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Physics Department Meeting Minutes. Friday September 3, 2010. JHSW 126G. 905 1000 a.m.. Attending Alan Scott, Laura McCullough, John Rompala,

    Physics Department Meeting Minutes

    Friday September 3, 2010

    JHSW 126G

    9:05 10:00 a.m.

    Attending: Alan Scott, Laura McCullough, John Rompala, Brian Stout, YuanJia Hong (via

    video conference), Matt Kutcha, Ellen Carlson, Todd Zimmerman, Marlann Patterson, Jo

    Hopp (recording secretary)

    Start: 9:05

    1. Information from chair

    ; Motion sensors in offices leave lights on. Some location do not have motion


    ; 123A area Ellen’s physics desk is “newer” looking one. “In” box for items you want

    her to look at (Physics faculty to Ellen). Please place items there when Ellen is

    working mornings for Chemistry. Student worker on small desk in center. “In” box

    on top of filing cabinet

    nd; 123B area work area, photocopier and cards (if desired) located in area, 2

    student worker desk, shredding location

    ; 124 area hallway breakout room for reading materials, inner breakout room for

    testing, so no materials should be placed there; B/W printer available; color printer

    to come

    ; Printer paper/photocopier paper printer paper located on black bookshelves.

    Photocopier paper located in drawer/cabinet adjacent to photocopier; please keep


    ; Locking up areas make sure areas are locked when leaving in evening; need to use

    key for exterior department doors; make sure lab doors are pulled shut ; Key vs. card access whenever available use card access so room entering can be


    ; 123C deliveries should be placed on back desk for proper unpacking process

    2. To-do items please make sure items are done

    ; Give Ellen 3 copies of schedule also put syllabus in S: drive or if no access, email

    copies to Ellen and she will post

    ; Tell Laura if you want a keyboard tray

    ; Change your email sig file if appropriate

    ; Check for door bumpers, other potential missing building items

    ; Give E10 key (Micheels Hall) back to Key Control (103 General Services) ; Give Ellen business card information by Sept. 15

    ; Tell Laura if you want College Physics workbooks (how many? Vol I or Vol II?) ; Update campus directory (email from HR) with new office room number ; General Education assessment survey by Sept 13

    ; If you taught summer classes, please meet with Laura within next 2 weeks

    ; If you received summer research dollars, please give report to Laura discuss

    outcomes of objectives

    3. Class schedule for fall

    ; Teaching schedule

    ; Room schedule

    ; Lab schedule (Tyler Smits is lab curator: there will be a

    white board in the compact storage area for communication with Tyler, but he will

    still walk around prior to labs

    ; Switch lab/discussion for UP I and UP II? not doing

    4. Other

    ; Preferences for tables in labs 101, 105, 116 all high tables. Laura will try to set-up

    for pairs and groups of 3

    ; Weather station John and Matt will facilitate setting up

    ; Leave reports Summer reports not yet available, will likely be due with Sept.

    report (available Oct. 1)

    ; Bulletin boards for offices Laura is requesting for outside office areas and lab areas ; Whiteboards in offices problems are known, small ones available for use if needed,

    request for white board in conference room

    ; Mentors for new faculty Matt will be mentored by Alan; Todd will be mentored by


    ; Other

    o Printers for labs one in each lab

    o RF receiver missing for clicker set

    o Nolan Otremba will be around department for PHYS 489 experience;

    working with Jo

    o Jo discussed Universal Design ideas for posting documents

    o Marlann and Todd mentioned safety training on D2L: be prepared for lots of

    time spent

    o Laura is looking into purchasing safety glasses for physics labs

    o Laura will be discussing safety precautions needed for physics laboratories

    with campus safety coordinator

    Respectfully submitted: Jo Hopp

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