Introduction to Bill Gates

By Ronald Hunt,2014-05-07 22:03
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Introduction to Bill Gates

    Introduction to Bill Gates

    Hello everyone, I’m here to represent my group to make a

    simple introduction to Bill Gates. As we all know that Bill Gates is one of the most successful and famous businessman in the world. And today I will share something I know about him with all of you

    career family and in four aspects. That is his development


    First part (DEVELOPMENT):

    Who is this guy? You may have got it, he is just the richest man in the world—— Bill Gates.

    Bill Gates was born on Oct, 28 in 1995 and grew up in Settle with his two sisters. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Also Bill Gates had his elementary school and high school education in Seattle.

    And it was during that time Bill founded that his interests lying in writing programs .And he began to write programs at 13! Then in 1973, Bill went to Harvard University. It just so unbelievable!

    Second part (career):

     At Harvard he developed the basic language for the first

    microcomputer. During the third year in Harvard, he left it to work for a company called Microsoft which was founded by him and his best friend Paul Allen. And then, they put all of their efforts to their career,

    for that they believed that computer would be a necessary tool in the future world. And it also comes right. In the next thirty years they were committed to long-term development and improving the functions of Microsoft. Owing to Bills talent and efforts, Microsoft developed

    rapidly and its software won more and more reputations among the publics. And now Microsoft is famous all over the world!

     When we talk about his career, we also can not ignore the great contributions he has made to philanthropy. He and his wife, Melinda, have endowed a foundation with more than $30 billion to support medical security and education careers in the world.

    Third part (family):

    The pictures you see are Bills villa and his families are just live in it. We can get it that it is so beautiful ,and the bigluxurious fishbowl has

    been the special symbol of his big house.

    Bill married Melinda French Gates on Jan, 1st in 1994. And now they have three children : Jennifer Katharine Gates and Rory John Gates and another little girl. Because of Bills familys kindness, I thing that they

    must live a happy life.

    Forth part (hobbies):

    Everyone has his own hobbies to relax himself, and it also comes to Bill Gates. He loves readingplaying golf and music, and so on in his

    free time

    The last are some quotes of Bill. But the best I love is the sentence in our text book: when I was 19, I caught sight of the future and based my career on what I saw. It turned out to have been right. It reflects that curiosityconfidence and ambition made him successful . Because of his effortswisdom he changes all the world and realizes his dream. For his kindness he is respected and admired by all the people.

    Thats all, thank you!






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