddenly,

    a tiger comes out from the forests.

    Rs: (Little rabbits are playing!) Ah ah ah

    T: Im hungry. Im very hungry! (Walking) I want to eat you!

    Rg: Ah????(Scared)

    Rb: No, please don’t.

    Rw: Run! Run! Quickly!

    T: Stop. I will eat you!

    Rs: Run. Hurry up!

    (3Rs are running. At this time they see a river and Mr. elephant is washing in the river!)

    Mr.E: Lu la la la la.(washing)

    Rb;Mr.E, please help us!

    Rg: The tiger wants to eat us !

    Rw: Yes, we are scared.

    Mr.E: OK! Come on cross the river from my body!

    3R: Thank you very much!

    (Tiger comes to the river after the rabbits crossed the river!)

    T: (Angry) Come back quickly or I will eat all of you! (Mr.E makes full of water with his nose and shooting the tiger!)

    Mr.E: Stop! You are bad!

    T: Ah ah ah ah .Leave me away please! Leave me away please!

     Leave me away please!

    律动;B4 U13

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