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    Tuesday 1 July 2008

    17:00-21:00 Early registration of participants at Divani Caravel Hotel 18:00-20:00 Athens city tour

    Wednesday 2 July 2008

    08:00-09:00 Late Registration at Divani Caravel Hotel

    09:00-09:30 ? Conference Opening by the Greek Minister of National

    Defence, Mr Evagelos-Vassilios Meimarakis

    ? Welcome by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff

    Commander in Chief, General Dimitrios Grapsas

    9:30-10:30 Key-Note Speaker: Dr. Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr. Professor of

    International Security Studies, Tufts University, President of

    the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis.

     “Crisis Management. Looking back and looking ahead”.

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

    11:00-11:10 ? Opening Remarks by the Chairman of the Conference,

    Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Dimosthenis Stoidis, General

    Director of National Defence Policy and International

    Relations, Hellenic Ministry of National Defence

    ? General Administrative remarks by Conference

    Coordinator, Cdr L. Tsiantoulas (HN)

11:1013:00 Morning Session: “National Perspectives”

     ? “Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre


     LtCdr Ioannis Stamatogiannis, Head of NATO and EU issues

    Section AMSCC

     ? NATO Maritime Interdictions Operational Training

    Centre (NMIOTC)

    Cpt. (N) Peppas Dimitrios, NMIOTC Director of Education and


    ? Defendory defence exhibitions: their Contribution to

    National Defence and Security”


    Mrs Dimitropoulou Tina, President of Defendory ? “French Presidency of the EU in relation with the

    management of crisis”

    Brig Gen (AF) Laurent Jean-Marc, Deputy Responsible for Crisis Management, Non-Proliferation and International Partnerships, Delegation aux Affaires Strategiques (DAS) ? “The Austrian Contribution to EUFOR TCHAD/RCA

    Tentative lessons in the Light of Six Month


    Lt Col. Manfred Tascher Lt Col. Lattacher Johann, Ministry of Defence, Austria

    ? “The Complexities of Peace Operations today, Case


    Mr Starcevic Ivan, Minister Plenipotentiary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Croatia

    ?“Security in the Black Sea region. Bulgaria’s


    Col. Roumen Ivanov Kondev, Ministry of Defence, Bulgaria

    13:00-14:00 Lunch (hosted)

    14:00-16:00 Afternoon Session “The Role of Media in Crisis


    Moderator: Mr. Livadas Panayiotis, Secretary General of Information

    ? “International Crises – International Politics and new Communication Technology

    (the dialectic between the domestic and the global)

    Dr Giallouridis Christodoulos, Professor of International Politics, Panteion University - Member of the Scientific Board of Defence Analysis Institute (I.A.A.)

    ? Socio-political crisis as a crucial criterion for the relationship between power and public opinion: a socio-psychological dimension - theoretical approach”

    Dr Papastamou Stamos, Professor of Experimental Social Psychology, Panteion University

    ? Socio-political crisis as a crucial criterion for the relationship between power and public opinion: a socio-psychological dimension - lessons learned”

    Dr Prodromitis Gerasimos, Assistant Professor of Experimental Social Psychology, Panteion University

    ? “Electronic Media in Crisis Management”

    Mr Panagopoulos Christos, Chairman of the Board Managing

    Director of ERT

    ? “Foreign Policy and Media in Crisis Management” stMr Koumoutsakos Georgios, 1 Councellor, Spokesman of

    the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    21:00 Welcome cocktail for participants and spouses/

    partners (hosted)

    10:00-14:00 Spouses’ / partners’ program: Guided tour to “Agora”, the

    heart of Ancient Athens


    Thursday 3 July 2008

    09:00-13:00 Morning Session “Prospects and Challenges in the

    South East Europe and the wider area”

    09:0010:45 Morning Session A: The Balkans

    Moderator: Dr Arvanitopoulos Konstantinos, Associate

    Professor of International Relations, Panteion University

    Director General of Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for


    ? “Russia and Energy Security in Europe”

    Mr Savva Michael Ivanovitch, Minister- Counsellor, Russian

    Embassy in Greece

    ? “The fight for Serbia: is Europe the only way?”

    Dr Keridis Dimitris, Associate Professor of International

    Relations, University of Macedonia

    ? “Russia’s re-engagement in the Balkans: Genuine or


    Dr Fillis Konstantinos, Head of Center for Russia and Eurasia

    (Institute for International Relations) - Senior Associate

    Member (SAM) St Antony’s College, Oxford University.

    ? “The Euro-Atlantic Prospects of the Western Balkans

    Dr Tziampiris Aristotelis, Assistant Professor of International

    Relations, University of Piraeus, Member of the Scientific

    Board of Defence Analysis Institute (I.A.A.)

    10:45-11:15 Coffee break

    11:15-13:00 Morning Session B The Middle East

    Moderator: Dr Mazis Ioannis, Professor of Economic

    Geography/Geopolitics, Ionian University, President of the

    Scientific Board of Defence Analysis Institute (I.A.A.)

    ?“The Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean: mutual

    implications, regional super powers, dangerous


     Dr Nachmani Amikam, Associate Professor of Political Studies,

    Bar-Ilan University

    ? “The changing geo-strategic environment in the Middle

    East and World Politics”

     Dr Koutsis Alexandros, Associate Professor on Middle East

    Politics, Panteion University

    ? Cyprus and the changing security environment of the

    Near East”

    Dr Iakovou Christos, Research Director of Cyprus Research

    Center (ΚΥ.ΚΕ.Μ.)

     ? “Global Terrorism and South-Eastern Mediterranean

    Intelligence Cooperation

     Dr Nomikos Ioannis, Director of Research Institute of

    European and American Studies (R.I.E.A.S)

    13:00-14:00 Lunch (hosted)


    14:30-16:30 Visit to the new Acropolis Museum (Participants and Spouses/partners) (hosted)

    21:00 Greek night (not hosted)

Friday 4 July 2008

    09:00-13:00 Morning Session “International Organizations and Crisis Management”

    Moderator: Mr Andreas Kintis, Expert Counsellor, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ? Crisis Management and Lessons learned from Afghanistan

    Lt Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

    ? “Military Diplomacy in the 21rst Century, multiple future threats and crises”

    Lt Gen. James Soligan, Deputy Chief of Staff/SACT ? Civil Emerging Planning in the context of Comprehensive Approach”

    Major Gen. Hatzidakis Antonis, ΙΜΜ ΝΑΤΟ

    ? “NATO Perspectives on Crisis Management Exercising (Planning, Conduct and Evaluation)”

    Mr Ilay Ferrier, Head of Crisis Exercising and Management Systems, Planning Directorate Operations Division of International Staff

    ?“EU Perspectives on Crisis Management Exercising (Planning, Conduct and Evaluation)”

    Mrs Vraila Marina, Head of Exercises Sector, Operation and Exercises Unit Defence Issues, EU Council General Secretariat

    11:00-11:30 Coffee break

    11:30-13:00 “International Organizations and Crisis Management”


? “The OSCE’s Role in relations to Early Warning,

    Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management and Post Conflict Rehabilitation”

    Mr Pietrusiewicz Jaroslaw, Deputy Director for Operations Service of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre (CPC) ? “ESDP-A real added value?” stMrs Gramata Sofia, 1 Councellor, Head of Department for ESDP, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs ? “Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: a

    Challenge for Transatlantic Security”

    Dr Dokos Thanos, Director General ELIAMEP

    ? Writing Methodology of Geopolitical Analysis- structure, concepts and terms”

    Dr Mazis Ioannis, Professor of Economic

    Geography/Geopolitics, Ionian University, President of the Scientific Board of Defence Analysis Institute (I.A.A.)


13:00-14:00 Lunch (hosted)

14:00-15:30 Afternoon Session “Response to Disasters”

    Moderator: Dr Tsapanos Theodoros, Professor of Seismology,

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    ? “Emergency Planning The role of the State”

    Mr Mouzas Margaritis, Secretary General for Civil Protection

    ? “Contingency Plans and Crisis Management in case of

    a major disaster or accident International


    Police Major Tsounakis Georgios, Hellenic Police Crisis

    Management Division

    ? “CBRN Crisis Management in urban environment”

    Col (Dr) Galatas Ioannis, MD, MC (Army), Head of

    Department of Asymmetric threats Joined Military Intelligence

    Directorate HNDGS

    ? “The Hellenic Center of Health Operations and Crisis


     Mr Eustathiou Panagiotis, Director of Hellenic Center of

    Health Operations

15:30-16:00 “Report from the panel coordinators”

     Closing remarks from participants and Chairman

    10:00-14:00 Spouses’ / partners’ program: Visit to Benaki museum &


    Saturday 5 July 2008

08:00-20:00 Cultural activity. Full Day Tour to Delphi - Itea



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