School of Rock Presentation

By Scott Harper,2014-05-07 14:07
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School of Rock Presentation

    School of Rock presentation The hero’s journey

    Your presentation should consider “the hero’s journey” in Western literature and film, and consider how closely the transformation of Dewey Finn from a lazy, selfish dreamer into a productive member of society fits the archetype. It should be about 10 minutes long.

    If you follow this basic format for your presentation it might make it easier:

    1 A short introduction - tell the class what your presentation is about and in what order you will address topics.

    2 The Hero’s Journey describe the concept of “The Hero’s Journey” to the class. These on-line resources will help you to investigate. (they might even have a Chinese page, I don’t


     shorten it and make it simple for the This page has just about everything you’ll need –

    class. Or Baidu it and see what you get.

    You can support your description of the hero’s journey with examples that your class might know.

    If you don’t think they’d know these, which ones would they know? Are there any examples from Chinese literature or film? Try to use one or two from “high” culture and one or two from “low” culture.

    3 Consider Dewey Finn how closely does he fit the pattern? Does he undergo all of the stages? Does he need to still be considered a “hero” for his personal


    Lastly, invite questions from the class. If you are able to answer a few questions about your topic that would be good.

    A PPT with pictures is always interesting for the class. You can use text as well, but try not to include every word you say on the slides.

    Also, practice pronunciation of any difficult words you will need to say.

Good luck!


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