A happy day

By Jane Mcdonald,2014-08-28 08:13
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A happy day

    A happy day

    旁白It is a pretty sunny day, Mr.Bear , Piggy ,Cubby, Puppy

    and kitty are going to Bunnys home.They

    are ready to take a party in Bunnys home.

    They sing the song of “pretty sunny day.

    Kitty: Mr.Bear, How can we get Bunnys home?

    Mr.Bear: We can by bus ,The bus stop is there. Puppy: Look, the bus is coming.

    Mr.Bear: Ok, Lets get on the bus

    They sing the get on the bus song.

    Cubby: We are arriving, Lets get off the bus .

    Kitty: Look! Piggy is sleeping on the bus . ( They are all laughing)

    Wake up piggy, wake up piggy, we are arriving.

    Piggy: Thank you ,Kitty. Oh, The house is so beautiful. I knock

    the door . knock, knock , knock

    Bunny: Who is it?

    Puppy: We are all here. Puppy, Mr.Bear, Piggy, Cubby and Kitty.

    Open the door.

    Bunny: Welcome, everyone.Come in ,please! 旁白?They come in and say goodmorning to Bunny. Then they sing Good morning songor welcome song

    Bunny: Please sit down, drink your juice, eat some cakes

    (Sing the chant of drink ,drink ,drink your juice.)

    旁白?Big bad wolf listen the sound and come to the door .knock,

    knock, knock! big bad wolf knock the door . Bunny: Who is it?

    Big bad wolf : Its Mommy, open the door.

    Bunny: Oh, Its mommy ,Im coming .

    旁白?Bunny open the door. The big bad wolf stand there. Bunny, Mr.bear, Puppy, Kitty, Cubby,Puppy: Oh,no ,big bad


    Big bad wolf: Oh, Im hungry ,Ill eat all of you ,ha ha ha.

    Bunny, Mr.Bear, Piggy, Cubby: Go out !Go out ,Big bad

    wolf ,go out

    旁白?The big bad wolf run away.

    Bunny,Mr.bear,Piggy,cubby,: oh, we won.(sing hello song



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