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    Exercise 2

1. The __________(到达) of the train was delayed.

    2. He became an ____________(助手) cook after he graduated from the

    technological school.

    3. He was ___________(惊讶) at what he found.

    4. Israeli planes __________(袭击) Lebanon, bombing three coastal villages. 5. The boys __________(企图) to leave for camping but were stopped by their


    ) a large audience so far. 6. The film has _________(吸引

    7. ___________(澳大利亚) is the only country that covers a whole continent. 8. Leaves turn yellow in a__________.

    9. On ________(平均) we receive 5 letters each day.

    10. She was b_________ hurt when she fell from the ladder. 11. This jacket is a real __________(便宜货) at such a low price.

    12. The West Lake is famous for its _________(美丽) scenery.

    13. We have already made a good _________(开始).

    14. It is __________(相信) that the strike will last for at least a week.

    )English, he has to study German. 15. __________(除了

    16. His favorite subject is _________(生物).

    17. Do you know Shakespeares __________(出生地).

    18. Please pay attention to the words on the __________(黑板).

    19. The ship sank to the __________(底部) of the sea.

    20. The peace talks are said to have b_________ down.


    This evening I went to the KTV with some of my good friend. This 76. ________

    was the first time that I had been a KTV but I didnt want to go 77. ________ at first. I had been in a bad mood whole afternoon because I didnt 78. ________

    do well in the maths exam. At the KTV, everybody sang his most 79. ________

    favorite songs very happy except me--- I was just sitting there, 80. ________ listening. I dared not have a try because I was afraid that I couldnt

    sing well. Encouraging by my classmates, I picked up the microphone81.________

    and sing an English song entitled I believe I can fly I have become 82.________

    cheerful now and above all Ive regained self-confidence. I believe 83. ________ that the worst enemy in ones life is oneself.I shouldnt lose my heart 84.________

    just because of one and two failures because I still have chances to try85. ________

    1.arrival 2.assistant 3.astonished 4. attacked 5.attempted 6. attracted 7.Australia 8.autumn 9. average 10.badly 11. bargain 12.beautiful 13.beginning 14.believed 15.Besides 16. biology 17. birthplace

    18. blackboard 19.bottom 20. broken

    76. friendfriends 77. been后加 to 78 whole前加 the 79.去掉


    80. happyhappily 81. EncouragingEncouraged 82. singsang

    83. ? 84. 去掉my 85. and or

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