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    Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien


    >Real Vienna< 2008 at Messe Wien

    sets new records:

    Third edition exhibits impressive growth a third more

    exhibitors and a 27% participant increase

    The shooting star in the Austrian trade fair sector has become established as THE platform for commercial real estate and investment in CEE and SEE regions +++ 326 exhibitors from 27 countries +++ Customers from 50 nations +++ Long average stay +++ Great success for side events +++

    thVIENNA (29 May 2008). The show recorded an increase of 31% in terms of exhibitors compared to the previous year and a rise in the total number of participants of 27% up to exactly 9,808. The >Real Vienna 2008< lasted

    thththree days (27 29 May) and closed with some truly remarkable results. Commenting on the fair Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien’s manager responsible for new business, Matthias Limbeck (Dipl.Ing.) stated, ‘The third edition of the >Real Vienna< was an immense success. The >Real Vienna< has now permanently established its position as the platform for commercial real estate and investment in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The concept and the direction have proven themselves well. There is still great demand for industrial and commercial property, as

    well as for residential, individual and integrated all-round projects. The >Real Vienna< offers everything under one roof’. New Business

    Group Manager Michael Mandl (Mag.) added, ‘Since the launch in 2006

    the number of exhibitors has increased by 65% and overall participation has risen by 78%. In 2006 we registered 198 exhibitors; this year there were 326. The first ever >Real Vienna< attracted 5,500 participants, the third 9,800’.

Vienna’s head councillor for municipal planning, Rudolf Schicker (Dipl.Ing.),

    was full of praise. ‘For me the success of this year’s >Real Vienna< proves

    that Vienna has become the hub of the real estate sector for central and eastern European countries; for cities and regions, and above all for businesses. The constant increase in the numbers of Turkish representatives is a particularly pleasing aspect. In cooperation with Renate Brauner (Mag.), deputy mayor and Vienna councillor for finances, we intend to ensure Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien has the support of the City of Vienna next year too to guarantee the >Real Vienna< even more success’.

27 nations at one venue in particular the CEE/SEE countries

    The >Real Vienna 2008< welcomed a total of 326 exhibitors from 27 countries. Two thirds of them came to Messe Wien from outside Austria. The largest number, 37 exhibitors, came from Russia, followed by Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine. Of those participating, every second person came from outside Austria, mostly from the featured countries of the CEE/SEE regions. The largest number of foreign participants came from Germany, followed by a solid phalanx of Eastern and Southern European countries led by the Czech Republic, then Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and


Croatia. ‘As can be seen, the core countries for the >Real Vienna< are

    represented in sufficient depth for the sector. A veritable bull’s-eye, so to

    speak’, remarked a buoyant Matthias Limbeck.

>Real Vienna<: A perfect mix of business and networking

    Michael Mandl explained the >Real Vienna< stands out internationally due to its unmistakeable conceptualisation and look. It provides a perfect blend of business and networking. Hard work in the daytime allows visitors to succumb to the charms of Vienna in the evenings. One of the foundations of the show’s success is Vienna’s importance as a geographically central hub of activity for the newly established member states of the EU and the further neighbouring states.

>Real Vienna< mobilises top executives in the sector

    ‘The majority of participants at the >Real Vienna< are executives within their companies’, added Reed’s exhibition manager, Günter Theuermann

    (Mag.), based on the visitor poll data gathered by the independent Linz market institute. 92% of the participants at the >Real Vienna< make executive decisions, share executive responsibilities or hold an influential advisory capacity. This research also showed that two thirds of the participants at the >Real Vienna< spent two or even three days at the show. ‘No other trade fair has achieved a result like this’, Theuermann

    remarked. The expo manager and his team were also delighted by the first class feedback on the event: 91% of those polled were very pleased with the overall show. The same percentage said they would like to return to the event in 2009.


Excellent side events

    This extraordinary response was clearly also influenced by the excellent quality of the side events. Of the numerous points on the programme, this also included 44 expert rounds of discussions known as ‘property talks’,

    organised by GEWINN publishers in cooperation with Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien. The events were very well attended and all the seating at the three stages was completely filled. Dr. Georg Wailand, head of GEWINN publishers, stated, ‘The appearance of over 200 top experts, politicians and business people provided impressive evidence for the degree of internationality exhibited by the >Real Vienna<. The show offered all the very latest information and countless valuable business contacts. The three stages have become a focal point for the exchange of expertise and knowledge within the international real estate sector. Immense interest was also shown in issues such as shopping centre development in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, in numerous other projects introduced such as hotels and leisure facilities, and in the boom economies such as in Russia, Romania and Ukraine. Participators praised both the quality of the

    information available and range and depth of issues covered for each country, especially in terms of the ‘new emerging markets in Central and

    Eastern Europe. A further success was recorded by the Hotel & Tourism

    th of Day organised by PKF hotel experts Michael and Partner on the 28May which placed great emphasis upon issues such as the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the related opportunities for development in the region.

Waterfront Symposium: A real crowd puller

    The Waterfront Innovations Symposium was also one of the featured side

    thevents at the >Real Vienna< on Thursday the 29 of May, at which


    Austrian and foreign architects, city planners and developers all presented the latest developments and trends experienced at various waterfronts, rivers and embankment projects. Around 100 architects and planners attended and heard experts such as Boris Podrecca (architect and professor at the University of Stuttgart) and Alex Krieger (city planner, architect and professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design). These two well-known experts explained the current situations in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Networking in an easy-going atmosphere

    Alongside the ‘Property Talks there were also two perfectly organised and

    th of well attended evening networking events. On Tuesday evening the 27May the organisers, Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien, and the City of Vienna, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, CHSH-Cerha Hempel

    Spiegelfeld Hlawati all cooperated to stage the ‘Top Executive Evening’ in

    the Kursalon in Vienna’s Stadtpark. Around 600 people participated on

    what was a relaxed and enjoyable early summer evening. On the evening

    thof Wednesday the 28 of May about 1,000 exhibitors spent a summery

    evening together outdoors at the Vienna Marina. Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien, Immoeast AG and CPB Immobilientreuhand GmbH staged a

    gripping evening of socialising including speedboat rides up and down the Danube. The overall >Real Vienna< participant package is complemented by a number of additional services. Austrian Airlines are the official carriers for the >Real Vienna< and were represented at the show with their own desk. The VIP shuttle was provided by SAAB as sponsors.

Top marks from participants

    Dr. Karl Petrikovics, CEO IMMOFINANZ AG found these words to describe the positive atmosphere at the >Real Vienna<: "The clear focus on Central


    >Real Vienna< an indispensable event for and Eastern Europe makes the

    the IMMOFINANZ group. As exhibitors this is the most important commercial platform for presenting ourselves as the leading real estate investors in the region. Since almost all our most important customers were there, for me personally it was a perfect opportunity to arrange a large number of important meetings within a very compact time frame’.

    Nurhan Azizoglu, vice president of Gyoder, the association for leading Turkish real estate investment businesses, explained the issue concisely: >Real Vienna< draws together the resources in this specific market like no other event. The future lies to the east of Vienna’.

    There were also satisfied expressions on the faces seen at the Republic of Macedonia stand; who were exhibiting for the first time at the >Real Vienna<. ‘Our participation in the event more than paid off’, explained an exuberant Ivan Iliev, marketing and communications manager of the support agency Invest Macedonia. ‘Even before the >Real Vienna< we

    arranged a number of meetings for the period at the show. Having completed these discussions it became very clear that the >Real Vienna< is a very special event for us. Macedonia drew a lot of attention at the show and was made to feel very welcome. We are leaving Vienna in high spirits having gained numerous new and valuable contacts. We will definitely be coming back in 2009’.

    Dr. Marek Kudla from the Polish Embassy praised the ideal proportions of the >Real Vienna<, maintaining it was the ideal platform for CEE/SEE countries offering investment openings in various segments and who are in search of investors. ‘Not being at the >Real Vienna< means no-one knows

    you are available to the market. Of around 300 visitors at our stand, 90


    were involved in specific discussions with us which we are now following up on’.

    Viktor Merker of Studio Metropolitana, the communications agency responsible for the first >Real Vienna< appearance of the City of Budapest is convinced, Our participation is an important step in the productive period of cooperation between the cities of Budapest and Vienna’. He then

    went on to declare his pleasure at having been being present at the >Real Vienna 2008<. The responses from the other Hungarian participants were equally positive.

Strong economy great prospects for the >Real Vienna 2009<

    Despite the many prophecies of doom the mood within the market is good. The visitor poll confirmed the existence of a boom in this sector; particularly in central, eastern and south-eastern Europe. Almost nine out of ten of those polled claimed to be very pleased with the current situation and expect a continuation of the positive development within the market for the foreseeable future; so the signs are good for the preparation phase for the fourth edition of the >Real Vienna<. The dates have been set for the thth to 28 May 2009. 26

Metropolis Awards: Submissions start September 2008

    One feature of the >Real Vienna< has already been arranged; the Metropolis Awards are to be made at the show for the first time in 2009. Both the name and concept for the awards were inspired by the world famous 1930s film classic. Prizes are to be awarded in six categories for extraordinary development projects: Sustainable Development, Shopping Centre Development, Hotel / Tourism Development, Waterfront Development, Mixed Use Development and Office Development. Entry is


limited to projects to be, or having been, implemented in CEE/SEE regions.

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