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    China HomeT extile

     Color R&DBase

     Hodo Home Textile Releases New Products 2008

     By Courtesy of China Fashion & Color Assosiation

Theme: respect, tradition and combination

    In 2008, Hodo Home Textile presentmos re broadnessan d profoundnessi n its style, and almost takes bright solid color as the key tone, making the overall indoor environment even more outstanding andunmi xed.

    Chineser ed, glaze yellow and jade white are the three key colors in the Beijing Olympic Color System. Judging merely from the name of colors, the majestic Chinese manneis r unmatched, coupled with Asian-goldenc olor endowed with blue blood but in low-key profile, and what will all of these colorsbring to “Hodo bed items?

    1. Chinese red - nobleness and festivity

    Color: Chinese red serves asthe undertone,

     with jade white and blue white as lace, and

    golden edgeenhan cement.

    The pure Chineser ed comes from the

    majestic red palace wall, and is a portion of

    Chinesecultu re, representing sobriety and

    majesty. Meanwhile, Chineser ed is rather a

    color of festivity and harmony, and of folk-

    custom and culture, as well as the dominant color of Beijing Olympic Games,which is full of such new connotationsas vitality and health.

    Pattern and style: the combination of abstract patterns such astraditiona l water pattern and dragon pattern, and auspiciouspat terns of traditional wares, and the alternative useof embroidery and gland bush techniques, bring out the nobles and eleganceof the overall bed items.

    2. Glaze yellow - profound connotation clashes modern spirit The work takes Chinesetraditiona l ocean

     wa v e and dragon patt ern as the subjec t

    matter, with intensive folk characteristics and

    very fine embroidery techniques. Moreover,

    the gland bush t echnique adopting the

    auspiciouspat tern not only highlights folk

    characteristics, but also adds a senseof fashion

    to the traditional work.

    Color: glaze yellow as underlay an d jade

     September 2008 ChinaT extile56

white as decoration

    Yellow color is provided with lofty symbolic meaning in Chinesec olor culture. For instance, the yellow glazedtile featuresthe urban sceneof Beijing, and the glazey ellow represents Chinas humanistic and historical essencreesplenden and ce.

    Pattern and style: the bed item is specially designedfo r greeting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games,s o the entire work combines both English letters and Chinese characters, overflowing with zest and passion,traditiona l and modern elements, the past and the future of the athletic field. In a word, the concise languageand compact color lump represent all kindsof feelings.

    3. Jade white - refined elegance blended into life

    Color: jade white as the underlay and stale greyc rasochet

    Jadewhi te: in Chineset raditional culture, jade is the symbol of auspiciousnessand good wish, just as the saying goes, a gentleman must wear a jade---the Chinesenation has, from time immemorial, taken the

    wearing of jade as the moral and cultural

    symbol. Moreover, the mutton fat jade

    is the jade of jades, and the jade white

    naturally presents nobleness and holines. s

    Pattern and style: on the broad layout,

    natural botanical patterns flow smoothly,

    like the tracks in landscapepaintin g

    in liberal st yle, lar ge por of withtion

    blanknessfurnishin g limitless imagination to people. Besides,th e gray color in both deep and light style are impressed againstthe backgroundof jade e, making it even whit

    much clearer, fresher and moreelegant.

    4. Classical Asian golden color - luxuriance converges with


    C olor : A sian golden is a noble c olor,

    mak ing the whole set of bed it ems look

    or tunate and exquisite, resplendent and f


    Pattern and style: patterns of European

    architecturesc ombine concise geometrical

    lines, which is a masterwork of harmonious

    c oexist enc e of classicsan d modernit y,

    luxuriance andc oncisenes.s

    Note: the above annotations referto Olympic Color StandarSdy stem

     September 2008 China Textile 57

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