We are friends

By Willie Perry,2014-08-28 08:13
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We are friends

    We are friends

    旁白?Today , Mr. Bear , Piggy, Puppy, Bunny, Kitty and Cubby

    will go out for a picnic ,They Prepare a lot of food ,

    And now they take all the food to go to the park . Mr. Bear : It is a pretty sunny day !let us go for a picnic.

    Ok! Yeah! 5个主人公?

    Mr. Bear : Are you ready?

    5个主人公?We are ready.

    Mr. Bear : let us go to the park.

    Kitty and Bunny:let us sing a song,ok?

    Puppy: Ok! Let us sing the walking song!

    6个主人公?walking, walking ,walking, walking, hop, hop, hop,hop,hop,hop,running,running,running,running,running,running. Now let us stop! Now let us stop!

    Puppy and Cubby: How beautiful!

    Kitty: Yes, It is very beautiful.

    Mr.Bear: There is a big tree! Let us sit here!

    Ok! 5个主人公?

    旁白?They put the food on the ground .And they prepare to eat.

    Mr.Bear : Have you finished?

    5个主人公:Yes! We are finished.

Piggy: Yummy! yummy!

    旁白?They are eating the food. They are laughing. They are dancing .But there is a monster coming.

    Monster : Grring…….

    Piggy: look! A monster!

    A monster ? Let us go !...... 6个主人公,

    Mr. Bear : Let us go to the king lion.

    Monster : Haha, There are so many food.

    旁白?They are running to the king lion .And they tell the king lion that there is a monster.

    6个主人公?Ah, There is a monster in the park!

    King lion : Oh? A Monster? Are you sure?

    6个主人公?Yes , we are sure.

    King lion: Let us go there.


    旁白: They are standing in the grass. They look at the monster. Then they know it is a monkey. And then they run to the monkey.

    King lion: Why do you pretend a monster?

    Monkey: I am sorry! I am so hungry. So……

    Mr. Bear : That is ok! We are friends. We can share the food. 5个主人公: Yes ! We are friends.

8个主人公: Let us eat together .Yeah!

    旁白:They are eating. They are singing. They are dancing. They are laughing.


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