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    Essential C++,by Stanley B. Lippman Addison Wesley Longman 2000,276 pages Essential C++ 282

[Gregory95] C++:The Core Language

    C++:The Core Language by Gregory Satir 1995 O'Reilly C++236

[Deitel98] The Complete C++ Training Course

    The Complete C++ Training Course 2/e by Harvey M.Deitel 1998 Prentice Hall


[Stevens2000] Standard C++ Bible

    Standard C++ Bible 2000 Al Stevens IDG


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    Thinking in C++ 2/e Bruce Eckel 2000 1470 pages Prentice Hall C++ 420

[Lippman98] C++Primer

    C++ Primer,3rd Editoin,by Stanley Lippman and Josee Lajoie Addison Wesley Longman,1998 1237 pages

    C++ Primer 19991237

[Struostrup2000] The C++ Programming Language

    The C++ Programming Language,Special Editoin,by Bjarne Stroustrup Addison Wesley Longman,2000,1017 pages


[ANSI C++] C++1998.9.1 PDFΑ

    ANSI C++ 1996 Draft


    [Meyers96] More Effective C++

    More Effective C++,by Scott Meyers,Addison Wesley,1996,318pages More Effective C++2000. 318

[Meyers98] Effective C++

    Effective C++Second Edition,by Scott Meyers,Addison Wesley Longman,1998.256pages

    Effective C++ 2/e ,獼玊城,蚌ネ2000.256

[Sutter99] Exceptional C++

    Exceptional C++by Herb Sutter,Addison Wesley Longman,2000.208pages Exceptional C++,蚌ネ2000.248

[Sutter2001]More Exceptional C++

    More Exceptional C++ by Herb Sutter,Addison Wesley Longman,2001.

    (C++ Object Model)

    [Ellis90] The Annotated C++ Reference Manual

    The Annotated C++ Reference Manual,by Margaret A.Ellis and Bjarne Stroustrup Addison Wesley Longman,1990,447 pages.

[Lippman96] Inside the C++ Object Model

    Inside the C++ Object Model,by Stanley Lippman,Addison Wesley Longman,1996,280pages



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    [Alex2001]Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied by Andrei Alexandrescu,Addison-Wesley,2001,352Paper



    [Josuttis99]:The C++ Standard Library ?A Tutorial and Reference,by Nicolai


    Addison Wesley 1999.799pages


    [Austern98]:Generic Programming and the STL -Using and Extending the C++ Standard Template library,by Matthew H.Austern,Addison Wesley 1998.548page


    [Stepanov2001]:C++ Standard Template Library by PJPlauger,Alexander A.Stepanov, Meng Lee,David R.Musser,Prentice Hall 2001


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