KKR Private Equity Investors Reports Second Quarter Results,

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KKR Private Equity Investors Reports Second Quarter Results,

    KKR Private Equity Investors Reports Results for Quarter Ended

    September 30, 2006

    Eight percent annualized return for the quarter driven by

     performance of opportunistic investments

Guernsey, Channel Islands, November 16, 2006 KKR Private Equity Investors, L.P.

    (Euronext Amsterdam: KPE), a Guernsey limited partnership that invests its assets primarily in private equity investments sponsored by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. (―KKR‖), today reported its financial results for the quarterly period ended September 30,

    2006. KPE commenced operations on May 10, 2006 with $4,830.1 million of investable capital, which has grown to $4,959.4 million in net asset value (―NAV‖) as of September 30, 2006.

    KPE invests its capital as the sole limited partner of KKR PEI Investments, L.P. (the ―Investment Partnership‖). As of November 10, 2006, investments and investment commitments totaled $3.6 billion, excluding temporary investments.

Henry R. Kravis, Co-Founder of KKR and Co-Chairman of KPE’s Managing General

    Partner’s Board of Directors, commented, ―Since our initial offering six months ago, we are pleased with both the pace and quality of the investments we have made and have committed to make. We continue to see many large and attractive investment opportunities on a global basis."

Results of Operations

    As of September 30, 2006, KPE’s NAV per unit was $24.25 compared to $23.77 at June 30, 2006 and $23.61 immediately subsequent to the initial offering of KPE’s common units and related transactions. On an annualized basis, KPE’s total return for the quarter

    period ended September 30, 2006 was 8.0 percent and for the period from the date of commencement of operations, on May 10, 2006, to September 30, 2006 was 6.9 percent.

    The Investment Partnership reported an increase in net assets resulting from operations of $100.6 million and $132.1 million during the quarter and year-to-date periods ended September 30, 2006, respectively, due to interest income on cash management activities and unrealized appreciation on investments, primarily related to opportunistic investments.


    As of September 30, 2006, the Investment Partnership held $3.6 billion of temporary investments and the portfolio of the Investment Partnership consisted of investments totaling $1.3 billion, as follows:

    ; Co-investments of $585.0 million in portfolio companies of KKR-sponsored

    private equity funds, as follows:

    - a $250.0 million co-investment in NXP B.V., the semiconductors business

    formerly of Royal Philips Electronics;

    - a $200.0 million co-investment in VNU Group B.V., a global information

    and media company; and

    - a $135.0 million co-investment in Capmark Financial Group Inc., a

    leading commercial real estate finance company.

    ; Investments of $499.3 million in KKR-sponsored private equity funds:

    - $281.1 million in KKR European Fund, Limited Partnership;

    - $155.3 million in KKR Millennium Fund L.P.;

    - $35.2 million in KKR European Fund II, Limited Partnership; and

    - $27.7 million in KKR 2006 Fund L.P.

    ; Opportunistic investments of $235.4 million in publicly traded securities.

    Subsequent to September 30, 2006 and through November 10, 2006, the Investment Partnership made additional investments, which totaled $121.8 million, consisting of the following:

    ; An investment of $58.3 million in KKR Strategic Capital Institutional Fund, Ltd.,

    a KKR-sponsored opportunistic credit fund principally investing in debt securities

    alongside funds managed by investment professionals affiliated with KKR

    Financial LLC, with further commitments of $116.7 million expected to be

    funded in early 2007.

    ; Opportunistic investments of $48.2 million in a publicly traded security.

    ; Capital contributions of $15.3 million with respect to limited partner interests in

    KKR-sponsored private equity funds related to an investment in PagesJaunes, the

    leading publisher of directories in France and the leading online directory portal

    in Europe.

    As of November 10, 2006, the Investment Partnership was committed to another $2.4 billion of investments, as follows:

    ; Co-investments of $250.0 million, as well as related capital contributions

    of approximately $100.0 million to certain KKR-sponsored private equity

    funds, with respect to the following companies:

    - HCA, Inc., a leading health care services company, which has

    signed a definitive merger agreement with an investor group that

    includes KKR;

    - Tarkett SA, the France-based floormaker, in respect of which KKR

    acquired 50% of its controlling majority stockholder, Société

    d'Investissement Familiale SA; and


    - KION Group, the forklift business of Linde AG, which has signed

    a definitive agreement with an investor group that includes KKR.

    ; Capital commitments of $2.0 billion primarily related to a limited partner

    interest in KKR 2006 Fund L.P. to which subscription documents have

    been submitted.

    Whether these commitments will be consummated depends on the satisfaction or waiver of a number of conditions, some or all of which may not be in the control of KPE, the Investment Partnership or KKR. No assurances can be made as to whether or when, or the actual amounts at which, these commitments will be consummated.

    In addition, during October 2006, the Investment Partnership sold an opportunistic position in a publicly traded security resulting in net proceeds of $227.7 million, including a gain on foreign currency transactions, against an original cost of $194.4 million, which produced an annualized net internal rate of return of 93.7 percent.

    The aggregate amount of the Investment Partnership’s investments or investment commitments, excluding temporary investments, totaled $3.6 billion as of November 10, 2006.

    KPE has posted its unaudited financial statements and the unaudited consolidated financial statements of the Investment Partnership, as well as an interim operating and financial review, to its website ( KPE encourages investors to

    carefully read these documents in conjunction with this news release.


    On November 15, 2006, the Board of Directors of KPE’s general partner declared a

    distribution of $0.19 per unit payable on or about December 15, 2006 to unitholders of record immediately prior to the opening of business in Amsterdam on December 1, 2006. Because the distribution was declared subsequent to September 30, 2006, the aggregate distribution payable of $38.9 million is not reflected in KPE’s net asset value as of September 30, 2006.

Information for Investors - Teleconference and Webcast

    KPE will discuss its financial results on a teleconference to be broadcast live on the Internet on Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 6:00 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 5:00 pm GMT (Guernsey/London) / 12 noon EST (New York City). A webcast (listen only) of the teleconference can be accessed via the Investor Relations section of KPE’s website at

About KPE

    KKR Private Equity Investors, L.P. is a Guernsey limited partnership that seeks to create long-term value primarily by participating in private equity investments sponsored by KKR. Formed in April 2006 to provide complementary capital for


    KKR-sponsored private equity funds, KPE enables certain public market investors to invest in KKR-sponsored investments. KPE plans to invest at least 75% of its assets in KKR-sponsored private equity investments. Up to 25% of KPE’s assets

    may be committed to opportunistic and other investments identified by KKR that are outside the scope of KKR’s traditional private equity investments. KPE makes its investments through another Guernsey limited partnership, KKR PEI Investments, L.P., as its sole limited partner.

    The common units and related restricted depositary units of KPE are subject to a number of ownership and transfer restrictions. Information concerning these ownership and transfer restrictions is included in the Investor Relations section of KPE’s website at

    Forward-Looking Statements

    This release may contain certain forward-looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations, liquidity, investments, business and prospects of KPE. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty, because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the future and there are many factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.


Investor Contact: Media Contacts:

    Andrew Greenebaum In the U.S: In Europe:

    Integrated Corporate Relations Mark Semer Simon Moyse

    +1-310-954-1100 Kekst and Company Finsbury

    +1-212-521-4800 +44-207-251-3801




    (Amounts in thousands, except unit and per unit amounts)

    September 30, 2006ASSETS:

    Investments in limited partner interests, at fair value:

    KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class A (cost of $3,748,824) 3,876,344$KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class B (cost of $586,106) 583,767

    KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class C (cost of $491,638) 498,258KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class D (cost of $0) —


    Cash and cash equivalents 3,059 Interest receivable 18 Prepaid expenses 203

    Total assets 4,961,649 LIABILITIES: Due to affiliate 427 Accrued liabilities 1,804 Total liabilities 2,231 NET ASSETS 4,959,418 $

    NET ASSETS CONSIST OF:Partners’ capital contributions (204,550,001 common units outstanding) 5,113,750$Offering costs (283,677) Net increase in net assets resulting from operations 129,345


    Net asset value per common unit 24.25$

    Market price at September 30, 2006 21.25$




    (Amounts in thousands)

    Quarter Ended From April 18, 2006

    September 30, (Date of Formation) to



    Interest income$57,894 $92,798 Expenses5,114 5,359

     87,43952,780 INVESTMENT INCOME—Interest income 18075 EXPENSES—General and administrative expenses 2,6362,156 NET INVESTMENT INCOME50,699 84,983 UNREALIZED APPRECIATION (DEPRECIATION) ON INVESTMENTS


    KKR PEI INVESTMENTS, L.P.—Net change in unrealized appreciation (depreciation) on limited partner interests:KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class A 40,08140,081 KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class B (2,339)(23) KKR PEI Investments, L.P. – Class C 6,6207,592 Net unrealized gain on investments47,650 44,362 NET INCREASE IN NET ASSETS RESULTING FROM OPERATIONS$$ 98,349 129,345




    (Amounts in thousands)

    September 30, 2006ASSETS:

    Investments, at fair value:Opportunistic investments—Class A (cost of $194,996) $235,395 Co-investments in portfolio companies of private equity funds—Class B (cost of $587,321) 585,000

    Private equity funds—Class C (cost of $492,658) 499,291


    Cash and cash equivalents 2,632,230 Deposit 1,000,000 Interest receivable 20,213

    Unrealized gain on foreign currency exchange contracts, net 738

    Total assets 4,972,867 LIABILITIES:

    Due to affiliate 3,258 Accrued liabilities 956

    Total liabilities 4,214 NET ASSETS 4,968,653$

    NET ASSETS CONSIST OF: Partners’ capital contributions 4,836,568$ Net increase in net assets resulting from operations 132,085





    (Amounts in thousands)

    Quarter Ended From April 18, 2006

    September 30, (Date of Formation) to

    2006September 30, 2006INVESTMENT INCOME—Interest income 58,015 92,991$$

    EXPENSES:Management fees 4,274 4,395 General and administrative expenses 841 965


    FOREIGN CURRENCY:Net realized loss (995) (995) Net change in unrealized appreciation 48,744 45,449 Net gain on investments and foreign currency transactions 47,749 44,454 NET INCREASE IN NET ASSETS RESULTING FROM OPERATIONS $$ 100,649 132,085


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