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    added of the new products,

    according to their color styles. ColorDecides

    By Wang Ting Color management and


    Dusky blue, verdant green, romantic However, domestic textile and

    apparel enterprises seem to not pink, bright yellow…various color fulfill

    well-prepared for the era of color, the normal life of human being everyday.

    color application and management Sometimes, maybe, color also could help barrier the development of you making a decision. enterprises in some extent.

    As for color application, there 25% is no uniform standard for textile Is there any recipe to arouse your desire to consume a product, and appa rel industry in China, especially a newly-emerged product in market? leading to a serious time waste In the color field, there is a „seven second discipline‟: the consumers for retailers and manufacturers to will make a decision in seven seconds. Whats more important, 67% of carry on color sample evaluation the decision lies on the impression of color. According to the International and authority. On the other hand, Fashion & Color Association, without increasing the cost, a successful due to the lack of standard color color design could bring a 10%-25% value-added to the product. sample, several new products Meanwhile, color is also an important element for garment. The would be delayed to promote in dif ference of color, sometimes, maybe could decide the fate of the markets, or , whats more badly, garment. “For normal consumers, they will pay attention to the color lose the favor of buyers and the when they are purchasing clothes. Besides, each person has their own orders.

    favor to different colors”, Mr. Shao Zhian, the Vice President of Datacolor, Furthermore, during the expressed, “the saturation, brightness and some other factors of color process of design, production, would impact on the expression of the clothes directly, so that it could stocking, sales, consumption and influence the sales of garments absolutely.” so on, owning to the weakness of In recent years, Chinese textile industry has already stepped into a color management, sometimes, period of structure adjustment, domestic enterprises cares more about the m o r e t i m e a n d c o s t s a r e quality of product and core competitiveness gradually, aiming to shift required on product research and from the low value-added level of the industrial chain to the high value-development, restricting the color added field. As the high value-added requires more high-tech and innovation ability of the designers innovation, the textile and apparel industry should emphasize improving and preventing the enterprises the ability of creativity. from improving the R&D and core As an important element that could affect the consumption behavior, competitiveness. color management and application could be a new method for innovation In a word, not only designers, improvement for textile and apparel industry. Moreover, several sensitive but also the textile and apparel retailers have recognized the high value-added of colors. Recently, most enterprises , should experience an retailers, especially some international buyers, begin to judge the value- upgrading from an acknowledgement

    of color to the effective application Autumn/W inter . According to in the laboratory, the color in mind and management of color. the textile and apparel industrial could be realized, which could

    production line in Europe, Japan, help accomplishing the dyeing Color is fashionable; however,

    for designers and enterprises, and other high-level apparel process of product and improving color reflects exquisite inspiration, markets, colorfabricspattern the market reacted ability of accurate management, and speedy is a mature and normal program enterprises. By the way, the CNCS realization. for textile and apparel product technical experimental laboratory

    development and research, which China T extile Information also keeps on improving the „color

    means the R&D, management and database‟, aiming to satisfy the Center, since 2003, has made effort

    communication of color go through to do research and development on need of dif ferent materials and Chinese color application program, application environment. the whole supply chain during the

    and has already established the production process. According to the of ficials of Chinese National Color Standard CNCS, the CNCS standard color Inspiration is the source of

    System (CNCS) in 2008, which has textile and apparel supply chain. system has already been applied been authorized as the standard in the research of womens and When the design inspiration

    color system for Chinese textile men‟s fashion trend, and also used comes into the mind, the accurate

    and apparel industry. as the standard color system for of the color, without doubt, is of

    main authorized color trend release On the basis of CNCS, China great importance. As for fashion

    Textile Information Center developed publications in China. Furthermore, color, CNCS fashion card could

    a new color toolCNCSfashio n card, several domestic well-known guarantee the accuracy: with

    and, united with the internationa l textile and apparel programs, such the standard color card as the

    as the Fabrics China, have begun communication tools, designers leading color management

    to utilize the CNCS color system. representative Datacoloran d domestic could find the most suitable color

    The CNCS fashion card has already that close to his inspiration, then famous dyeing company Lonsen

    come into the market in July. Group, promote comprehensive the communication between the

    color management and solution designer and buyer, between buyer In this new era of color, are you

    ? and fabric suppliers or fabrics ready? methodCNCS color solution for

    For more information, experimental technical staffs could fashion, serving the designers from

    please be easily, accurately and quickly. the beginning of design inspiration,

     helping textile and apparel enterprises As the textiles industry update communicating with suppliers and faster, the cycle of products has retailers much more effectively and changed from twice a year into accurately, and improving the value- three or fourth time a year, or even more, requiring a high standard added of products. quick-reacted supply chain instead. ? CNCS color solution for fashion Color realization has established a relevant fast Every year, professional trends dyeing scheme: searching the research institute would release relevant color recipe on the CNCS their color fashion trend by two website, through a simple modify sections: Spring/Summer , and

     August 2008 August 2008 ChinaChina TTextile extile 6161

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