2Uncle Tom's Cabin answer

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2Uncle Tom's Cabin answer

    1. Mr. Shelby trusts Tom very much, and believes that since Tom has been a

    Christian, he would finish his work and doesn’t run away. Tom is very honest and

    square, also, I think he is a person knows return.

    2. Mrs. Shelby; Eliza; Uncle Tom; Mrs. Shelby treats slaves like her family and

    friend, and she ask her husband to be good as her too. She is prayerful and

    believes in Bible. Eliza is a good Christian too, like her hostess, she always

    believe in Jesus and is kindhearted. Uncle Tom is a great Christian too, he is

    honest and hardworking, he not only believes in Jesus himself but also tell others

    to believe in Jesus.

    3. George is bitter because he works very hard but his master is narrow-minded,

    vulgar and tyrannical and is very strict towards him. And when George was doing

    well in a factory and invented a great subject, his master is angry about his

    intelligent and announced taking him home and doesn’t allow him go back to

    factory. His masters ask him to do hardest, meanest and dirtiest work and always

    whip him; also they kill a dog that Eliza sent to him and force him to marry

    another girl even he has married.

    Mr. Shelby sold Uncle Tom might have made him bitter.

    4. Because she overheard a conversation about her son being sold.

    5. She promises that Tom shall be redeemed as soon as she can get enough money. 6. Both Haley and Loker are slave traders. Haley’s response is that he is as good as

    people who wants to buy slaves and says sellers are no meaner than buyers 7. In the Ch.9, Mrs. Bird argues she would break the Fugitive Slave Act at the

    chance she has and help the poor slaves because thats what the Bible tells her to

    do, and she will only follow the Bible not the politicians or laws. This shows that

    shes an unswerving abolitionist. In the Ch.11 a slave owner said the Lord made

    'em men, and it's a hard squeeze gettin 'em down into beasts shows that he

    believe that slaves are born for doing work and make benefits for him. In Ch12. A

    lady said that its the countrys shame to see slave trade. But another lady said

    some slaves have a better life as a slave than theyre freed. And there are two

    clergymen who have totally opposite opinion of slaves: one thinks African race

    should be slaves while the other believes that All things whatsoever ye would that

    men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.”

    8. Augustine St. Clare; Evangeline St. Clare; Marie St. Clare; Ophelia St. Clare 9. Marie complains that Mammy sleeps so sound and it’s hard to wake her up. And

    she thinks that Mammy will go back to her husband tomorrow if she can and

    abandon her.

    10. Ophelia can’t stand kissing niggers; when she saw Eva playing with Tom, she

    says to St. Clare “how can you let her”

    11. Quaker. The ironic is that the state is unfair to niggers, because when Hungarian

    fugitives against search-warrants, American press and political cabinet ring with

    applause and welcome, but when African fugitives do the same thing, they

    response in an opposite way. Also, when Tom is injured, his friends all run away,

    but Phineas and niggers save him and bring him to a caring place. This is a

    comparison of heart and doctrine of native America and niggers, it shows that

    some American’s morality (which is told virtuous) are even worse than some

    kindhearted niggers.

    12. She drinks to get off her misery. Her last child cried to death and she tries to keep

    the crying out of her ears by drinking

    13. He means that people will finally stand up and fight with slave holder and abolish

    slavery, free slave, also, the slave hunter and slave holder will be punished; the

    historical event is the civil war between southern American and northern

    American and then the peace after the war.

    14. Topsy’s behavior is strange and cunning, she didn’t know her age and parents; she

    stole Miss Ophelia’s gloves and ribbon and denied it; she also made investigation

    on whoever cast an indignity on her. When she chose, she did everything very

    well, but sometimes she would hold a carnival of confusion for one or two hours.

    She thinks because she is so wicked. Topsy changed because Eva told her she

    loves her and hope Topsy could be good. And Miss Ophelia began to change the

    attitude towards Topsy and loves her too. Topsy was improved in her mind. 15. They agree her to go to work in a confectioner in Louisville to collect money for

    Uncle Tom.

    16. She said "But they ought to read the Bible, to learn God's will. And the Bible is

    for everyone to read themselves. She asked Henrique to love and be kind to

    Dodo. She gave everyone a curl of her hair.

    17. Eva’s full name is Evangeline which means Evangelist. She is kind to everyone

    and loves them equally; she moves Topsy and asks her father to give free to all

    niggers in their home. She is like a little angel from God to help everyone. 18. He died when he was trying to separate two gentlemen who were fighting, and

    received a fatal stab in the side with a bowie-knife. Because St. Clare hasn’t

    finished the process to help Tom to be free.

    19. Whipping house is a place to send women and young girl to be subjected to brutal

    exposure and shameful correction.

    20. New York. The free state people didnt own slaves but sell slaves.

    21. Legree prohibited him from singing hymns and reading Bible; Quimbo and


    22. Cassy’s story tells that black people are not protected in American laws.

    23. The Great Lake.

    24. Amazing Grace; he said that if God is real exist, why doesn’t him to save slaves.

    25. Before they escape, Cassy disseminates about the ghost in the attic and make

    Legree scared of the attic and then stores clothes and food in the attic. And one

    night they ran towards a swamp at first, and then return to the estate and hide in

    the attic for several days, and still make some mysterious about attic to scare

    Legree, at last, they escaped on the night Legree is squiffed.

    26. George Shelby; Uncle Tom said “who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”

    27. George Harris’s sister. She was bought by a gentleman who gave her free and then

    she married him. Cassy is Eliza’s mother.

    28. Liberia. Because for his father, he is just a fine dog or horse, only to his mother, he

    is a child.

29. He frees all the slaves in his estate and pay money to the slaves work there.

30. Because the author has seen lots of examples about slaves treated cruelly and she

thinks thats not right. The black people have no rights to vote or own lands.

    The similarity and differences between Uncle Tom

    and Jesus Christ

     Lucy Yu

    Summer reading


    Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an anti-slavery book. The story centers with a pitiful

    Christian slave who is called Uncle Tom and describes experiences of his friends. In the book, Uncle Tom is a virtuous, industrious and faithful Christian. He goes through lots of misery but is consistently faithful to God in his whole life. He is tolerant and does his best to help everyone around him. Those characteristics of Uncle Tom bring similarities to Jesus Christ.

    First, Uncle Tom suffered many tribulations and similar experiences like Jesus did. Uncle Tom worked diligently and honestly for his master, Shelby, who also trusted him very much. However, he was sold to slave trader Haley under the compulsion of Shelby’s debt. Judas, one of the disciples, betrayed Jesus for his avidity of money, so both Jesus and Uncle Tom were betrayed by one of their closest friends. Another example of similarity takes place before Jesus was crucified on the cross, and he was sorely lashed. Uncle Tom was also lashed to death in Legree’s estate. When Jesus was

    on the cross, the two thieves with him realized their sins and asked Jesus to save them. Although Uncle Tom had no one die with him, Quimbo and Sambo, Legree’s slave

    managers, are moved by Uncle Tom’s faith and integrity and like the thieves on the

cross, recognize their guilt.

    Secondly, Uncle Tom complies with Christian doctrines and is benevolent and tolerant. He manages everything well in Shelby’s estate and never cheats. He has lots

    of opportunities to run away, but he never did. He did not want to betray his master’s

    trust. Although he has no ability like Jesus Christ to heal the sick and give life to the dead, he helps every around him. He is submissive during the travel with Haley and elps and cares for other slaves around him. He saved Eva and cares for her, and his h

    friendship with her is innocent and staunch. While Uncle Tom stays in St. Clare’s

    estate, he remains hardworking and kind. He sympathized with Prue when she lost her only remaining child to hunger. He carried her basket and sent a Bible to her, sharing that God loves her and will be with her forever. During the life ruling under Legree’s management, Uncle Tom not only worked hard for himself, but also helped another woman who was too weak to finish her own work. Like Jesus, Uncle Tom is gracious. Jesus prayed that God would forgive the soldiers who persecuted him by saying, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. (Luke 23:34) As for

    Uncle Tom, when Quimbo told him “we’ve been awful wicked to ye!” Uncle Tom

    answered, “I forgive ye, with all my heart.” Even to the ferocious manager Legree,

    Uncle Tom does not have any hatred but forgiveness when he tells Master George about Legree. He an't done me no real harm,--only opened the gate of the kingdom

    for me; that's all!"

    One of the most important similarities between Jesus and Uncle Tom is their firm faith in God. Jesus preached wherever he went and told people to honor God, love

God and believe in God. Uncle Tom also proclaims Gods mercy and might. When

    Uncle Tom stays with other slaves, he always reads Bible verses to them and tells them that they are all loved and will finally be rescued by God when they reach Heaven. Although he is also confused as to why God does not free him out like other slaves, reading his Bible helps him to rebuild his faith. When Legree angrily tells Uncle Tom that he had bought both his body and soul for twelve hundred dollars, Uncle Tom cried No! no! no! my soul an't yours, Mas'r! You haven't bought it,--ye can't buy it! It's been bought and paid for, by one that is able to keep it.(Ch33) In

    Uncle Toms mind, his soul only belongs to the great Father God. Both Jesus and Uncle Tom have strong faith in the one true God; even as they are dying. Before Jesus died, he cried to God “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 13:35). So as Uncle Tom, after he is badly wounded from a lashing, he cries “help,

    Lord, I perish” (Ch34)

    Despite their similarities, Uncle Tom and Jesus Christ are still different. Jesus Christ is the son of God and is sinless. He could heal the people, achieve resurrection, and make miracles happen. However, Uncle Tom is not perfect. He is a simple man with sins and does not have the same miraculous abilities. Jesus sacrificed himself for all generations’ sin while Uncle Tom died due to the inhumanity of Legree.

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