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     China Textile RoundTable


     By DENG Qiwei As a pageant for China textile and apparel industry, China Textile Round Table Annual Meeting 2010 with a theme of “Restructuring for Innovative Development” was held in Beijing under the aegis of “China Textile” Magazine

     and China Textile Economic Research Centre on Jan.27,2010. CEOs from some representative textile and appeal manufactories including Beijing

     Dahua Tiantan Group, Oerlikon (China) Technology Co., Ltd together with the officials from State Statistical Bureau, the National Development & Reform Commission, State Council Development and Research Center and CNTAC attended this conference, delivering some important speeches regarding to the

     trend and measures for China textile economic growth in 2010.

     A t t h e b e g i n n i n g o f t h i s c o n f e r e n c e , Ya o Jinyuan, senior economist from State Statistical B u r e a u , s h a r e d h i s v a l u a b l e u n d e r s t a n d i n g r e g a r d i n g m a c r o e c o n o m i c t r e n d a n d p o l i c y instruments of China in 2009. He pointed out that China is the first country that checked the economic down tendency in 2009, thanks to stimulus package including expanding domestic market, adjusting industrial structure released by Chinese government. The growth rate of Chinas GDP reached 8.7% compared with 2008.

     February 2010 China Textile February 2010 China Textile38 38

    He indicated, among other things, Chinas textile industry made a major but my opinion is that I would rather contribution to Chinas economic growth and social stability because it see an inflation of a small percent is a labor-intensive industry that can resolve the unemployment problem than see a high unemployment by providing more job opportunities for people livelihood. In addition, he c a u s e d b y d e f l a t i o n . P e o p l e predicted that Chinas economy will pose an upward stance in 2010 as a h o u g h t t h e g l o b a l e c o n o m i c t

    result of industrial structure optimization and upgrading. downturn as a crisis, but I consider

    Mr Babacan, CEO from Oerlikon (China) Technology Co., Ltd, reviewed it was an opportunity for indusry this experience from 2007 to 2009. promotion. Looking back over he t

    “Oerlikon invested several plants in different parts of China including

    Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Tianjin and Beijing, employing 4,200 staff in Asia.

    In the year of 2007, Oerlikon achieved a remarkable business performance

    in China; however, in the year of 2008 and 2009, we suffered the negative

    growth remarkably owing to the global economic downturn and the

    recession has continued to the first half year of 2009. In order to cope with

    the global economic downturn, many countries’ government issued several

    stimulus policies, nevertheless, the desired effects are not evident. On the

    contrary, Chinas textile industry has achieved a remarkable performance in

    2009. Thanks to the policy of Invigorating plan for textile industry released

    by Chinese government, we are the beneficiary from these stimulus

    policies. At this moment, I want to express my acknowledgement to all my

    customers and suppliers in China; whats more, I would like give my most

    sincere thanks to China.

    Many people considered the invigorating plan may cause the inflation,

    February 2010 China Textile 39

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     y e a r o f 2 0 0 9 , n e w b l o o d President Xu Wenyin from China Cotton Textile Association, Mr. Zhen Zhiyi, h a s b e e n t r a n s f e r r e d t o of president of China Chemical Fiber Textile Association, Mr. Zhu Minru, president t e x t i l e i n d u s t r y, w a s h i n g China Nonwovens & Industry Textiles Association and President Yang Shibin from out backward productivity. China Knitting Industry Association expatiated on the industrial situations of 2009 Chinese government plays according to their perspectives and looking forward to the development in 2010. a n i m p o r t a n t r o l e d u r i n g the period of the so- called new blood transfer, several measures including i n d u s t r i a l r e l o c a t i o n a n d u p d a t e s i s s u e d w i t h t h e purpose of strengthening the competitive ability for Chinas textile industry.

     At the end of this conference, Mr. Sun Huaibin, spokesman of CNT AC,

     s u mm a r i z e d t h e p u r p or t o f Yang Shibin emphasizedth e textile industry is a system holding this conference. that covers different branch industries; however, they have is necessary for us to “It close relationships with each other. A unified strategy hold this meeting because should be carried out with the purpose of improving the Chinas textile industry is update of Chinas textile industry at a coordinated level. In facing a economic situation addition, he also pointed out the trends of Chinas Knitting complicated and volatile Industry in the year of 2010Fashion, Function andWidely both at home and aboard. Application. Many factors restricted our Zhen Zhiyi considered the importance of innovation industrial development such and restructuring for textile enterprises: restructuring as resource, demand and can change the backward situation and innovation can environment. We should turn maintain the sustained development for enterprises. In our traditional perspectives 2010, Chinas textile enterprise should keep their eye on of labor-intensiveness and these two keystones. He also reviewed the development primary processing into high- of Chinas chemical fiber textile industry in the year tech, high-quality and deep of 2009: The differentiation rate of Chinas chemical processing. “Restructuring fiber products has picked up 5% in 2009 due to the for innovative development technological update and rearrangement of product mix.” is necessary for Chinas He also predicted that Chinas chemical fiber industry textile industry at this critical will step an upward runway in 2010 owing to the large moment.” demand from related industries.

     February 2010 China Textile February 2010 China Textile4040

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