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     Cotton, Chic Your

    Life Naturally

    As the Summit of Climate Change took place

    in New York this September, along with the 2009

    International Year of Natural Fiber, eco-chic once

    again has became a fashion trend during the year,

    especially consuming green cotton garment.

    With countless web sites, blogs, television shows and magazines diagonal design flowing front to back to dedicated to the latest news in fashion, todays women have an endless dazzlingday or evening look. make for a

    stream of tips for staying on styles cutting edge. One easy, fashionable Mixing these materials keeps the look answer that experts embrace but everyday women are only just fashion forward and cutting edge, yet beginning to catch onto? Cotton. Designers and fashion insiders love relaxed and easy to wear.” cotton not only for its versatility, but also for its soft hand, breathability, C o t t o n i s a n a m a z i n g , v e r s a t i l e

    environmental friendliness and low maintenance. fabric that is essential to our line,” says Cotton garments can be found at every price point, from couture to Elizabeth Schnuelle,Director of Sales for chic on the cheap. Top brand names like Alexander Wang, Shipley and Civil Smith, a new line launching this fall. Halmos and Ruffian prominently featured cotton and denim designs at Cotton is high fashion, but the great part their spring and fall runway shows. about working with it is its versatility; you

    Cotton is a seasonless luxury fabric that is especially great for can dress it up or dress it down.” women,” says Patti Barkin-Camilli, Research and DevelopmentConsultant W o m e n f i n d c o t t o n t o b e b o t h for the international retailer. “Uniqlo offers so many cotton items like the versatile and popular, according to the ultimate quality denim, knits, dresses, outerwear and more.” Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor? We have put amazing cotton knits, twenty percent of which is survey. Female respondents report that recycled, to great use this season, says Kristen Johnson, a designer and they prefer cotton and cotton blends co-founder of fashion brand Son of John. Weve added our signature for every category of clothing, including sequins pocket to great cotton blend tees. On our super oversized t h e i r u n d e r w e a r ( 8 2 % ) , p a j a m a s / recycled cotton jersey t-shirt dress, we hand beaded sequins in a wavy sleepwear (74%), dress shirts (65%), October 2009 China Textile 48

    Another key item is our super thin cotton turtleneck, which is the ultimate

    skin layer. When paired with a cotton corduroy jean the look is sleek, modern

    and sexy and can easily take you from day to night,” she adds.

    Schnuelle from Civil Smith agrees, adding, Our plaid shirt dress is

    fashion forward and perfect for day to evening as it can be dressed down

    with leggings and a belt for the office and then heels and jewelry to hit the

    town after work.”

    Such versatility resonates with most women, who look to get dressed

    just once during the day. Two out of three female respondents tell the

    Monitor survey that they prefer to wear one comfortable outfit all day, rather

    than changing to suit different activities.

    Evidence of cottons fashion forward quotient is a growing demand for

    cotton on a womans most high profile and important moment: her wedding

    day. Chris Kole, a designer who created The Cotton Bride to meet the

    increasing demand for stylish and natural bridal gowns, says, Cotton is a

    designers dream fabric. It is easy to work with and its only our imagination

    that limits what we can do with it. And brides love how light and airy it feels.

    Designer Lela Rose agrees. We use cotton a lot, most notably in the

    wedding collection where cotton is a big seller. Not traditionally seen in

    wedding dresses, we use a cotton faille. It is a more natural fabric and unlike casual slacks (63%) athletic apparel/ the shiny white stuff you see all over the bridal market, it also breathes well.activewear (50%) and coats/jackets Cotton is both kind to the skin and kind to the earth, say most women; (24%). Women say that they love 75% of female respondents describe cotton apparel as environmentally cotton for many reasons, citing that friendly, according to the Cotton Incorporated Environment Survey. it is comfortable (86%), soft and Fabric content remains an important piece of information to a garment natural (82%), good quality (82%) purchase, according to the Monitor survey. Naturally, the fiber that women and a good value (77%). are looking for is cotton; according Cotton is a fiber that translates t o M o n i t o r d a t a , 7 6 % o f f e m a l e into a year-round array of favorite r e s p o n d e n t s s a y t h a t c o t t o n a n d fabrics including velvets, corduroys, cotton blends are their favorite fiber brushed cottons, flannel and denim. to wear.

    Its varying weights make cotton the To d a y s c o t t o n g a r m e n t s h a v e go-to fiber for fashionistas, reports come a long way in keeping women Barkin-Camilli, citing some of the stylish, comfortable, ready for any upcoming seasons best garments. occasion and eco-friendly. Cotton Uniqlo cotton corduroy jeans are never pretends to be something it extremely light-weight, so they feel isnt, because it never has to,” says a l m o s t l i k e a l e g g i n g . T h e y t a k e Kole, the designer. No fabric on color very well and we offer them earth feels as good against our skin in a vast array of rich fall colors. as cotton does.”

    October 2009 China Textile 49

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